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  1. I feel the Third minor is needed for toughness, drop Resurrections for Weapon Finesse No one uses Resurrections in the game itself, so why add it to HD. it brings the class down. Weapon Finesse is needed on the Inq because you need to keep your 5 stacks up all the time, and your always using mana quite alot. Phantom arm sure its a noob trap, i personally think, everyone has their own builds. Majors are great keep them
  2. So the war story is about the zone crashing. W went to hit death Hax hit W W noticed recalled server crash siege over one of the better ones for sure
  3. So first of all, you make a post knowing you will be called out and called a cheater. Pretty sad you also did this and admit to doing it as the CONTENT CREATOR of the year. So we need to have things solved, and by the TOS this is cheating as @Bzra mentioned above. He is not the first person who has done this, and been reported. What is going to be done about this. https://streamable.com/857cct
  4. Relax mate, Like It will come out when its ready. I am glad they are taking their time before releases this patch this time. Means they are close to having things close to where they want it,
  5. This is a joke right? like a meme somsone trying to get attention who is a no body correct? because this is just flat out stupidity
  6. you mean in infected like 80% of guilds
  7. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). The updates everyday is great its becoming more and more like a war game PvP is good, balances changes are needed but thats fine Race, Talents all mean something I do like all the different options we have Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? FPS n Performance is still needed to be work on The Outpost need more impact on the game, and provide more. Because not many like to
  8. no Thorns on our side He walked up n was dead from 100-0% no chance of healing or anything and only 2 people shooting him in the videos, in other fights it ws just 1 person killing someone. There is a decimal misplaced or somthing, just needs to be found
  9. he didnt get an atk in if you watch the video. all the log said was GFB 143 dmg and thats it SO wish we can find out what happens
  10. Nil is not a confessor he is a ASN Swag is a not a confessor he is a a stealth class I am a fessor it happen to me Someone else as well
  11. he was lvl 30, Nil, Swag, Myself all went from 100% to 0% w no logs and nothing to see on dmg.
  12. Scalding if a fessor skill, so its not from him
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