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  1. Stop being toxic. It was a hub issue, so his statement was actually on point. Do some digging. There was a hub issue happening due to overloads on certain hubs, which is why some were having connection issues and others weren't.
  2. Game was never advertised to be solo friendly. It was advertised exactly the opposite. You play with a guild. All the time.
  3. Please remove the 20 second logout in the temple and inside of Ek's. Please and Thank you.
  4. After the restart today, they seem to be in my inbox now. Thanks
  5. I just checked again, they have still not appeared in my inbox. Only thing in there is my Malekai T otem and Statue.
  6. TBH the vessel system is awesome, saying no one wants to do it is a blatant lie. There any many necro's with Leggie disc and belt already, anytime i need a vessel I reach out to my GL or join a EK labeled "Vessel" and can get a vessel custom made on the fly within minutes. You don't have an understanding on the game yet, its expected you'd feel this way
  7. Why are you allowing faction swapping in FvF for guilds? Thats very silly, if you're offering rewards especially.
  8. Wardens didn't get nerfed at all. That whole class is still insanely overpowered lol. Anyone who says otherwise is in a fantasy land.
  9. Cutthroat as a whole feels like absolute hot stinky turd now. Legit kind of put me off and I don't even wanna play lol. I have played every class in the game and enjoy none of them, other than CT, and now its kinda dokie. imma go cry in a corner and watch Greys anatomy.
  10. yea lol he says in less than 1 second, but backstab and decimate share a GGC lol
  11. They....are.......What? they legit just rapid fire and and proc trap master constantly in groups and MELT people.
  12. they can. To one target, wardens can do it to a whole group. Thats an issue.
  13. This is wrong. Wardens in their current state, have more damage, more sustain, more cc than any other current class. Its actually baffling. Anyone who says other wise has yet to play them. You legit feel dirty playing one, its so over powered right now in every way shape or form.
  14. yea this is pretty bogus, i Agree, it shouldn't of been a thing, you should only be able to get rewards from one campaign, but the devs overlooked it, and they should just pay for their mistake, you don't change it last minute like that. Absolutely bonkers to do something like that. Imagine you're in a game of basketball and the last 3 minutes the rules alter to make you lose lol. Just a meme tbh, bad mistake from the devs, again I agree it shouldn't of been allowed from the start, but it was until the last minute. Bogus.
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