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  1. I don't see why you guys are being so negative this bulid looks super good. Also I'm a known MMOer in the world. I've tested for some of the top companies, and titles you probably have played. Second...I always check my math, and the functionality of anything I submit. Third...I also am very clear what the purpose of each build I upload, so players don't get the wrong idea. Fourth...I appreciate the advice...but I don't cling to cookie cutter garbage when I've proven the relevance of diminishing returns in MMOs. I provide a different approach based on individuals play style that's productive.
  2. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). Drop the total siege window to 2:30 hours. 1 Hour for Keeps and 1:30 for forts but make all forts come up at the same time. Reasoning for this would be to get people moving around in the world and with limited fort time guilds have to choose which forts are important to them but have time to make deals with other guilds on the fly. Time wise I would prefer 7:00 CST start time. How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see different with them? Make a set of cards that apply to those that are landless and those that have land. As it stands now as a landless group there is no point of you even trying to play DF when a season is like 2 keep cards. You're just poorly made dergs out of luck. Define what actually classifies as landless. Currently there is no definition you just got to guess with it. No outposts? No forts? etc? Please. Please. PLEASE. Give ways for guilds to have to log on OUTSIDE OF SIEGE TIMES to gain points. Make temporary cards that come up. Something like kill 100 urgu for +2 power etc. Reward people that take the time to interact with the world. Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why? Please keep combined. As much as there needs to be testing in the split dregs we do not have the population right now for a spilt dregs. What was your favorite Campaign and why? Enuelyn - Map size was perfect and the population was amazing. At the time I was apart of the Wild Hunt. What other types of Campaign setups would you like to see? Shadow ruleset Number Locked Dregs (20 members max. No alliances) Faction (So that people that gulidless have a chance to play the end game) Do you prefer big maps or little maps for Campaigns and why? Little Maps because population is currently bad. How long ago did you participate in a Campaign? Vekelsey Dregs If you don't participate in Campaigns, why? Other Campaign feedback? Please make it so importing materials to build up keep is not a thing it ends up making running pigs among other tasks less than useless. Thanks in advance for your feedback, we really do appreciate it. Additionally, this is not a thread for discussion, let's keep it to feedback. Please feel free to create your own discussion though!
  3. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). 6.2 changes feel good and classes are more viable For the most part player pop in the EU and NA dregs was good. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? There's no colorblind mode. Which is wild as most modern titles have it built in....not asking for a left arm and leg. Just a way to make my enemies purple and my teammates yellow. Currently forts are too safe and provide no counterplay. In a game about risk you grab a fort and then log in for 24 hours to grab the loot then log out. The barb stakes change is too extreme and makes most stakes or taking double stakes awful The indicators at the top on the compass should be colored so that you can tell where specific members of the party are. We didn't get 3 points on our landless card last dregs and no one has said how are why this occurred. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. Under Lightfoot the ability Forest Step will not let you do the second part of the combo if the ability is on a different key on the ranged and melee bar. Example: If Forest Step is on T in the ranged tray and then on something like mouse 4 in the melee tray it will do the first half of the ability but then will not do the second half (slow and dmg). You will be locked out of the second half of the combo entirely. I have bug where in game things that are red and things that are green appear as grey...its almost like im colorblind???? If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? When can we expect UI changes (and yes a colorblind mode)? When was the last time you logged into Crowfall? I have played everyday for the past 4 months Feedback for Tiggs on this weekly forum post if any. Please keep putting number values on patch notes.
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