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  1. not happening in 2020. I starter playing a month ago. game is still too raw to release. 1 World feels extremely empty. 2 Optimization needs to happen. 3 Class rework coming, and it will need polish. 4 There are unreasonable, pointless things in game that needs a 2nd look to be either reworked or removed. (like arrows for range, toxins for assassin and etc.) 5 Combat needs fine tuning. 6 Economical system needs a 2nd look. 7, leveling experience needs rework and/or tuning. 8 various QOL changes need to happen (like quest tracking on main screen, a guild search tab, guild tab and etc.) this is not the end. With all that said, if ACE does it all, game will release next fall at best. that's if they dont slack and etc. IF they going to release the game just optimization and class rework/polish, the following will happen: They will get good advertisement campaign going to hype it up for sales. People will fall for it, because this game's vision is GRAND, and 3-4 weeks later game will drop dead having 1-2k people playing at most. Every one else will leave, seeing how game is another lemon and there is nothing to do, a lot of things missing, balance is not in place and etc. And those 1-2k people who will continue playing, will probably be the original backers, who invested so much into the game by that points, they they became a prisoner of their own action. You know when you spend too much on some thing, you know you can't get a refund, so you're tying to get your money worth out of that something. I say ACE need to address all things first, take another year, properly polish the game, give it things to do, tune up combat and etc. And only after all that release it. If this is done, fall 2021 will be open beta and probably early 2022 will be official release. i strongly believe that in it's current state game is far from being ready for release.
  2. problem is that, mean while we all think this is not going to happen. Albion players thought so too and yet, their market is already crushed, because more than few people do it like this. Why would ACE not want it? because it will have a bigger life span for the game, it will not spook players off the game, like Albion spooked, me and many others like me when they realized that their whole, godly, player driven economy is ruined and that you cant profit out of professions at all, only profitable thing is hard grind. Game without good player base, is a dead game. Rule of marketing "crowds attract crowds".
  3. Have a suggestion, or rather a thing to look into right now before things get out of hand. The player driven economy topic. Might be lengthily, but i'll try to keep it as short as possible. Crowfall having same/similar fundamentals to Albion only economically wise, made me realize that it can also have the same problem as Albion. Problem i foresee is ruined Economy due to Chain of Production. Chain of Production = To craft a New vessel for example, you need to be a necromancer, it requires assistance (parts) from alchemy and parts from Runes professions. This also implies 3 gathering professions to accompany each. Ideally, from what i see, person can only have 2 gathering and 2 crafting professions per character. meaning he will need to socially interact with another player and buy parts from 3rd profession, he is lacking. This would create a proper cycle. farm 2/3 of parts, buy remaining one from player/vendor (where price includes the time used for gathering plus profit percentage built in for processing). This would force crafters to interact and create healthy (more or less economy). Problem that will happen, is when 1 player, will create 3 characters, give each a professions, that is necessary to create a product (in this case new vessel) by himself, like without interaction with other players/market. Full chain pf production for vessel is in his hands, completely self sufficient. Such player will drop market prices for things to rock bottom, literally will charge for time it took him to farm every resource and that's it. Sure it will take lots of time, but we all know china farmers, and people who play from countries with such low job pay, that playing the game 20 hours a day is more convenient than going to work. - this Alone, will easily ruin the whole "player driven economy" dream. Why i think so? let me give explanation based on Albion Online, i'm pretty sure you heard and probably tried it. For example you want to Sell dire wolf mounts in Albion, they cost 600k gold each. good income you would say. it requires the following: you need to farm dire wolf pup, you need to have a farm to raise the pup in proper cage, raising pup takes 3 days (cool down). for 3 days you have to feed pup with raw meat, you get raw meat you need to raise ducks/chicken, which in turn have 1 day cool down and need to be fed with crops, which in turn you need to grow, which take 1 day cool down. Keep in mind that farm you have, that is maxed out gives you very limited farm land. which prevents you to grow every thing i listed and if you stick with wolfs. you will only be able to grow meat for them, or crops. the other you will have to buy from auction house. Another thing comes into play, crafting. you need butcher, to cut chicken into raw meat, to feed wolves. he doesnt work for free, you need to feed him cooked food. so you have cook there, which ALSO needs to be fed. food for both you have to buy or grow. After All that, you get grown dire wolf, which is not yet a mount. to turn him into a mount you need to have riding trainer, he also doesnt works for free and needs food, which you have to grow and than cook and than feed. plus provide leather to make the mounts out of dire wolf. you would think, with so many things needed to be crafted, people would be forced to trade/buy one from another and that would create healthy economy. Economy where people would base price of dire wolf mount, including gold/time to get raw meat, raw crops, account for food butcher, cook and trainer consumes, also build in price for cooldown to grow the wolf. Also account for cooldown to grow chicken, grow crops. Also account for price to buy seeds for crops from vendor and buy the small chicks to grow into big chicken. People just have to interact with each other, where one grows wolfs, another grows, chicken, another grows crops, third runs a cook, 4rth runs butcher and 6th runs mount trainer. BUT!!!! sneaky players figured out how to cheat it all. Character creation is unlimited. and to sustain this whole cycle of production, they created 30 characters, each a farmer. 5 characters raise wolfs, 15, raise crops, 10 raise chicken. 1 of them just owns 3 stores (cook, butcher, trainer). All the guy has to do is grind form wolf pups and farm leather. All this not mentioning that premium account, allows farming of crops ducks and wolf pups and creation of thing in shops (butcher, cook) better, with bigger return. to the point that player doesnt has to buy seeds for crops and, small chickens to raise them big. with premium account you can enhance the nodes and you'll have 100% return on seeds and chicken hens. what does this mean. Originally, because players have to split the chores of professions. The price should consist of every playing charging for cooldowns (to grow things), for food it took to upkeep the proper shop (butcher shop for example), plus including their own profit, time it takes to run this small chain. finally when all that has been donw and wolf mount has been created, it should cost like 1 mil silver or so. Player who runs the whole chain of creation, only factors in time it took him to farm the wolf pup and leather. the rest is donw by his 30 farmer toons. Since, his chain of creation is absolutely self sufficient, he controls the market prices. After 3 years of game release, those older players who leveled 30 farmers and build self sufficient chain of product creation, run the market. New Player, or a player who all of a sudden wants to make some silver of his farm land, can't compete. It costs him way more to grow those wolfs and turn them into mounts, than he could earn by selling that said mount. This created negative economy, where you cant profit because players/farmers, found a loop hole in economic system and dropped prices rock button, just charging for time it took them to farm the wolf pup and leather. Grand finale: prices from auction house (approximate, i might be a bit off), based off 1 dire wolf mount and what it needs to raise 1. Dire wolf mount costs 600k silver. Dire wolf pup (if you dont farm) costs 800k silver, meat to feed wolf, 10k silver, leather 20k, food for butcher 40k, food for trainer 20k, food for cook, 15k, crops 50-100k (including food for chicken, butcher and etc), chicken hens another 50k or so. I might be off a bit here and there. But picture is clear that Dire wolf mounts are being sold 600k a piece, mean while it costs over a million to create one from rock bottom. This is example of negative economy, as when you spend so much time/gold to create 1 final product, to sell and profit, the market value should at very least include the cooldowns it takes you to grow crops, chicken, wolf, plus base price of those. But it's not. getting into production/crafting/farming in Albion is nearly impossible, as you wont be able to do it and profit at least for half a year or real time and that's with premium account active. Also you wont be able to do much else, but farm your 30 farm lands, and than gather staff outside. Because day consists of 24 hours and you'll need to do farming and gathering 10 hours a day. I dont know how, but this needs to be avoided in Crowfall and chain of production/creation, should never be possible to be done by a single player. Make it 1 crafting profession per account and 1 gathering (which you can have on every character, but on all it's the same). Or some thing like that.
  4. looking to join guild. big MMO player, PvP lover. not so much crafter. playing on NA. can commit 2 days a week for guild events, that's not counting other time i will play. As far as gaming for Crowfall, i love the game. can't wait for it to be released, however i understand that it still needs a ton of polish.
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