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  1. Thats what makes this skill system seem lackluster, you could remove it, and except for the skills for better crafting and harvesting, you would not really feel the difference. And a good game mechanic should not be able to be removed without feeling a difference. There are many interesting ways they could have gone with this system, passive skills you trained where you only could slot a few in your vessel at the time, skills you trained for the campaign only or skills that made you customize your archetype, weather it be improvements or trade offs. This skills system is there to give a feelin
  2. I dont doubt that there will be a lot of interesting systems to make your character. I just dont feel like the skills that are in this system is. It feels like you could take out the important parts (leadership, crafting ect) and make the discipline and all you would lose is minor stat differences thats only needed to not let others who get them have an tiny edge on you. And feel reminiscent of having levels that are more fluff than development. Im not saying I dont want a skill system and just work it into the disciplines. I just think its need to be more than the static, more armor, more da
  3. Its good to see you guys at ArtCraft open at what your intent with your systems is. Sadly I must say that if this is the intent of the skill system, then it seems like a waste of a good system and insted making something I dont really see why we need in Crowfall. If its intent is just to boost our stats, the same way grinding for the next tier of gear would be, then it end up at something thats not really rewarding or fun (I understand that it cant be to rewarding, since that would make you op against a new player), and I dont really see the game needing it. The concept of spending time to ha
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