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  1. So we need dwarfers as soon as possible... but we have them. They are named "Stoneborn" and this is full free playable race. Bumb subject seventh time. Maybe "they" - as a users - will add more posts. Who knows.
  2. Bumb fourd time. Bats and Lions are cute. Orks rocks.
  3. Hi everyone! Im new EU player at KDS Community joined on Diskord.
  4. Max 25 people of group members in team sounds cool. My voice.
  5. Bumb third time. Fox - Male / Female added. Lynx - Female added.
  6. Bumb second time. Somebody have pictures of symbiozed Cats-humans and Lynx-humans? In my say, We as battlers, as a "Crowfall" community; during PVP war time-system need all races (are there now) and class balance between teams (for look ideal out bodies self and this shine in eye). Only much more polliy-races are needed. Sketches to found in main topic post. Should add little short rewrited story about races at at time.
  7. Bump subject first time. Some of Goblin-Gnom added. Troll Male added. Werewolf Male added.
  8. Hi every one there! Subject: "New races - questionnaire" - openned. I am new player at "Crowfall". Playing this game a week and others internet online games from 18 years. I have some suggestions for new playable races in the game. After a short search for screens in my extended sentence of breed photos - the opinion is adequate to the child's dream that there were more races. Please express your opinions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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