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  1. You used to be able to upgrade the white minors into greens, but they decided to put in a vendor for them then remove the ability to do this. All they need to do is remove the minor vendor and let us upgrade the the whites again. Or, they could make the lowest drop quality in Dregs green instead of white. Or, allow dregs obtained whites to be combined into an upgrade. Is a number of easy fixes for this as minors should not be the choke point for vessel progression.
  2. Siege schedules are a player driven introduction, WB and HOA didn't like that non-US based players were taking forts during their off hours so mounted a concerted forum/partner campaign to get them implemented. All the negatives around it were voiced at the time but were drowned out by the dominant 2 guilds at that time and their clamouring for the implementation. Now ACE has said time and again they don't like investing in tech that they wont use, so we are now stuck with them to the detriment of the game which is rapidly becoming a game of "timers" between sieges and King/chief, caravan and loot boxes spawns. The unfortunate reality atm is there is very little organic PVP to be found outside of these timed events.
  3. they cant, they are RNG maps, even if they wanted to the seed has gone. The biggest change was the removal of the independent temples making for less vendor slots and removing 2 zones for farming as well.
  4. So whats is the point of this campaign when there is no incentive at all to log in outside of a 1 hour siege window every other day. No green or better minor droppers removes flash points and all vessel progression should you even bother to craft a green vessel. Also without Kings/Chiefs there is also no Sentinels or Statues as they drop the heads. So we are left with 1 hour windows of pvp, and fighting over Caravans to build up Forts/Keeps to craft in.
  5. There is already a mechanic that allows guilds to ally, its called the "Faction" campaign. You talk of smaller guilds allying but leave no mention of what happens when the bigger guilds decide "hey we can ally, then dominate together and split the spoils". There is no place in dregs for an ally mechanic outside of the verbal political games guilds already play with nonaggression pacts and mutual support within the confines of friendly fire.
  6. Another for the intermediate tools not working as stated.
  7. Also doesn't help that as soon as you get knocked down, stunned or heavily breathed on your songs stop and require to be restarted. So most fights all you will be doing is restarting your songs over and over and heaven forbid you are trying to twist into the slightly more powerful versions good luck restarting that mid fight.
  8. If that was the case should also need to fill in the nodes before logging for the spirit axe. Unless knives are a special case.
  9. There is 3 outcomes when harvesting with soulgemmed tools; 1: you get nothing - 95% 2: you get rough soulgem - 4% 3: you get a single essence - 0.9% 4: you get a soul essence+Discipline - 0.1% After countless soulgemmed tools I have gotten 2xLookout, 1x Miner, 1x Villein Why they chose to have soul essence to pop from harvesting when its much easier to just go kill a thrall in the 10-20secs it takes and get 2 of then is beyond me, but it seems to be that the essences are taking up the proc chance which should be resulting in a discipline drop as the only time you get a discipline is when you get a double drop
  10. You now have to 5 pip the logging, mining, quarrying nodes to receive the "Spirit" tool trait before you can equip "Advanced Runetools" .....
  11. As someone who has backed this game since kickstarter, actively played it for a decent period until this "treading water" phase kicked in and everything went stale. I used to watch every monthly Q&A for a review of what was coming, now I don't even bother with that as from around December I think everything was "Cant say anything meaningful about what coming because marketing". This new approach is a stark contrast to prior patch cycles and the Q&A's presented along with the now defunct it seems "Patch notes from the future". While I used to get asked by friends how Crowfall was shaping up as the basic premise interested them they no longer ask, as for them the game has completely fallen off their radars as an alternative the current MMO's they are playing.
  12. Or you go to what EQ had; Bosses have 3 set drops, a common, uncommon and a rare. Shorten the timer to standard mob time then folks will stay and kill the "Named" continuously until the drop they are after comes. example; Common: runic books + Tribe artifacts Uncommon: Minor Runes + runic books Rare: Crafting tool + Minor Runes
  13. You are talking uncle bob issues in a phase of the game where the population is small and of that small population a subset of the most active/knowledgeable players have joined forces on the same faction. Outside of this little subset very few of the current players care about "winning" the campaign, in fact you probably find the majority of other players come and go during the campaign and switch back or forth between the 2 campaigns depending on what they are looking at doing that day\evening. There is currently no "carrot" to even put in the effort over just having a dabble playing around in the worlds and check stuff out learning systems. Without proper guild systems and rewards in place there is also no incentive for guilds just watching from the sidelines to actively make a concerted effort in winning. Instead you have random guilds making peacemeal attempts here and there.
  14. If I've spent the time to fully train a craft why the hell would I not expect to be able to make the proper versions of my craft not some 1/2 cut piece of crap because I've been unlucky with RNG. This is my concern, leaving crafters hanging on RNG PvE drops is not going to end well.
  15. So now we have the grindfest of 5.9 Gold worthless for leveling at a point where everyone will be rerolling their vessel "should" necro goggles actually make into the game AND the RNG gods grant you the good fortune of dropping it instead of a first aid book. Current state of hoops players have to go through. PVE; Major disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. Minor disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. Leveling Vessel's - gated behind 1-3 spots in campaign where mobs will give decent XP value. Crafting Nec/Blacksmith/Leatherworker (include Woodworker if want a hunger shard fitted) - gated behind timed spawn and RNG (for tools, Googles, Hammer, Awl and Shard hammer). PVP; Keeps - timed window Forts - timed window Respawn mechanics now mean forts near a keep would actually be worthwhile taking, but wait whats that? RNG means said Fort cannot be taken because game has decided that Forts window is not open. Oh wait your defending and you cant stop them respawning in a Fort near your Keep because that Forts window is not open, RNG to the fore again. Welcome to Crow"there is a time and place for everything"fall, providing the RNG gods allow you to complete the hoop jumping.
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