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  1. I am an SAP technical consultant and work a lot with cutting edge technologies that apply to large enterprise applications. SAP's in memory database (HANA) is making tremendous advancements in speed for both OLTP and OLAP applications that need to perform complex queries against very large databases, or perform computational analytics (by pushing the analytics down to the database level, where the data resides). HANA can support a multiple terabyte databases and house it 100% in memory with near zero database response time. The advantages for large enterprise applications are obvious, b
  2. Oh the irony, you are the epitomy of "vocal minority".
  3. Interesting that there's nothing out there yet. I'd have thought at least some of those testers would have been anxious to be the first to post something.
  4. Gravity effect on archery (and some spells) worked fine in Darkfall. I'm sure other games have done it as well.
  5. Exactly what I was wondering. I could have sworn I heard before that arrows would be affected by gravity, maybe I'm mistaken. Will look really odd if they travel a straight line and then just disappear. And why would 100m + be nonsensical as a general rule? Don't understand.
  6. Why does everyone need to be "noble" in the game? The fun of these kinds of games is the good vs evil aspect, exactly what you're describing above. Let the good be noble, and let the evil piss in their face, while everyone plays to crush. A pvp gaming community isn't about everyone sitting around singing kumbaya. You are right about one thing, it's becoming apparent that this game may not be the right game for those who loved Shadowbane and Darkfall. Now in regard to the topic at hand, the EK's are too disconnected from the game as a whole in my opinion. I like what was present
  7. Souldancer (Dark Arcane -Z-) and Zotics (Shadow Consortium) were the best siege/battle commanders I ever played with. But then again, they were the only battle commanders I ever played with so...I'm probably biased.
  8. The only reason I ever had an issue with the EK was because it is the only form of persistence in the game (aside from your character). I'm trying to keep an open mind. Immersion is important to me in an MMO, that's why I can only play open seamless worlds. I'm really hoping that the lack of a persistent world won't kill the immersion factor for me. Time will tell. Good grief, how did this thread get on the topic of EK's? And now I've contributed to the never ending madness. I fail.
  9. Ummm....no. Slowdown is normal. Geez, is this the first time you people have done this?
  10. When other games promote your game it potentially has an immediate exposure to a whole audience that perhaps would not have heard of you otherwise. So Crowfall promotes their game in exchange for them promoting Crowfall. It's marketing. This shouldn't be difficult to grasp.
  11. Poor as it may be, the thread can't end until ellie posts a JT Coleman quote. Come already, ellie...before this gets to three pages.
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