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  1. Its was a Stunt Stoneborn. He wasnt hurt in the filming of this clip is currently enjoying his gold on a beach in Malibu!
  2. So it was not RED background for you when you went to buy it??
  3. Ah ok gotcha. Well at the end of the current tutorial It says chap 3 coming SOONtm. lol Maybe it will be in that.
  4. I maybe misunderstanding what your saying here.. I have seen Videos. I have read Posts. I have been in game used discord and had someone in the community tell me what to do or how things work. Im not seeing where your coming from? Game company's Dont have online tutors for games. Its the community that does all this.
  5. Just a trend ive seen over the years. (Its Been a Few lol). Have a Neighbor tried a game like this. Wasn't to involved as this but is representative of this style of game. it had a good tutorial. told you step by step what to do how to do it ETC ETC. He is about 28yrs my Jr not a child 20s. He Rage quit and complains it was too hard. He couldn't figure it out. I came over watched him play and I noticed he wasnt reading he was just Power clicking thru. I told him well maybe read what its telling you and youll have a idea of what your supposed to do. He Literally said oh that suks i have to read
  6. Master Ranger Pilot. JAFO Also went as Barky PBCFR, Sir BARKSALOT.
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