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  1. Why is infected ONLY a Germany server? Its near impossible to land any attacks on moving players with 150+ ping from US. Decided to come back to see the changes and see if the game runs smoother to find out that the Infected is a germany server only.....
  2. EDIT. 6.2 came out. Still not fixed, been maining assassin since day 1. Ult still aint working
  3. The last 3 campaign have been a week long tho. Well 1 was 2 weeks. Regardless. Completely pointless. As someone with a job and life misses one day that's a giant % of progression when it's only a week long.
  4. Why are you doing just over a week long campaigns? Why not do a month as stated on the main menu in the game? A week ain't enough time for anything.
  5. But It is. Very. Especially from a studio like AOC. Its a pretty simple pipeline, you optimize your game AS YOU WORK ON IT. You don't just compile a a ton of terribly optimized code and models on top of each other and keep letting it pile up and pile up and pile up since day 1. You optimize as you work. So now whats happen, is they're completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start on optimization. So they call in the cavalry to fix THEIR mess. Thats a problem. A huge problem.
  6. The fact they had to call the unity team in to fix their game, should worry the living hell out of you, if you know anything about the development pipeline.
  7. Anyone got a blue skinner / logger discipline for sale?
  8. Ace you need to respond to this, this is a seriously broken down post explaining what most of us feel about the game. We all love it, we love the concept, we know its something thats "never been done before," but please respond to your community on something like this when they take the time to break down every GIANT issue that will slaughter this game on release if not addressed.
  9. Debatable. Assassins are meant to go in and assinate the healer! Therefore turning the entire tides of the battle. Every class servs a purpose in sieges.
  10. Ohhhhhh errryone bout to jump on assassin bandwagon! I will no longer be the only one maining assassin 😅
  11. I assassin main and I love it, hoping for some tweaks to the class to make it feel more like an "assassin" though
  12. A wipe is a good thing, it gives players who haven't been here a chance to be caught up and not time gatted behind a passive skill tree. Also, a wipe is probably going to be needed for 6.2, if not alot of things are going to break.
  13. woah ok thanks, thats kinda crazy that much goes into making an exploration disc haha, noted tho.
  14. Been farming this campaign for knowledge for my vessel, haven't seen a single gathering exploration knowledge drop. Do they not drop? Or are they acquired in a different manner? Can i just use white exploration disc with a blue vessel?
  15. Yea slayers are beyond busted IMO. They have been since day 1 it seems. I'm sure they'll work out balance, i don't think thats their core focus atm
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