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  1. [Personal Opinion] This is why girl gamers get so much hate and "Kitchen" comments. As a whole female gamers are exactly the same as male gamers. Classes arent made male-centric or female-centric they are designed to fit a specific lore and nothing else. Everyone knows females PvP and play video games too. But comments like this shoving it in everyone's fce and complaining about a game with only two revealed classes is insane.
  2. I'd appreciate a merchant character being able to conceal weaponry to allow for more realistic and dynamic gameplay. However, there would need to be counter-play in items or class skills that can identify other players' gear/weapons/reputation.
  3. GW2 uses lots of target skills and in some cases I find it very annoying, and feel it takes away from the experience. Fully "skill-shot" based gameplay would be my preference and I feel thats what the devs are leaning towards
  4. I must agree and say that if anyone has ever played on a truly hardcore Minecraft server they'd know that the most fun one can ever have is to burn down and completely destroy an enemy guild's base. Often raids would be unannounced and combat would be minimal. In my opinion, the best feature would be a 5-ish hour window in which raiders could attack a guild hall, this would be included such that there are no 3am raids ruining a guild's fortune. This also assumes different countries play on different servers.
  5. Since the quote reads "Stoneborn take no wives, sire no children," I would expect them the gender-locked into male because it reads wives over spouses or partners. Had it said something other than wives I would expect there to exist females other than the "Mother of All," but from this statement alone I'd put my money on a locked gender.
  6. Hello Everyone, My name is Zera and I'm a long-time Wizard101 player and Beta Tester. I actually heard about this game from my GW2 Guild and I was immediately hyped at the mention of the developers and the concept art. I'm looking forward to playing and talking with all of you, so once again hello new friends! Guild Wars 2: Zera.6128 - Fort Aspenwood Server Wizard101: Jacob RubyWhisper - Lv100 Pyromancer
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