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  1. Right now Im pretty happy with Nethari no domain. I take all the promotion points the whole top line feel the burn, fervor down to the bottom stat pack. I run arkons fury, convictor, thornshield, weapon finesse. Try and put as much pressure as you can on them ulting when they ult to stay even and then after they use their second or third ult press super hard with condemnation and hellfire aura. use hellfire shield when they are ranged with thornshield, switch it to hellfire aura as you get closer. try not to use absolution until after condemnation. you can also use fervor to tank almost like a
  2. When placing a statue you can cycle through the different variations. I got yaga arkon and kronos in my ek
  3. somehow I feel this is inevitable in some form.
  4. You have to search The-Black in the looking for guild Area, but don't bother applying, It's exclusive for only the high-born.... that guy Nyurtle. He hides in the shadows using as pawns in his game.
  5. THe wipe has freeed you all. Get out there spend your gold play the game and pvp. This is the best pvp the game has had in my whole time playing it. if you sit out now you will regret it.
  6. Keep em like they are. I can get rich like this.
  7. I just deleted and rebought it. This could maybe use a quality of life look over.
  8. I've created a guild and afterwards decided to buy the color options. Do I have to disband my guild to edit the LOGO? If i disband my guild do I have to purchase another guild?
  9. Pls let me know also if ace plans on dropping the patch mid dreggs so I don't waste everything trying to win.
  10. You may not get any notice. Tomorrow you could wake up and all the keeps could be taken. I hope ace can give us some notice I don't see how it could hurt.
  11. We are going for the Glory next campaign. If you want a part of the rewards for that message me on discord Nyurt#9438 about alliance or if you are interested in joining the black guild, we won't be having more than 10 members and will be only focusing intensely on one card which leaves plenty of time to have fun doing whatever comes up in between. This will be about my sixth dreggs I got most of the work done in developing the strategy, so this will be more of an enjoy the ride type of venture hmu.
  12. Unfortunately this version of test is unplayable. My characters are locked in a perma load state. Can't create new characters. I tried.
  13. Vendor up and slowly filling with items as I can afford to list them. Plan on using the funds to get another stall up. I'll be mostly selling green sac items, soul essence disciplines, blue gear with stats on them, blue or higher additives. After I get the second stall up I wouldn't mind renting it out for 1k a day gold or something like that if for some reason I can't keep it stocked. If you like an item pm me on nyurt#9432 on discord and maybe you can haggle me down. Ek name: The Black
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