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    majestic got a reaction from protonix in A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters   
    RIP. I played with and against him, he will be missed 
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    majestic got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters   
    RIP. I played with and against him, he will be missed 
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    majestic reacted to Jah in What attracted you to the game   
    The words "Play to Crush" from the creator of Shadowbane was all it took to attract me to this game.
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    majestic reacted to seventhbeacon in What attracted you to the game   
    Player-driven play that makes a real impact on the game map and economy. An MMO that focuses on working with other people instead of soloing 98% of the game. Also a big fan of the art style and player housing, which are nice perks.
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    majestic reacted to Elvine in Question About Kickstarter   
    ACE will be merging them once the KS is over. 
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    majestic got a reaction from quigonwindu in 02/04/15 - Update From The Founders   
    I'd love to help with the funding ...unfortunately I am on a fixed income. The best Ill be able to do is make small contributions monthly,  until I can find a decent job from home type gig! Or if there is some other way to help...let me know. 
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    majestic reacted to jtoddcoleman in 01/22/15 - The Crowfall Universe, Economy/crafting & Raph Koster!   
    01/22/15 - The Crowfall Universe, Economy/Crafting & Raph Koster!


    Hey gang,
    We've got a pretty big update for you this morning!  
    Universe Architecture
    We've been saying for a while that this game is different.  This is where you'll start to see that: here is the first major difference between Crowfall and traditional MMOs.
    In a traditional MMO, the game service is broken up into discrete "servers" or "realms". Each server is either completely (or mostly) the same -- often, the only difference is which players are sharing your virtual environment.

    On Crowfall, we changed this model.  We still have distinct servers -- but and the worlds are unique.  How unique?  VERY unique.  In fact, the the maps are different from one world to the next.  Mountains, forests, rivers, lakes.  And these worlds are dynamic; they're made to change based on player actions.  We'll cover more about that later.
    The result is a universe of unique WORLDs, not just a list of instanced servers.

    Why would we do that?  Why make each world unique? To allow the the characters to travel between them, of course!
    This one, fundamental change opens a HUGE array of design possibilities. We'll talk in more detail about the design implications in future updates.  But for today, let's focus on one of those implications -- 
    Player-driven Economic Systems
    The heart of the Crowfall design lies in the marriage of two game systems:
    - A system for strategic territorial conquest, and
    - A system for player-driven crafting and economics system

    Like a proverbial "yin and yang", these two systems have very different (and often competing) design goals -- but each of them REALLY shines only in the presence of the other. 
    Marrying these two systems is like the "holy grail" of virtual world development.  This is a seriously tough challenge.  
    So, I'm not going to boldly pronounce, "we've solved it for everyone!"  -- but I do think that we've solved it in a unique and novel way that some people are going to absolutely love.

    To help us solve this tough challenge, we needed help.
    I am delighted to (finally) reveal our ongoing collaboration with Raph Koster.  For those of you not familiar with Raph, he is one of the most renowned and experienced MMO designers in the world.  He was the lead designer on both Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies from inception through launch; two games which really "set the bar" for crafting systems in a virtual world. 
    Raph also literally wrote the book on game design (...or at least he wrote *A* book on game design.  It's called A Theory of Fun, and it's required reading for anyone who wants to create games.)
    If you are curious what we've been up to with Raph, here is an interview with Thomas Blair (design lead on Crowfall) which gives an excellent a look "behind the curtain" of one facet of the crafting system: the system for refining Metallic Alloys.
    MMORPG.com Article - Building Upon Star Wars Galaxies' Crafting
    For convenience, here are hires versions of the images that came out with that article:
    - The first is another of our "Banner Series" of concept images.  This one, entitled "Caravan", shows a party of adventurers hauling raw materials (stone, to be precise) from the quarry to their stronghold.

    - A video snippet showing what it looks like when designers like Raph, Blair and I lower ourselves into the chaotic, howling maelstrom of MMO design.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

    - A hires version of the sample Alloys chart.  This isn't a "master list" of Alloys; it's an example document of what allowed recipes might look like, and it gives you an idea of the power and flexibility of the system we're building.

    - ...and with that last one, a hires snapshot of our prototype UI for the personal crafting system.

    That's it for now!
    As I mentioned yesterday, from this point on the information drops are going to get more meaty and interesting. Next week, we'll talk about the "yang" that couples with this economic "yin" -- the resource layer that drives the strategic territorial conquest system.
    Thanks, and see you on the forums!
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    majestic reacted to jtoddcoleman in 01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes   
    01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes


    Hey folks,

    It's that time again!
    On the menu today we are serving:
    - The fourth installment in the "Banner Concepts" series. The inclusion of this scene is probably not huge surprise to anyone -- it's basically a "reverse shot" (and a prequel, I suppose) to the "Ramparts" image that we dropped last week. Internally, we refer to this image as the "Calling the Banners" image, for obvious reasons.

    - Next up is an example Fealty Chart.  This isn't a guild org chart -- we support guilds (and guild structures) but we've laid a different system on top of that, which ties player fealty directly to land ownership.   More on that system, and how it ties to siege conquest, will be coming soon. 

    - Lastly, presenting the 2/2 page of character creation -- in which a few more questions are answered.  In this one, you get a glimpse of the "Advantages" and "Disadvantages" system (which SB players will recognize as a direct descendent of the talents and traits system, only with more customization.)  As an interesting side note, we're actually in the process of going over these two pages (again!) right now, looking for ways to further streamline the interface.  Next time you see these screens, we'll likely have split it into 3 pages (to split appearance customization out as a separate step.)

    Hope you enjoy this update, and stay tuned -- we have a more substantial update coming later this week.
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    majestic reacted to kopko in 01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes   
    Oh man, cant describe how awesome it looks!
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    majestic reacted to rixie in Shadowbane guilds going to dominate this game?   
    Lol, all the 'players' on the emu have to do is sit around and whine about zergs, and other people stealing their pixels. Most of the ones with thick skin are gone.
    For example:
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    majestic reacted to phearlo in Will I Be Able To Play On A Apple Computer?   
    Yeah Apple Bootcamp runs Windows better than a junky Windows computer anyway =)
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    majestic reacted to jza in Will I Be Able To Play On A Apple Computer?   
    Do we have any info about being able to run the game on a Mac?
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    majestic got a reaction from zault in Dye Kits   
    I loved this option in UO - they have it in d3 would love to see it implemented here  
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    majestic reacted to skullet in Marriage in Crowfall   
    ugh. god I hope not. more pointless crap. focus more on game mechanics, pvp, and siege plz. this literally could not matter any less.
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    majestic reacted to gihunter6 in Questing?   
    There already is something better.  It's called run up to another group of people and fight them for territory, farm, and bragging rights.  Otherwise known as PVP. 
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    majestic reacted to Cash in Questing?   
    Its not about soft targets or easy kills. Its about a healthy population. Sb had its fair share of pve ers. They enjoyed farming, pling, gathering runes and elite gear. Did they do the big pvp likes banes? Sure. But when it was time to go roll zones or whatever they uaually opted out in favor of those thinhs or rolling gear etc. 
    Im hoping there is better pve than just grinding mobs to help make leveling not seem so bad and to help keep more people in game
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    majestic got a reaction from mal in Questing?   
    Will there be quests in this game? Im kinda hoping there wont be I can't stand to quest grind ... 
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    majestic reacted to kopko in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    Really impresive
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    majestic reacted to stardust in Class or Classless System?   
    I personally think that a skill point based system would work the best as it allows players to customize and create their own templates, and come up with new and more effective builds. Autonomy at it's finest.
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