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  1. can we shut down this post already its not worth it
  2. No group / Guild / Faction / or General Chats on my bar i have logged out n in a few times
  3. Noticed tonight regarding the Confessor ult. If you Push it while some Projectile was coming at your, it will trace you no matter what while in your Ult. Also in the castle, Nadoes will disappear on certain parts of the castle. Guards all over in all keeps, and castles can pull you from different levels
  4. Good morning so with the change to the hungry and unable to be invulnerable in the fog itself. it now seems the confessor ult no only provides that for the 3 seconds when your are stealth. Before this change it was 3 seconds in ult , you where invulnerable and able to get away. This made sense because during this ult you can’t do anything expect move very slowly to a side and hope you can get away. now the ult does nothing expect slow you down and you still get hit with everything. All aoes all bleeds everything. So playing any type of confessor feels real week because the ult does nothing for you during that time. I am thinking the change to the hunger and fog taking that invulnerability away. Has now effected the confessor ult
  5. I feel the Third minor is needed for toughness, drop Resurrections for Weapon Finesse No one uses Resurrections in the game itself, so why add it to HD. it brings the class down. Weapon Finesse is needed on the Inq because you need to keep your 5 stacks up all the time, and your always using mana quite alot. Phantom arm sure its a noob trap, i personally think, everyone has their own builds. Majors are great keep them
  6. So the war story is about the zone crashing. W went to hit death Hax hit W W noticed recalled server crash siege over one of the better ones for sure
  7. So first of all, you make a post knowing you will be called out and called a cheater. Pretty sad you also did this and admit to doing it as the CONTENT CREATOR of the year. So we need to have things solved, and by the TOS this is cheating as @Bzra mentioned above. He is not the first person who has done this, and been reported. What is going to be done about this. https://streamable.com/857cct
  8. Relax mate, Like It will come out when its ready. I am glad they are taking their time before releases this patch this time. Means they are close to having things close to where they want it,
  9. This is a joke right? like a meme somsone trying to get attention who is a no body correct? because this is just flat out stupidity
  10. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). The updates everyday is great its becoming more and more like a war game PvP is good, balances changes are needed but thats fine Race, Talents all mean something I do like all the different options we have Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? FPS n Performance is still needed to be work on The Outpost need more impact on the game, and provide more. Because not many like to circle Jerk for 5 min while capping an outpost Divine needs work, - Not sure what can be changed here but man its not fun completely Forts and Siege windows need to be look at. 0 Maybe Forts up every 3hrs, on 30min cooldowns would be great. I feel fighting for a for in the last 10min of the window is very bad for the game, - Major keeps should be up at different times during the week. Not all major keeps in all zones up at same time, this provides so boring of an hr. Maybe each Major keep different day n time of the week, would provide more sieges and PvP - So 930pm est to 1230pm est doesn't work at all. You loose half the pop or more during the late hours. -- Make as stated before 3hr windows for forts No in game guild function - Why not let us hit G and see who is on. 6. Maybe a raid function, so we can invite everyone to a group and they place them in groups from the raid panel. Would make poorly made dergs easier Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. Gates having issues Chat seems buggier than before. Constantly having issues with channels/tabs missing. PERFORMANCE If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? When was the last time you logged into Crowfall? every day I play, because I have fun Feedback for Tiggs on this weekly forum post if any.
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