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  1. Rather have new patch pushed. New crafting, New stuff, better fps, alliance. Its okay its beta wipes happen Push it Thursday!
  2. 100% tried this as well, still not working . makes the SC players sad
  3. This has been my same issue with SC as I was trying. Also I would have to stand still 100% and can’t move at all during any part of the combo or it would just miss.
  4. There is slot of big changes on test and I feel a wipe makes the most sense moving to live. It would make there over all Improvements a better testing field. With new drop rates, new dreags, new class changes. I feel a wipe makes most sense here personally. it’s alpha I expected a wipe every 2/3 months when new patches come into play. Which makes the most sense.
  5. One other thing worth mentioning - ACE needs to pay special attention to the placement of the respawn statue inside holdings. This ^ all is needed
  6. Hey if this was in the game, it would be great, but downside is this is what we have to work with. "No one wants to remove guards or prevent smaller forces from holding a larger one. I want it to feel earned. Guards aren't fun. I want them to be. I realize nothing I suggested is something that can be dropped into the current system, It's effectively a rework. It would take time to implement but I think reworking the guards is absolutely worth it in the long run." Wish it was easy so we could work on things and make it better. right now we have saccing items and such. When I
  7. So from rank 3-8 this took us 16hrs of pure grinding to get to rank 8. I would not say this was easy to do. -- "not fun to fight" Seems like that any smaller guild would say, when they get rolled over by a bigger guild, after getting their fort to 5 or something and loosing it in 10min by people punching walls with their hands, and no sounds as it was happen. This has also happen, and its not fun seeing that go down to a group of 15 people. -- I feel like sure find a happy medium, but making Guards less poorly made dergs, might not be the answer. --- So i feel this is coming from someone
  8. So this topic is currently bad for the current State of the game. Guards are here to protect forts , keeps, n mini forts. We are looking at this in alpaha. We need to think about this when beta, and when this goes live, when we have guilds w 200 people and groups of 100+ players taking forts. If the guards are not strong whats the point of having a fort when they just melt in seconds at rank 4 or under to 15 people? I feel, this needs to be tested when things are open up, and more people are on board. The TRA fort was rank 8, when you attacked, and I think Winterblades had 12 players and pul
  9. This is kinda funny, Because the game is going to have guilds up to 200 + per and is going to have 50+ players fighting for a fort. So the issue here we have in Alpaha our guilds are only 30 people max. Guards n forts are for smaller guilds to stand a chance when it come to the big massive guilds coming around. This is not going to be a cake walk. When we have a Fort Rank 8 and you bring 25 people and its being defended by 15 i feel It should be able to fight off the force. Should Fort walls at Rank 8 be able to get punched to death by hands in 30secs? I dont think so, but it happens.
  10. I personally think have a siege time that 3 hrs long. first 1hr Keeps are open for all 3hrs 2nd hr open up some forts for rest of time 3rd hr open up other forts This allows people who need to get off late night to play, allows people who play late can still siege. Also opens up to more Strategic planning
  11. STill getting the Bug w the Duelist and Dirt flying none stop while not underground
  12. Playing the assassin class while in stealth when I come out to attack. It keeps my stealth bar now and I am unable to use my normal skills. Intill I hit the button know to bring them up. Swapping between stealth and non stealth skills. This was not the case in the last patch.
  13. Has this changed at all recently or no?
  14. I backed this game then had to back out because a child was on way. Now that he is 2 I have some spare time between 9am est till 4pm est. also the odd evenings I can be on. Looking for a guild that can benefit myself the most during these hours. Thanks
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