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  1. Have you ever tried to change the mind of an anti-vaxxer? This is similar. I would suggest that everytime Sheen posts something you don't agree with. Quote his text and respond like this: "I don't agree."
  2. OMG thank you sir! Bumping this for great justice.
  3. I want Portal guns in this game. Can we have portal guns? Uniracers was a fun game!
  4. We don't even have a working game to apply all these crazy Doom scenarios too. How can you possibly determine the effects of the Kickstarter without having actual observable data about Crowfall. Sheen and others of his caliber: If we don't agree on definitions for things then we can't possibly have a conversation. I don't agree with your definition of "themepark". It is overly broad to the point where it has very little descriptive value. Beyond that you have shown very little effort at intellectual honest (check my sig). Have a great time playing forum Doomsayer. To everyone else: If someones arguments are pissing you off, it is important that you don't elevate those opinions by engaging them. You set the stage by being his audience.
  5. I did it cuz sapphire is purty.
  6. If you read closely, they didnt release that much about EKs. Just the broad strokes. No formula or deeper mechanics. Besides, any info released would have very little context.
  7. The alpha isnt even out yet and you want meat. Lol...give a mouse a cookie truer words havent been spoken.
  8. Actually, doomsayers dont get an equal say if we ignore them. You can post doesnt mean anyone is listenning.
  9. Im backing because I believe in the vision. Also because I might get some small influence in how the game matures through alpha testing.
  10. I personally don't enjoy being on premade factions. I want to have the freedom of picking the people I am allied with. And if they piss me off...kill them.
  11. I don't think anyone wants RNG to determine what is saved at the end of the campaign. Solution: One possible way to make that work more for the players: Allow players to place value on the mats and items in their own vault. Then the player decides what is valuable to them.
  12. You play the niche you want to play. You shouldnt expect to be a dominate guild if you dont want to play that way.
  13. Have no expectations other than enjoying what happens. You wont always win. Fights wont always be fair. Balance is an illusion. Find the niche you enjoy playing and crush.
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