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  1. RIP. I played with and against him, he will be missed
  2. thanks guys/gals still sorting through tons of posts etc... tho not seeing much avail yet but as the game comes out I'm sure they will have more spots (hopefully)
  3. I'm gonna base this on the full scope of success of this game will there be job opportunity's such as GM's etc... that may be posted on the forums or somewhere? Or if there is somewhere already these things?
  4. Yup they had me at Play to Crush! But more specifically I liked the fact that the community of people making their ideas known and implemented in ways to make this game a very appealing game had a lot to do with it. Also, being part of the kickstart process makes it exciting to know that "you" "I" "we" helped make this happen.
  5. majestic


    Im a fan of jumping I feel it makes the character a lil more realistic in the movement aspect.
  6. thanks wasn't sure how it worked lol ...
  7. I made a pledge on kickstarter but not sure if it is linked to my crowfall account how do I know if it is or not? Any help would be appreciated...
  8. I'd love to help with the funding ...unfortunately I am on a fixed income. The best Ill be able to do is make small contributions monthly, until I can find a decent job from home type gig! Or if there is some other way to help...let me know.
  9. Yes Yes it is creepy... I mean really wedding vows via game is kinda silly takes the whole fun out of getting REAL LIFE married - and being able to make that magical day happen is so much fun ... now dont get me wrong it's cute and all but really for a pvp style game it's un-necessary
  10. majestic

    Dye Kits

    I loved this option in UO - they have it in d3 would love to see it implemented here
  11. this makes sense ...just dont want to spend all day questing to get lvld so i can effectively pvp or what not - questing in many games I've played drive me nutz ...I much rather kill a group of mobs and lvl and get gold etc... instead of trying to figure out where my next quest is! too much time is wasted questing.
  12. Will there be quests in this game? Im kinda hoping there wont be I can't stand to quest grind ...
  13. Couldn't find the thread on p2p but I have an idea suggestion....not sure how it would work out but here's my idea. For those people who enjoy playing but work a lot or don't always have time to play maybe have an option to do a day pass or something? Idk I spent a lot of money on wow and didn't play very often for the amount money i spent... so i was thinking for casual gamer who don't have a lot of money to spend this might be a neat option...no other game out there does that that I know of maybe because it's not cost effective I'm not sure. But it would be interesting to find out if it would work.
  14. You Know Who we are .... mr rixie dont be actin like you dont know who we are!
  15. Loving It! can't wait for fresh kills!
  16. sprites, wood-nymphs (these are fairy like creature beings that are typically trouble makers ) Sasquatch, Creatures of the Night Vampires, Werewolves, Witches....anything that is not normal are all characters Id like to play. <shrug> just my two cents lol Oh and Succubus's would be neat too...
  17. What makes the item rare? Is there more than 1 of this item 10, 100? Will it impact the economy? I have not voted on this particular topic, it is too vague.
  18. pets and mounts are cool to some degree...I think it would be cool if you could kill someones mount (even temporarily) demounting them and slowing them
  19. I find mouse movement easier for me just my preference tho I know most hard-core gamers prefer wasd - I can work with that just prefer mouse
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