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  1. How do I obtain my tester privileges on the forums though? Should I reopen the ticket?
  2. So according to Gordon, I had reported Crowfall emails as Spam. (which I did on accident by fat fingering a check box but quickly removed it from my spam folder) What happened was, that in order for them to stop sending me emails (since they thought this is what I wanted) they needed to remove my testing privileges/status from my account.
  3. Title, I have sapphire supporter pack is there a reason why it tells me to go to the shop?
  4. tbh if there is a failure system you shouldn't lose everything like you do now...took me an hour to craft all the things needed for a pistol because of all the failures, and thats with all the potions...it shouldnt destroy all components, maybe 1 or rng 2 of the 3/4/5 etc I dunno its crazy to me the amount of time required to get a 'fully geared' character atm
  5. I just wish there were better tooltips get an intern on that! The tooltips are so crap right now (as expected) but still ...I just wish I could figure out how much CD reduction, resource reduction etc things give before investing weeks into them. For example: do resource reduction passives reduce pip cost or just stamina cost for the duelist? etc
  6. Yes I'm necroing my own thread. Thread had some decent discussions going on before....Can anyone give any sort of real update to this? Devs?
  7. holy cow 10 pages lol...made this thread and went afk for a month ;o, any official word on this? Sad to see the druid skills for example like Healing Rain not healing enemies that decide to stand in it or Healing orbs not being seen or able to trigger on enemies that decide to go after them before the intended person etc...will the game turn into just dumping healing rains and healing orbs everywhere cuz we got the numbers over our enemies and have zero thought or consequence over doing so?
  8. I haven't tested in a while, but looking at all the new skills etc, (especially the new druid skills), I'd hope that there is still friendly fire in the works. In both hitting friendlies with damaging abilities and enemies with healing abilities.. I just remember it being mentioned long ago before and during the KS campaign. I'd hate to see it gone, it just adds so much to combat. Edit: Found it in the FAQ I guess..
  9. Been using Chrome with you guys since the beginning, and for some reason I can log into the website on it, but when I hit community, it shows 'sign in' and doesn't register that I am logged in on the forums. When I click it, it takes me back to the front page, and there it shows I am logged in. Had to run IE to post this. Is this on my end? No addons, nothing has changed on my Chrome.
  10. Sweet an update thats out of date gotta love pre alpha
  11. nothing new, but what I noticed that I had not before is weapon range...45 seconds in the knight swings his sword and misses, doesnt move and the forgemaster hits him with his hammer..
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