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  1. its never been fine at any point, timestamped info, chat filters, movable/resizing windows all have been pointed out since it first appeared. adding new tabs to cycle through made it even worse. A released MMO game where the primary chat interface is so anti communication is beyond me. Everquest in 1999 had all of that on release.
  2. Dont think its unusual? 1: The chat/ui has never been functional and has been noted as an issue for years. Is one of the biggest reasons CF fails to retain new players and slowly bleeds off older ones. 2: The much vaunted "knobs" seem to not be connected to anything as we still have the exact same Dregs/Factions rulesets as when first implemented. 3: Not even a mention of handshakes. Not that handshakes would help at this point as most guilds have ramped up crafters and players have multiple epic+ vessels already. Templates are done and all that's required is maintenance mode of gear feed from purple fort resources. So we are left with a barren world bereft of players outside of siege windows as there is no incentive to be out in the world gathering anymore. 4: Few if any new guilds/players are left, its devolved into the same players/guilds as alpha/beta simply because they have to much time/effort invested to simply nopeout and walk away. 5: 7.100 has done more damage to the game than any prior patch, the sheer amount of flaws in it was astounding for a released game. There is still heavy game impacting issues with it (looking at you random disappearing name plates). 6: Released game that still generates an app crash every time its closed, this an intentional throw back to the sb.exe errors to make the ex-Shadowbane players feel at home? 7: The game is at a sink or swim point, its not attracting new players and veteran players are getting jaded with lack of progress on seemingly easy low hanging fruit being resolved that has been identified and brought up multiple times. 8: Stop listening to the partner forums, the voices in there out of sight of the majority of players pushing personal and vested guild interests on how "they" want to play not "how do we turn this around". Every bad idea you have implemented has been sourced from this forum, either make it viewable so Joe Blogs can at least post on normal forums in support or against whatever is being discussed, or do away with it.
  3. You could add in respec tomes and fast level tomes as token purchasable items. Also, during dregs would be nice to see a permanent reward for player head turn ins (thinking decapathon skull type reward with a scoreboard, plus value when you turn heads in, minus value if someone turns YOUR head in. Also higher quality vessel heads give more points which could help mitigate the clear i'll just farm alts for heads), atm aside from a random card in devine favour there is not much else to do with them once vessels exceed common value.
  4. PLEASE, make the map pins appear with a icon on compass, so others dont need to open map to head to it
  5. the pdm nerfs also benefit classes that have multiple Ult's as that pdm is unaffected. So any class with multiple Ults is at an immediate advantage against classes with a single Ult (looking at you barbs with 3 ults and a quick refresh).
  6. Sieges and the issues surrounding them, guild/alliance sizes and zone caps are all linked together. You cant resolve the problems without touching all these areas. In order for Handshakes to function and RETAIN the current ability to third party you need to touch on all the areas. 1: Lower guild sizes, limit alliance size to 150% of max guild size. 2: Handshake sieges, attackers place bane, defenders set window. Once set shows on siege schedule tab. 3: Based on their in campaign roster (not website guild/alliance roster) defenders/attackers get 80% of that number reserved at time the bane is placed. This also helps smaller guilds with the divine favour cards that are per member as guilds/alliance will want all thier active bodys present in their roster.
  7. if a shell guild places a bane, a third party can just show up and do the free siege.
  8. locking 3rd parties out will just mean shell guilds are made to "safeguard" keeps/castles from anyone else attacking. It wont matter the cost, alliances will pay it to prevent anyone from attacking them. Handshake should be just how SB did them, attackers pay the cost to place the Banes, defenders choose the time in a given window for the siege to begin, everyone haves at it.
  9. War camp Hippo: To trigger the siege you should have to place a seed for each bane tree, thus making the cost 225k (prevents meme sieging to waste a alliances time)
  10. Its unfortunate for those guilds who spent there time in 1 campaign and will drop down. Once again the players themselves have forced this change with their behaviour, and the scale of the abuse clearly has forced them to do something. Ideally if they can work out something for those guilds that didnt join late into a campaign which should be possible as they are now handing the rewards out manually.
  11. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Open world PvP feels meaningful and engaging Crafting and Econ is meaningful and engaging Campaigns allow for guild driven advancement on multiple vectors Character build options Item decay and replacement balance feel good and keeps crafting/econ relevant. Factory copying durability cost on the template item could do with a higher cost that's graduated depending on item quality. Suggest making it % based where a common is 5% (20 copy's), uncommon 5%(20 copy's), rare 10%(10 copy's), epic 10%(10 copy's) and Legendary 20%(5 copy's) Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? UI, its awful at keeping the player engaged with other players, having to sit on 1 chat tab forgoing visual information from any other source, the fact it starts minimized by default EVERY play session and doesn't even remember last positioning, no elements can be resized or moved. Everquest in 1999 had all this and more as functionality in the UI. Siege windows, I know this was added at the behest of players at a time where forts were the keep and only wooden walls could be built. It needs to go, without handshake sieges we are just going to tread water in this endless siege logging playstyle where the bulk of players only log in for siege hour, sit around in a keep for 20-30mins till banes are dead, then maybe head off and take a fort IF you can actually get into another zone without hitting a queue. Alliances, again another player driven request. They should have been limited to max guild size, this would allow smaller guilds to ally and prevent large dominant guilds from forming the current massive alliances which are causing the zone capping issues at present. Zone caps, no one likes logging in to sit in a zone queue and not be able to defend what they have built up. Currently guilds/alliances are triggering zone caps up to 2hrs before siege window. This is toxic and drives players away. Give Keep holders reservation of 50% of the zone cap if you are going to continue to these ridiculous guild and alliance caps. Major knowledge's are a entire character progression that is wasted atm, takes 20k just to make a uncommon one which offers a tiny increase to a stat that may but in most cases isn't going to help your character. Players just buy the vendor ones and they are done. There's no market for selling them and no incentive to go hunting them in Dregs. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive, and please don't list something you've already listed. It takes time for bugs to go through the internal process and get fixed. Hungershard tools aren't dropping from hunger nodes. Cant add durability to quivers, only has 1 stat the entire process, making very little deference between a common quiver and a higher rank one Game basically crashes every time you exit. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. Why do a have to exit the game completely to swap accounts, we used to be able to log out and then back into a new account. What purpose did this change serve?
  12. Upgrading Majors is pointless/costly and offers very little over the vendor bought one. Ranger Ultimate nerf has impacted Archer/Brig more than Warden You nerf ranger/Assassin to 1 ult yet champion is still able to chain 3 neckbreakers 1 after the other. Just change everyone's Ult to 1 charge and make choosing to use it strategic rather than spamming it when its up. Hungershard tools seem to have disappeared into the nether, cant use food buffs to harvest hungershards thanks to new rubbish hunger effect removing food buffs. Cant filter chat to allow me to choose want I want to see on the main tab, having to sit in one tab means forgoing seeing general banter or guild or alliance or events this REDUCES the feeling of community while in game. Still cant move/resize UI elements Quivers still only final craft you cant add durability too. Archer capstone still only adds to physical dmg types making elemental quivers inferior in everyway trayswap needs to be a single button that cycles between whichever trays you have (give stealth its own keybind)
  13. wardens can use the default piercing quiver, they need a Major to use the other types like slashing, crushing, fire and ice (exotic)
  14. Packs dont state what if anything these do in game; "Warden's Dragon Statue" in Black for your personal Eternal Kingdom Decayed Earthvein Skull Belt Totem Golden Horn of the Elders with a Red Jewel to wear as a Belt Totem
  15. bring back legionnaires ~
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