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  1. Quivers: Only have 1 experiment line which is damage a poor quiver has the same durability as a legendary one Stalkers quiver used to have progressive haste starting from 15% for a common capping at 20% for legendary, now all stalkers have 15% making very little difference between the rarities. Suggestions: Give the heartwood secondary stats similar to woodworking planks, this would be twofold in making the different types of heartwood mean something Restore the haste % growth via rarity of the stalkers quivers. EK statue buff is STILL broken for Woodw
  2. Valkyn crafting buff is still bugged for Woodworkers, upon entering the parcel you get the thrall buff which lasts for 5 secs before dropping, the passive is listed for the character but does not apply.
  3. The solution is simple, let us "Select" the 3 pips we want to reroll, they are colour coded now. One of the BIGGEST frustrations in crafting is watching your rerolls go into durability or a secondary stat, this is most frustrating when you are doing dmg rolls on weapons.
  4. One option you could look at is if the AoE has a set amount damage, the damage is spread amongst what ever it hits. IE: ability is capped at 2k dmg, hits 5 players 400dmg per player (hits 1-4 players also does 400dmg per), now if it hits 20 players they all take 100 dmg. Another option would be to tune AoE like spirit whip and have a drop off, first 5 100%dmg, next 5 get 50%, next 5 get 25%. Granted in both cases the resulting meta will just be bring more AoE classes leaving the single target classes on the sideline looking in or rerolling to a AoE class. Having played A
  5. They did this already with embargoed sac items not working for card scoring, shouldn't be too much of a stretch for the hippo's to not accept embargoed building mats and the seed vendor to not accept embargoed gold.
  6. They are talking about; All Father Statue w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive) This is a Kick Starter reward so I'm guessing not going to be available in the store
  7. Some points to add on the crafting front. 1: Let me choose which pip row gets polished or allow me to polish each pip row independently if I choose to spend the additional dust. 2: Do something about Risk Management vs Monkeys Paw, no crafter that gets to legendary belt is going to take Risk over Monkey there is just no contest between them. Better yet Allow us to get both, move Risk down to Epic and let those who want to spent the additional 50k gold and then get to legendary have all their cake like you used to get with the passives. 3: Jewelcrafting still doesn't have a Neckl
  8. Helper is superior to Risk in every way its a no contest. If you're choosing Risk you're flat out doing it wrong.
  9. its not the gear its the time it takes to make said gear even when the mats are free. The ruleset could work if the rewards were greater than a typical dregs so that the extra frustration and timeloss on death was offset by substantially better rewards for being active in the campaign. Loot drop is a great idea in theory but terrible in practice for CF as it stands atm. Large battles between guilds is going to rare as players AVOID pvp where possible unless turning some unfortunate soul into roadkill. Equipment will be all WT based as crafted gear will be to time consuming for crafters to
  10. crossslash is bad, bleeds dont overwrite, so the second stage will never apply as the first already has a lesser bleed, as an archer spec its a wasted point you have to take to get the stat bundle it gates. I would rather crossslash swap places with sweep so at least then its an ability all 3 specs use to unlock the stat bundle.
  11. I'll add mine here as well. Naming Items: Same as Dern, I very much enjoy naming my creations that are worthy. Mainly to degrade and humiliate guildmembers but this absolutely must stay. Allow me to use polish when I fill a stat row. Clearly I'm targeting this stat and seeing polishes being used up by durability or a secondary stat is infuriating. Ideally for a mainhand weapon, I would fill the DMG row, polish then allocate the leftovers and polish those. Full reroll could only be done once though. Jewelcrafter: cant make itself a necklace, just why?
  12. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Lobby Changes Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? War Tribe gear just as good as crafted : why am I investing in making a crafter if I can just get similar loot from a chest or boss. Dregs 20% drop 100% harvester protection : why are turning Dregs into a nekkid harvestathon Ve
  13. <QUESTION> Is mobile banking going to stay? Players hate it and would rather have something else in it's place like a buff that increases the NPC gold drop. <QUESTION> Is the infected material farming being looked at? Part of the reason campaigns are dead outside of sieges is all the harvesting is getting done in infected. <QUESTION> Can you flag imported gold to not allow seed purchase, imported ingots, boulders and wood to not work in campaign hippo's like to you do for sac items? Again this leads to guilds just importing materials to build keeps instead of running
  14. To Staff's point, I just watched a new player who happened to be streaming, he ran through the NPE fine, got to LvL20, then decided to go into campaign cause well he could. Resulted in him zoning into first zone, promptly getting roadkilled by a Red Elk, going screw this game and killing stream. Please for the sake of the game put a disclaimer of Dregs stating this a max lvl area and designed as a GvG battleground so we stop bleeding these players due to them jumping into Dregs far to early.
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