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  1. The possibility to craft mutiple of basic item at once is a great improvement, but its would be far more great if instead of having to click 20+ times on an small arrow we could have a slider or could just type the desired number.
  2. This problem have been repported age ago, i tough its was solved but it seem back and i did experiment it myself this week a couple of time : After a fail you likely to get another one on the next roll no matter the theorical sucess chance. According to a couple of day spend at craftting, the succes % given seem to never be accurate. I noticed that on a white vessel with a theorical 55% sucess rate, the reality is more close from 25%, and 77% theorical mean around 50% in reality. The lower your theorical base chance are, the more obivious the gap from real result and the given numbe
  3. MAEVE'S GLARE debuff during siege insta kill you if you enter on the parcel with less than half heal left. Happen to me after get res a bit outside our keep parcel when moving back mounted to it during siege time.
  4. I like your idea of the skull would have a proportional value of the KDR owner. But not rewarding the player with a high KDR (other than with something of symbolic) because this would be to easy to exploit in the current meta, the pride of beeing view as a top killer is engough by itself. And maybie some advertising like having a statue with his name in the temple inside the next campaign he would play would be a nice touch, and make more challenging for the people to stay at top
  5. No its not naughty, but for the ganker to have fun they need farmers to go out and not log off because they stuck in what they can see as an infermal loop of no loot => no equipement => cant fight back => no fun. Some people love to build something and arent about pvp 24h/24 witch is good since without them they would have almost nobody to gank. My point is to have some kind of mechanic that give the farmer a way to get revenge even indirectly without have to engage in PVP themself, because some suck at it or are noob, or are scared or whatever, everyone cant be and shouldnt ha
  6. Risk vs reward Here the reward is the loot as the farmer ganker will take low risk and get easy kill. That where the bounty/debuff strike in, its represent the risk resulting of your gank if you piss them too much. People going out for pvp, wont even think at use a bounty system, its make for the people who are in a situation where they dont have other mean of fight back the people who ruined their day (and dont say being ganked over and over by the same people without having a payback chance is fun).
  7. If any debuff make you log out, its just prove the necessity of a long debuff timer. At least making you quit a day have an impact not like be off a couple of hours.
  8. I was thinking of 24H reel time, not game time for avoid an obivious abuse to get self kill before go sleep, or get kill and go AFK with a simple macro to avoid disconection the time to the debuff to go. Its a way to make sure the punishement cant be easly avoided. But that also why the debuff can not be too harsh, it mean to be annoying without make the player just want to log off and wait the next day. Also Its can also come with some creative way like for sneak class a ramdom sickness who have a chance to pop you out of steal every 10 min for exemple.
  9. As long they have a reward in gold in a game where dead isnt something hard to deal with, its will be at best pointless, at worst abused. To work you need a system where having a bounty on your head is not a good news for you, but with a punishement who isnt so harsh that its will discourage you to play or too tempting to be exploited by simple opposant. My idea of a system like that would be : "victims players" can place a bounty on someone head, they paid the bounty in gold and any other player can add more gold to it. The amount of gold placed will determine how ha
  10. I got the exact same problem with 3 of my 4 accounts, using a different computer give the same result. Was already happening before today patch, still happen after.
  11. Ranger Guard. Nobody can match they range and DPS at this day.
  12. If that still the case, what they did dont make any sence, except for make playing on live more painfull and incrase the gap bettewen causual and hardcore player. On the big picture,i really dislike the turn the game seen to be taking in the last couples of weeks, its having all about increase the grind without cuting the boring part of the game like the circle standing. I hope of all my heart that just a tempory inconvienence of the dev process. Warcamp and new mob are nice if they bring something new, not if they are just here to create another mandatory grind time sink to be be pvp v
  13. I already did when i first noticed because its was sounding me a bug too.
  14. So i will anwser myself since i finaly got the opportunity to test more bows. Its happen that all the last tier of bow make the mobs proc healing, frequency and % of heal seem random but on bad luck the higest lv mob can heal up in a like infinite loop making impossible to kill them with the bow alone. Basic bow, and the ranger only bow Compound Recurve dont have this side effet.
  15. iznogood

    Hi All

    Hey Synns i remember your name on Faxion, i was playing Izverybad there. You will find here some player from Faxion (a game i loved while its lasted). Like faxion many people here coming from shadowbane aswell making the community very similar. Welcome and have fun !
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