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  1. There´s much that could be done by the developers. First of all a territory system, ELO-Ranks, separated campaigns for strong and weak guilds, ... But the community is responsible, too. It should be a no-brainer that the leading guild is the enemy. Don´t sit under their desk and wait until they drop you their leftovers. These "all vs some proud idiots" campaigns can only result in PvE sooner or later. No rules or guild-bound rewards should be necessary to force PvP.
  2. <QUESTION> Are you aware that most players gave up on Crowfall without asking any more questions? Problems are so obvious, you really don´t need our questions.
  3. Players in EU campaign (PvP) : 9 Players in NA campaign (PvP) : 14 Players in Infected (PvE) : 17 Players in God's Reach (PvE) : 22 What separates the dedication and direction of this studio from others is the willingness to kill their game again and again and again. Let´s hope Crowfall has more lives than the average cat.
  4. 1. Make the trays more distinct. Add some leaves the the healing tray and some skulls or something like that the the death tray. Or: 2. Better remove this trays crap and put it all in one 2x 10 action bars set. It´s a horrible gameplay mechanic to switch trays between single casts and it´s a group killer to let essence go to 70 and having to get rid of it while your group needs healing spikes. 3. This gets even worse when you have another healer with Illuminate in your group: You just don´t get rid of your essence while in death tray. So, back to 2: Remove trays or add something like shado
  5. 1. Balance between squishiness and dmg is way off. 2. Aura Emitter takes too long to ramp up and is only viable when defending the breach from the wall. 3. Blight stuns me during the cast time, wtf. Isn´t it already bad enough that it has a cast time? Next spell that is only viable when defending the breach from the wall. 4. I have zero use for Essence Boon and Nature's Grace when defending the breach from a wall with a healer with Illuminate in my group. 5. Stormcaller is unplayable without Essence Boon and Nature's Grace when no healer with Illuminate is present. Talents should be en
  6. Now that we have flash casting on bar swap, could we get the survival bar back? 1. I feel crippled with two attacks replaced with harvesting abilities. 2. I don´t use discs with more than one active ability, because that would go beyond crippling. 3. it sucks to get in combat whenevet the cursor loses the node. This happens a lot when the weak spot isn´t anywhere near the node or at some nodes (Try ore nodes in the canyon in D'Hatos) just randomly.
  7. We should balance classes for most common situations. Outside of siege window this is 1 vs 1 most of the time.
  8. Such a thing jumped me on my Vanguard Scout today. I kitet it and felt safe and bored, because I held the distance and it didn´t take much dmg. Then I saw my HP bar and had to burrow instantly. It almost killed me at range, wtf.
  9. My friends didn´t like Crowfall when it was in a much better shape. If I would lure them into this dergs now they wouldn´t give me a third chance. Here some of their statements: And that´s sadly true. You need to dive too deep into Crowfall and have to forget too much about other games to be able to like Crowfall. Most new players discard it after the first impression. It´s an interesting concept to break the game, see core population leave and invite new players. Don´t you have any key figures like "fluctuation of avg 4 hours player is 95 %. fluctuation of avg
  10. @mystafyi So you haven´t played it yet? It´s good on PC. Not as good as a mix of GTA5, Division 2, Assassins Creed and Sims 4 could be, but it´s still fun. I haven´t noticed any bugs so far, but perhaps I have a high tolerance for bugs since Crowfall.
  11. Sounds like we had to rent our keeps then. Which is fine, because I think it´s a bit cheap to pay 75.000 gold once and own the keep for the entire campaign. There should be upkeep fees for the whole territory and owning a territory should give real benefits. For example securing the backyard, concentrating the battle at the borders.
  12. That would mean that strong players/guilds get more rewards and the scissors between stronger and weaker players/guilds would open even wider. This would be ok if there was a league system or ELO-based Campaigns, because noone likes to get stomped all the time. I think it´s good to achieve PvP progress through PvE as well, but every progress should be gated somehow. If the devs need ideas how to gate stuff, look at WoW. There have been dozens different systems for gating progress implemented: Leveling, PvE, PvP, harvesting, crafting, pet-battles, Heart of Azeroth in BfA, artifact weapon
  13. It´s a time sink for the first weeks (large guilds) / months (small guilds). After that everyone will have legendary vessel/gear/disciplines as soon as he has member status in a guild that doesn´t suck. Why not give legendary everything right away to everyone and remove white/green/blue/purple from the game? 6.3 looks like a desperate decision.
  14. This new progression system is killing me. Haven´t wasted more time for less in a long time. It is just the opposite of gamification (the method to add fun to boring tasks at work). Better explanation for gamification:
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