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  1. And i get that, I completely understand the logic behind it. However. This WILL cause this game to be DOA. This will be such a SMALL niche game at that point, it will push away most players. And this game will be reliant on a pretty large player base, however, the route its going, it won't have. I just think there needs to be a balance. it feels too.........bleh right now. There just not enough to do besides wait for the passives. I understand what you're saying about farming though. However within a week of farming i have an absurd amount of everything i need so when i get better tools in my
  2. I love the idea to be honest, I understand the purpose of the passive skill tree, but as of right now, most players logic is this "Ill just log off for a week then get on and ill be progressed and I can play." Thats a problem IMO. Players need to be rewarded for grinding and playing, Maybe consider an albion online approach, where IF you do the deed IE, lets say you chop trees down, award xp to the logging tree, and have it a pretty high number, where the player can farm the high number of xp needed to level the skill OR, use passive points gained over time to level it. Just right now, the pas
  3. I mean.....Like im not doing big battles, mainly cause id prefer to not have 10 fps, but most balanced fights we get into, we do pretty well with our assasins?
  4. I see alot of people complain about assassins' damage to be honest, I don't seem to mind our current damage, i still seem to do fairly well in most of my engagements.
  5. Hear me out, have assassins do more damage at nighttime. Thats all. Be a unique little twist on the class, giving them better opportunities for ganks based on world time
  6. Facts. Love the game, but my god, not having a patcher is pure insanity lol. Games that are in week 1 of development have proper patchers for hot fixes lol.
  7. "Magical Limit" huehue, i love the fake data lol
  8. Please for the love of everything, can we get a proper patcher? There is 0 reason why we should be forced to redownload the entire game every update. Some of us live in the middle of nowhere and 8 gigs takes a whole 10 hours. PLEASE give us a patcher. I don't understand how you guys don't have a patcher.
  9. I agree, i just feel like as a user with 2 skill bars only, a toggle is a must.
  10. I know you can remind your keys to swap skill bars, but can we please get the option to make it a 1 key toggle? Hitting 2 different keys is silly when u can just make it a ~ toggle
  11. Do we have an ETA on when the infected servers will be going back live? I have farmed all the low tier mats my heart can with stand to farm lol.
  12. Nope, same cpu as i stated above on the original OP. Same CPU. The only different between our builds is i have 100gb more ram and 2 1080 ti's. I also tried disabling SLI even taking the card out all together. No change.
  13. Nope not embellishing anything, i hit 9 fps during a 2v3 fight. And it held at around 22 fps during the fight, insanity. if you meant embellishing about what my rig is, no I use this rig for work i do game art for a living lol. Kind of why i was so taken back when my frames tanked like that. Also my buddy linked me to the above post and i tried it, it helped a little bit, to the point of staying arround 18 frames steady in fights rather than 9 lol. Still unplayable but yea
  14. i9 9900k 128gb 4200 mhz ram Asus rog strix 1080 ti (2 of them in SLI) Games on an m.2 All custom liquid cooling. the second i get into combat with 2 or more players, 9 frames. Are you kidding me?
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