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  1. Hey everyone! The Global Cooldown has been chugging along now for two months and we just released another article about Crowfall. Hope you all like it! http://www.gcdnews.com/2015/05/guild-leader-frustrated-at-drop-in.html Here is the link to the other Crowfall article: http://www.gcdnews.com/2015/03/kickstarter-backer-pulls-pledge-for-not.html Thanks in advance for checking it out. -Chow
  2. Got mine yesterday, but didn't see it until today. If you are using Gmail folders, check your PROMOTIONS folder for the code!
  3. There are a few new articles up on the site since I posted this, would love to have everyone check it out. In honor of today's kickstarter ending, I thought you all would get a kick out of this one: Game Studio Seeks First 'Kickhire' If you like what you read, please please please spread the word! (P.S. I am also doing a giveaway on the site as well! Who doesn't love free stuff?)
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Just to explain, I decided to have the 'disclaimer' on my site in order to guarantee I would be able to use the names of real games and companies. As long as it is up front that it's satire, then you can't get in trouble for libel. If all goes well and it becomes a well-known, established site, then I will definitely heed your advice and take it down! Cheers! P.S. New article tomorrow
  5. Hey everyone, Last week, I started "The Global Cooldown", a site dedicated to MMO and computer game satire. I even featured Crowfall in my very first article! I would be humbled if you all would check it out and let me know what you think. If you could also help spread the word, that would be rad! Much obliged! Chowmeister Website: www.gcdnews.com Crowfall Article: http://www.gcdnews.com/2015/03/kickstarter-backer-pulls-pledge-for-not.html Kickstarter Article: Game Studio to Seek First 'Kickhire'
  6. Yesterday I had suggested something very similar to what you suggested: Every player getting 1 (or 2) inventory slots for guaranteed rewards in every campaign, once an item goes in, it's locked until the campaign ends. With the Embargo Vaults (assuming 100 slots for all, 80%/20% export rules), it would be very easy to designate the first say, 5 slots as 'guaranteed to get' when the campaign ends, with winners receiving an additional 75 random slots and losers receiving an additional 15 random slots. Different rulesets could have different numbers of 'guaranteed slots'. Basically it wou
  7. Yah, man, I conceded your point in my last post that anything greater than 0% export for losers would make my idea moot. I was just trying to make a cheeky joke about you writing "I think.." as the English teacher in me immediately labeled it as an opinion. Sorry if it was ill-timed or (more likely) not funny! No hard feelings
  8. This could be an interesting mechanic. Simply allow ANYONE within range of the node to collect resources. Each player could only collect ever X minutes. No claiming necessary. Other players could sneak in and steal some resources for themselves. Another group can fight and take control for themselves. No more worrying about someone 'taking' your node when you are offline as you wouldn't be able to collect anything anyhow. The 'claimer' could pay for upgrades to yields that last for X hours or something to that effect.
  9. There should be no leveling involved in Crowfall. Please use open-ended skills as progression (similar to what they do in EVE) with diminishing returns. This will allow new players to contribute almost immediately instead of having to go through the levelling grind. Example: UncleBob is levelling swords to 175 which will take 30 days of passive training. In the meantime, JessieNewPlayer can level 4 or 5 skills to 100 in the same amount of time, thus allowing her to catch up a bit while UncleBob would only receive a slight increase in his sword use in the same amount of time.
  10. This is a common trend for most kickstarters. Huge push at the beginning, then tapers off before another big push at the end. PLUS the project is already funded! No need to worrry
  11. Guys, I don't mean this in a negative or hostile way, but the argument is not what "FFA" means. The question is about how does FFA mechanics translate to team oriented mechanics like keep/resource claiming.
  12. So does this mean that guild structures will still exist in FFA campaigns? Or do you guys think there will be some sort of mechanic in game to tag allies (temporary or otherwise)? And again, how does this tie into keep and resource claiming? Will it be individual, or something else? If it is individual, how does one determine who gets the benefits from it being claimed?
  13. Ah, I see what you are saying. But then, shouldn't they be renamed to "Guilds Only" and "Guilds and randoms" as I suspect there would rarely be people in guilds fighting against one another.
  14. But doesn't that defeat the FFA premise? Of course players will forge alliances with one another informally using TS or Mumble, but how will it work in game? My assumption that FFA meant that players could work together, just not in any official capacity. If players can simply form groups within the campaign, why not just let them have guilds since that's what most guilds would be doing anyhow? If you recall, there will be a later ruleset released that is based around "guild vs. guild".
  15. I have been thinking about how the devs are going to be constructing the FFA campaigns and a few questions came to mind: 1. If it is FFA, do individual players claim resource nodes, keeps, etc? If so, how would other players be allowed to use them or help defend them? If I ask some guildmates to help me capture a resource node, do I distribute what I gain to them later on or will there be a way to allow them collect it themselves from the node? 2. Are you constantly carrying everything you have around or do players have some sort of vault or bank they can use to safely store stuff. If
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