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  1. Is there going to be anything to differentiate between "Soft Launch" and "Hard Launch" other than the name and the state of the game? For example, will everyone have access to it? Will everything in the cash shop cost the same? Will VIP subscriptions elapse regularly or at a slower rate? If there's no difference between a soft launch and a hard launch, then it's just a name slapped on an unfinished game in order to make money off of it early.
  2. I'm fine with moving the launch date back. I'm less fine with a soft launch. It just sounds like launching an unpolished game but calling it something else as an excuse for being unpolished. What exactly will the difference?
  3. Nice video Billy. I was wondering if you're considering those of us with ultrawide or triple monitor setups in your ui design. It looks like a lot of it is customizable, but I can see things like the fullscreen inventory being a problem.
  4. The idea of making connections with other players brought up a question I had been thinking about for awhile. How exactly will character names work? Let's say I start out as a female archetype and name my character Suzy. Then I die and switch my vessel to a Forgemaster. It'd be pretty weird to be a Forgemaster named Suzy, but if you change your name whenever you change archetypes no one will recognize you. Will there be an account name and a character name?
  5. Looks pretty cool and I'm kind of glad it won't be in the hunger dome tests (I think). I can imagine a bunch of rangers hiding in the keep until the very last minute. As for running out of arrows and energy, that could be a problem, but maybe the ranger is supposed to be more of a "sprinter" than "marathon" fighter? Like they can't fight for as long as other archetypes without needing to replenish their resources, or at least manage them better. With the amount of power it looks like they have, it could be a good offset, but we'll have to see.
  6. I'm curious if the crafting and exploring skills raise stats as well, or if that's just for combat skills. I could see either way making sense. I'm also against hard respecs but wouldn't mind some sort of soft respecs. Like an item that takes 5, 10, 50 or whatever it would be % from one skill and transfers it to another. As long as it's hard to come by and only used for minor tweaks here and there.
  7. Someone suggested a while back to initiate a hunger dome event at the end of each campaign, which I think is a great idea. It would be a great way to close out a campaign with a final battle royale and it fits in perfectly with the lore, the hunger ultimately devours the campaign world. Plus, it wouldn't split up the community at all because they would be an infrequent occurrence that you need to be a part of the campaign to be in anyway.
  8. I was thinking the same thing and they mentioned that in the interview on mmorpgitalia: "There is an intersection point between PvP combat and character advancement, but it is in the form of physical items: equipment and resources, obvious, but also more permanent increases (in the form of Runestones). Oops — we just tripped over part of the game system reveal coming in December" So it's at least a part of it. The fact that they keep saying it's something people haven't seen in "fantasy" games rather than MMOs makes me think it's something similar to some game mechanic from EVE, but I'm not too familiar with that game.
  9. Yeah, this shouldn't be considered "all" skills. As others have mentioned, it doesn't include the archetype skills that are already in, and I don't think it includes any discipline skills, plus who knows what other skills are going to be added.
  10. At 14:30, Blair says you can increase a stat via raising a skill. Just curious if that is in the 1.1 test now and if so how it works. Does whacking people make me stronger?
  11. The post mentions, "Your purchases of merchandise will roll into your Crowfall pledge total" How does that work with the Shopify site? Do we just need to use the same email we used to register on the Crowfall site on Shopify?
  12. Yeah I hope there is an option to center the camera on the character. I've never been a fan of the off center view in other games. To me it makes it harder to aim, and by the look of the video it might make it harder for whoever was playing to aim too. It sort of looks like they were aiming more towards the Confessor's head, but the projectiles are actually targeted at the reticule which is probably at the center of the screen, which is why when they miss, they usually miss to the right of the target zombies.
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