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  1. I backed this game then had to back out because a child was on way. Now that he is 2 I have some spare time between 9am est till 4pm est. also the odd evenings I can be on. Looking for a guild that can benefit myself the most during these hours. Thanks
  2. Good morning, I am currently a backer of crowfall, alpha. I am looking for a dedicated guild which is focused on playing the game as a guild. I been around the mmo scene for a long long time, I am 27 years old and very active. Please feel free to post any comments or questions you have to ask Arkaini
  3. Walk run mount crawl al u need
  4. Everyone has great ideas, but with their announcement of goal 1200 = mount do you think this gives the people enough motive to back?
  5. Open to anything, let's get our word out there. I personally would love them to announce the other campaigns, like Guild vs Guild, and such. Please sure
  6. I really enjoy hearing updates and different topics of crowfall please keep it coming
  7. I do not like the RNG with items. You play this campaign for a 3 months working on getting certain items n mats, but than lets say you lose the campaign so you o key get 20% items. But you do not choose this, all that hard work gone. I personally think you should have the choice of which items you want over other items. Like 5 slots no matter will go through to the bank. Would be better, or some way of choosing. My 2 cents
  8. Yes you get everything f on above packages as well
  9. This game will require you to move away from your home and explore and live the game. If you do not do this than the game will become boring for u
  10. Remember that 9 est am. That travel to work time. Wait till tonight 10pm numbers n $$ will be higher
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