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  1. isn't this the same reason people wanted passives to stay in the game?
  2. There definitely is a player driven economy with the current system. We have multiple people working off commissions, and lots of people throwing gold around. QoL is definitely needed, but all an AH does is drive prices down to the point the profit is gone on lower end gear. EKs work, it just takes effort, and there are a few bugs that are definitely in the way of some people finding more success with them. Things that need to be done: Fix the ability to interact with stalls so EK owners can move them or eject them. Improve EK sorting, Vendors seem like a good identifier
  3. Conquest should definitely be the big guilds playground in dregs. Allied guilds competing for conquest creates a logistics hurdle for that alliance to deal with. They have to make choices, and some people may not be happy, but that is the draw back of having multiple large guilds in an alliance. Later restricting alliance size may help with this, but most will still have Non-Aggression pacts anyways. Divine Favour though, this is where the small/med sized guilds should be focusing on if they want a win condition. It may not be the conquest win, but the seasonal goals can be fun because
  4. Typically when you want to report an exploitive bug that you've managed to stumble upon (in many many instances) you tend to want to include what you actually do aside from 1 skill, that many have used and not instagibbed people. Ie. Which traits, what disciplines, what skill rotation, what other buffs you have on/activated through passive traits. Also you typically send this sort of thing directly to crowfalls email vs post about it after the fact, which I'm sure was only done as a pre-emptive self defense. When you discover these bugs, you also typically don't keep using them exc
  5. EDIT: Customer Support quickly rectified the issues I had below! It's rare to recieved support this quickly in the MMO genre! As the winner to the giveaway for a CE pack on the official crowfall channel this evening, i was really disappointed to find this at the end of my checkout: Several streamers stated that these giveaways include shipping, so i did not expect this and likely would not have spent my evening watching the streams for a giveaway that would cost me almost the same as a digital copy. In the future i would recommend that this type of information be passed on
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