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  1. Saw this news announcement, glad there's a light at the end of the tunnel lol. Guess it's time to come back and completely relearn the game lol.
  2. Bring gen chat back. Healthy trash talk is needed. Thought this game was "play to crush" not play you can make your characters fight, but don't you dare say anything to the enemy other than "good fight" or "oh you, its ok you brought 20 people to kill 2 noobs" game.
  3. I liked the recall function in ShadowBane. Though I would have increased the cast time to like 20 or 30 seconds and any movement or damage resulted in it being cancelled and a burnt recall scroll.
  4. Tread lightly with how much complexity you add to this. I would hate to see the fun of the game get over shadowed by the tediousness of having to find a special crypt just so I can use my favorite character. Also, while the race locking campaigns is a cool idea, you might spread the population fairly thin between the different game modes. I know for a fact I will never play race locked campaigns because I like to be able to use everything I have and not be restricted by the game. Cool update though, I like the character slot part and the seamless transition between worlds.
  5. Like fail stacking in BDO. Get the crap gear out to roll on, once above x fail stacks you try and upgrade your already super upgraded weapon to the next tier and hope it works (if it fails above +15/20 you lose a tier). Or you get the other out come which happened to me in BDO, all my armor went to +15/20 while trying to fail stack enough stacks to get my sword to Tri (+18/20). Except that was actually beneficial to me as it upgraded my main armor, in this sense you would be making a ton of "trash" armor lol.
  6. That vision wouldn't change because my idea still incorporates passive skill training. All my idea does is change your decision making process when training skills and locks your character to a specific outcome based on the decisions you make. Not sure how that would change their vision since you aren't actively "leveling" your character. The only part that would infringe upon that vision is if you screw up because you thought going crit damage and chance on a healer was smart and you have to reroll because you're gimp, but again, since the trees would be much shorter, it wouldn't take that long to "max" your path. In addition, if the skills grant the same as they do now, it's not like you will be at that much of a disadvantage. Also how would you test your character experiment once finished? You don't just roll a character can call it the best build for that class without vetting it in real combat and since the training is passive, what else are you going to do besides go try it out in real combat? It is an added variable that would have an extremely small impact (if any) on player to player interactions. But you also have to understand that people are going to look at the fact that they are a year behind others in terms of skill trees and while it may not be a huge deal, it will feel that way to some. I understand they are toying with catch up mechanics, but how can you allow someone to catch up without penalizing those who have been in the game since the start by allowing a new player to do the same things they can? To me having the trees be short would make that less impactful to the veterans and allow the newbies to catch up in a reasonable amount of time.
  7. I honestly don't have a problem with loading when going through a moon gate. You are moving to a different continent after all which could be completely different from what you were in to begin with. Since it drops you at a "random" location, I would hope they have windows where it switches the location so everyone who goes through within the 5 minute window will all go to the same spot which will prevent groups from being split up. Or have some sort of mechanic to keep guilds/groups together when using a gate. Being there are multiple gates, it would be hard to camp all of the gates all of the time. You would be spreading your force out kind of thin depending on how many gates there are. Also, as Soulein mentioned, 40x40 is bigger, but Being that Tyranny is about 1/3 the size, it doesn't feel all that big. Maybe 60x60 would be better? I would hate for it to scale up too much and cause performance issues, but at the same time more room is always nice especially if there are more places to explore.
  8. I don't have a lot of attachment to my current character because all of this is temporary. I do have an attachment to the class that I play (Ranger). It is my favorite class, it suits my play style VERY well and is super enjoyable. I will most likely feel a lot more attached once the game launches and everything means a lot more and I can customize my character to my liking. I didn't play much MMO's, I was hugely into SB and gravitated towards two types of characters, casters and rouges. My favorite character was Joyeuse who was my Nightstalker which I poured my heart and soul into getting just right. The only issue I found was I could either kill Templars, but not other NS's, or kill other NS's, but not Templars with a switch of two skills (thanks refiners). I become attached when I get to make my character the way I want it to be. My whole Crowfall experience has been on a Ranger from the beginning until now. It will always be my go to character and will be the one I probably pour everything I have into upon launch.
  9. I've always wanted to go to Pax West. If you guys show up there, I will try and make it!
  10. The only problem I have with the skill trees is they take so long to go through. Personally, I would like it to be shorter and to grant you only a certain amount of training points so you can customize your skill set more and get that feeling of experimentation. But since its tied to the overall account, I guess it has to be this way. If it could be at the actual character level that would make it work.
  11. I believe you get "one FREE change", if you request an additional change it might cost you something. That was the verbiage I got when I changed mine.
  12. I really like the way the armor looks, great job! Game is looking better and better.
  13. Could be fixed by shortening the time it takes to cap to be short rather than super long. But by doing this they might have to rework how much of the trees you can train, otherwise after a year someone might have most of their characters completely maxed out. I can see having a time bank, but it should stay to that character only. Rework the trees so there is still the decision that needs to be made when creating a character, rather than shotgun blasting the entire tree until its full.
  14. I'm not a fan of the tome idea. If they really wanted it to work without having a P2W aspect, the trees need to be reworked a bit. To start the diminishing returns could be kept, but the time to max a tree would have to be MUCH shorter (a month or two, rather than years). Shortening the time it takes to reach the cap on a tree would be needed. It would allow new players to catch up, but not surpass veteran players since the skills max in a much shorter duration. Provides a catchup mechanic without enabling people to dump a bunch of money in to get a years worth of training over someone else. The problem can be solved by shortening the duration of training because once you are maxed out, who cares if a guild buys their way to max level, you are already there and probably just made some in game coin off of it. To take it a little further, they could only allow the tomes to be used for the first 50% in this scenario since the training duration would be so much shorter. Idk just some thoughts.
  15. Maybe not, who knows. It could work fine, it could play like poorly made socks. But the current binding mechanic isn't the best imo. Would be nice if there was a secondary mechanic at our disposal.
  16. To be honest, I loved the way BDO did combat in terms of binding and key combos. In my opinion it was really well executed. Would that sort of thing suit Crowfall? Don't know, but the current mechanic is clunky and cumbersome. So lets not be like most other games and find a way to smooth out the end user experience when it comes to combat. This is coming from my own experience. No idea if anyone else feels the same way, if no one does, that's fine. Not saying I can't deal with it, just throwing an opinion out to see if there is an improvement that can/should be made. I'm already pretty good with the current mechanic, I just don't like taking my fingers off the movement keys and I'm not about to drop money on a mouse to combat that problem. Just looking for secondary ways for us to bind so the primary (which is what is in place) can be retained for those who like it.
  17. I would hope the devs would make it more efficient to play for those of us who don't have the hardware. By no means am I saying they should replace their binding system, it would be nice if they could implement a key combo binding system as well or maybe some alternative way to execute powers rather than using a mechanic that is meant for tab targeting.
  18. It's doable, not comfortable for my gratuitously large hands though. So middle finger goes from W to 1-3, pointer 4-6. Generally not a problem, until you have to hold 1 for rapid fire, hit 4 three times to stack bleed, hit 6 twice to get full stam regen from the power (this is on the Ranger btw). It's also an extremely awkward way to play and opens up room for error in movement swapping fingers + thumb in and out. On one note, I could bind those powers to caps, tab and shift and move sprint to ctrl and move whatever is on that to a different key, but my pinkie finger can only handle so much lol.
  19. Yeah I see they are going to allow rebinding. But being that this game uses WASD movement and not click to move, you have to let go of a movement key to execute a power. Idk just a suggestion and a question at the same time lol.
  20. Guess I should have worded it a tad different, I was meaning to ask if there will be the option to do that. So if we wish to bind combo's of keys we can, or people can bind a single key. I only have 4 mouse buttons so I need a different binding method other than binding it to my mouse or reaching half way across my keyboard (and most likely fat fingering another key) to hit 6 and execute that power.
  21. I've had utilization on all 4 cores since my first drop into HD/SP almost a year ago. My little 2500k is still kickin!
  22. Might want to take a look at this thread. Scroll down to the benchmarks. https://hardforum.com/threads/why-does-ryzen-7-1800x-performs-so-poorly-in-games.1926274/ I am an Intel fanboy, but have been hoping AMD would get their poorly made socks together. This arch is very new on these processors, nothing has been optimized for it at all. Games have no idea what to do with SMT and the theory is the way AMD addresses their cores is causing the issue. Either way, these processors work way different from their predecessors. We will have to see how well the 4 and 6 cores do as the 1800x is an 8 core. Look on over at Intels 6900k, people are barely getting it to 4.6ghz. I would hold off until AMD drops the rest of the Ryzen line next monthish. Also would be a good idea to wait for games and OS's to get patched for this new arch.
  23. On the topic of tray powers. Is there going to be a different way for us to execute our tray powers other than hitting 1-6 and C? Is there going to be a key combo system put into the game to help assist with not having to take a finger off a movement key in order to execute a move? Like W+W+RMB = Number 1, A+A+RMB = Number 2, etc. I know other games had this design and to be honest it worked really well. Is Crowfall going to do something like that?
  24. Oh please I hope we have that level of depth eventually. I loved that about SB. The disciplines are already creating much more depth in character uniqueness and it's awesome.
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