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  1. I like your idea of the skull would have a proportional value of the KDR owner. But not rewarding the player with a high KDR (other than with something of symbolic) because this would be to easy to exploit in the current meta, the pride of beeing view as a top killer is engough by itself. And maybie some advertising like having a statue with his name in the temple inside the next campaign he would play would be a nice touch, and make more challenging for the people to stay at top
  2. No its not naughty, but for the ganker to have fun they need farmers to go out and not log off because they stuck in what they can see as an infermal loop of no loot => no equipement => cant fight back => no fun. Some people love to build something and arent about pvp 24h/24 witch is good since without them they would have almost nobody to gank. My point is to have some kind of mechanic that give the farmer a way to get revenge even indirectly without have to engage in PVP themself, because some suck at it or are noob, or are scared or whatever, everyone cant be and shouldnt have to be a top killer for have fun in this game, i think diversity of player controled punishement would add to the mix. As for the way the system would work, im up for any twink as long its keep in mind its have to be consequence of getting a bounty on his head and from whose you cant run off with a trick. I havent get into the detail since the first stage its to get the base idea/system evaluate so i have go with a starting idea. But more specificaly for qualify to place a bounty its could be rule like : you got killed at least 2 time by the same player in the last 24H, and not during a siege time period, this alone should exclude most of the PVP action.
  3. Risk vs reward Here the reward is the loot as the farmer ganker will take low risk and get easy kill. That where the bounty/debuff strike in, its represent the risk resulting of your gank if you piss them too much. People going out for pvp, wont even think at use a bounty system, its make for the people who are in a situation where they dont have other mean of fight back the people who ruined their day (and dont say being ganked over and over by the same people without having a payback chance is fun).
  4. If any debuff make you log out, its just prove the necessity of a long debuff timer. At least making you quit a day have an impact not like be off a couple of hours.
  5. I was thinking of 24H reel time, not game time for avoid an obivious abuse to get self kill before go sleep, or get kill and go AFK with a simple macro to avoid disconection the time to the debuff to go. Its a way to make sure the punishement cant be easly avoided. But that also why the debuff can not be too harsh, it mean to be annoying without make the player just want to log off and wait the next day. Also Its can also come with some creative way like for sneak class a ramdom sickness who have a chance to pop you out of steal every 10 min for exemple.
  6. As long they have a reward in gold in a game where dead isnt something hard to deal with, its will be at best pointless, at worst abused. To work you need a system where having a bounty on your head is not a good news for you, but with a punishement who isnt so harsh that its will discourage you to play or too tempting to be exploited by simple opposant. My idea of a system like that would be : "victims players" can place a bounty on someone head, they paid the bounty in gold and any other player can add more gold to it. The amount of gold placed will determine how harsh is the punishement, the hunter who will kill "the criminal" wont get any gold but something like a medal or a bounty marked skull just to be able to barg about it. On the other side the criminal who got pinned will get a 24h debuff, something like 3000 gold bounty : -3% dmg, 5000 gold -5%, 10 000 gold -5% dmg and -5% mounting speed, and so on... The point is to have those debuff being annoying but not a total game breaker. Also once a bounty have be executed, a 48H timer would prevent new bounty to start work for prevent perma debuff (like a large guild who would pay for keep an opposing guild leader debufffed all the time).
  7. Ranger Guard. Nobody can match they range and DPS at this day.
  8. If that still the case, what they did dont make any sence, except for make playing on live more painfull and incrase the gap bettewen causual and hardcore player. On the big picture,i really dislike the turn the game seen to be taking in the last couples of weeks, its having all about increase the grind without cuting the boring part of the game like the circle standing. I hope of all my heart that just a tempory inconvienence of the dev process. Warcamp and new mob are nice if they bring something new, not if they are just here to create another mandatory grind time sink to be be pvp viable. They have to work creating PVP oportunity (like the rune drop annoucement of SB or a treasure to be win for sucesfull defend/take a ramdon fort in the next hour). And not force people who arent yet PVP viable to grind for hours at some camp and make them an a target for prepared player that will enjoy wipe easy target, creating more gaps and frustration bettewen players. And i dont mean new/causual player should be protected, i just mean veteran should have the option to go for valuable disputed target, not just wipe noob or circle standing as only option bettewen siege
  9. I already did when i first noticed because its was sounding me a bug too.
  10. So i will anwser myself since i finaly got the opportunity to test more bows. Its happen that all the last tier of bow make the mobs proc healing, frequency and % of heal seem random but on bad luck the higest lv mob can heal up in a like infinite loop making impossible to kill them with the bow alone. Basic bow, and the ranger only bow Compound Recurve dont have this side effet.
  11. Hey Synns i remember your name on Faxion, i was playing Izverybad there. You will find here some player from Faxion (a game i loved while its lasted). Like faxion many people here coming from shadowbane aswell making the community very similar. Welcome and have fun !
  12. Hello all, As unguilded noob, to buy my first descent equipement i have go out farm mobs. But I noticed that mob are using a "healing power" when i attack them with an arcane or a Composite Reflex bow whatever i use a ranger or an assassin with the bow discipline. Even with the large damage upgrade i got from the new bow, they heal to the point its take 2 to 3 x the time to kill them compared with the basic noob bow as they seen to be able to ramdonly heal wast amount. (and no i dont misstake with the day/night cycle) Also using the noob bow on a assassin dont generate pip, while its do with the upgraded bow, i wonder if its could have some relation. So my question is that mob healing a "feature" ? its happen too with other kind of upgraded weapon? And if that normal, do they have something i can do for avoid it? because its not really seen to make sence to have lots harder time to kill the mob with the best bow than the noob one.
  13. I have been living in asia and surounded by chiness people for some time now, so i come to understand some stuff about their way of thinking as i got to deal with it daily. First you have to understand that the way most europen/american people see honor or glory is for chiness something totaly alien and absurd. Honor in most asia (japan is an exception for what i know) is not about how you do thing, its all about the result: if you end king you are a very honorable man no matter you killed millions childrens for, if you lose/die you are at best an idiot even if you have sacrificed yourself for saved half the world, they have no honor or glory possible in defeat. Also chiness if their are given the opportunity will always bang with what they see as the top power in the place, any chiness group will be very glad to joint your side as long you look to be the sure winner. To balance that, their have a notion of "face" show good face and not lose it in front of others is very important (its often what we misstake with an act of honor). Its contribute alot to the stability of their society as it softened people relation. But... BUT when their deal with a foreigner they become imune to that, their have no possible lose of face against a foreigner. That is why we see only the worst when we have to deal with them while not be in a position of great superiority. Zerg, hack, DDOS, no matter the mean everything that can make them win is honorable in their eyes and not do it would be just a show of weakness/stupidity. The problem being cultural they have no solution (you wont change the way people think the world in a game) but only the artificial separation of the player community.
  14. Salut Xelno, La je suis jaloux ! j'ai jamais pu mettre la main sur des trucs pareils... Surement l'injustice de ne pas avoir habité Paris au bon moment (j'y était avant et après la période Swing).
  15. Quel hasard en effet Tu fait bien de le préciser, car avant cette ligne je me disait "merde ce nom me dit rien du tout, moi qui me moque de l’Alzheimer de Ngama, ça va être mon tour de prendre cher..." Ce me fait plaisir de te voir ici ! Depuis le lancement de ce forum j'ai retrouvé des tas de vieux joueurs que j'adore. Bon évidement dans ton cas on va dire que le plaisir vient surtout de l'idée de pouvoir te taper sur la tête à nouveau Quitte à te recruter, ça m’évitera de devoir te chercher loin car à mon age....
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