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  1. Or you go to what EQ had; Bosses have 3 set drops, a common, uncommon and a rare. Shorten the timer to standard mob time then folks will stay and kill the "Named" continuously until the drop they are after comes. example; Common: runic books + Tribe artifacts Uncommon: Minor Runes + runic books Rare: Crafting tool + Minor Runes
  2. You are talking uncle bob issues in a phase of the game where the population is small and of that small population a subset of the most active/knowledgeable players have joined forces on the same faction. Outside of this little subset very few of the current players care about "winning" the campaign, in fact you probably find the majority of other players come and go during the campaign and switch back or forth between the 2 campaigns depending on what they are looking at doing that day\evening. There is currently no "carrot" to even put in the effort over just having a dabble playing around in the worlds and check stuff out learning systems. Without proper guild systems and rewards in place there is also no incentive for guilds just watching from the sidelines to actively make a concerted effort in winning. Instead you have random guilds making peacemeal attempts here and there.
  3. If I've spent the time to fully train a craft why the hell would I not expect to be able to make the proper versions of my craft not some 1/2 cut piece of crap because I've been unlucky with RNG. This is my concern, leaving crafters hanging on RNG PvE drops is not going to end well.
  4. So now we have the grindfest of 5.9 Gold worthless for leveling at a point where everyone will be rerolling their vessel "should" necro goggles actually make into the game AND the RNG gods grant you the good fortune of dropping it instead of a first aid book. Current state of hoops players have to go through. PVE; Major disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. Minor disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. Leveling Vessel's - gated behind 1-3 spots in campaign where mobs will give decent XP value. Crafting Nec/Blacksmith/Leatherworker (include Woodworker if want a hunger shard fitted) - gated behind timed spawn and RNG (for tools, Googles, Hammer, Awl and Shard hammer). PVP; Keeps - timed window Forts - timed window Respawn mechanics now mean forts near a keep would actually be worthwhile taking, but wait whats that? RNG means said Fort cannot be taken because game has decided that Forts window is not open. Oh wait your defending and you cant stop them respawning in a Fort near your Keep because that Forts window is not open, RNG to the fore again. Welcome to Crow"there is a time and place for everything"fall, providing the RNG gods allow you to complete the hoop jumping.
  5. Yes indeed the sb.exe errors got to me before mines were a thing, when I was playing SB it was in its original form.
  6. They started with Faction due to it being the hardest to get right. They are building systems and making changes based on a limited subset of players opinions/wishes in a small pre-alpha playerbase that have stated they wont even play Faction campaigns anyways. Game was touted as a sandbox pvp mmo during kickstater in much the same vein as Shadowbane which had timers for major sieges NOT every little thing in the game.
  7. Grivyn

    Clerics basic weapon

    Clerical mana problems disappear with Field Surgeon and Noble purpose, prior to this it's a tightrope. Once you have Field Surgeon you can constantly throw hammers and throw every single heal you have as soon as cooldown over. The power curve between a cleric without Field Surgeon and with is staggering.
  8. Or, you could have a woodworker make you a quiver that has endless arrows and never have to worry about it again.
  9. They once said that didn't like quest systems and the big "?" that told you do this, go here and get this. Yet now they implement timers that do this EXACT premise on a major element of the game.
  10. DoAC had a fort/keep system without timers and a multi-timezone playerbase that functioned just fine and the ownership status on the forts/keeps had a much bigger bearing on the game state than it does in CF.
  11. Because rather than timers I would prefer that they give players a reason to care about forts over just slapping on a artificial window so that the 10-30 players that give a poorly made socks know when and where to go to cap a fort that may but most likely wont have defenders.
  12. Exactly why players don't care about forts, to fast to capture, don't care about winning campaign or getting a different colour on the badge. Player base is so small atm is not even enough concurrent players in maps to react if it took 10-15min to cap a fort...
  13. So players that cant be bothered about forts now are just going to magically decide "hey this forts timer is open, I think i'm going to stop farming for non-existant necro googles and go attack/defend it". The only ones that give a damn about this are the ones that DO care about being the "Campaign winners, my badge has a better colour" types. The change wont help at all, in fact it will cost the game players period.
  14. You keep saying this offpeak hours thing, very few give a crap about the forts DURING peak hours this backcapping problem you keep spouting isn't due to offpeak players it's due to the apathy around maintaining a hold on forts.
  15. So why add the timers before SB is removed and a proper campaign is run, making this type of a major change based on the how players choose to play a campaign that isn't even using a ruleset that's intended is shortsighted and will cost the game players not only now but down the line.
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