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  1. I remember fighting TWO in AA, (I was a Pirate). Welcome to CF, it will be fun playing with/against you guys. :-)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irKxm0R6ZW4 These is some fun clips of my fights in Pre-Alpha so far. Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Yes they will. Alpha two will start geting invites in a week or so probably. You will get an invite based on how early you backed Crowfall.
  4. Very nice, i like the lore of CF so far and i am very interested in Hero. Hopefully we will se him in the campaign worlds as some sort of roaming enemy/ally.
  5. Nature of the Hunger The Hunger is upon us, the time of reckoning is near. We are servants to only one, to only The One. He who wrought the universe out of the great worm Lyessa is the only one who deserves to sit upon the dragon throne. We bow only to the All Father. He has risked all to stop the hunger and his children do no more then bicker over the throne. We do not pretend to know what the Hunger is but we do know it's power only grows greater in war and death. The true question is why the All Father is still gone... If you want to know our opinion it is simple, the hunger is the embo
  6. I agree, It is not Permadeath or any death mechanic. This is about the hunger and the survival mechanics. It is the only thing they have not explained that seems to be a basic game system. This also makes sense because the Hunger, which is the center of the survival mechanic, conects everything the game just like ACE said.
  7. Also in the campaigns with Permadeath the "death" is not your character being deleted, it is you being locked out of the campaign when you die...
  8. They are not hinting to Permadeath. They already have said MANY times that Perma death will probably be on ONE campaign to see if people like it. Also they confirmed that Permadeath will NOT be in most campaigns... we have to figure out what the real addition to CF is before we all die of hype!
  9. I would rather not spend the first 2 days of launch inviting people.
  10. I agree. This would be VERY nice.
  11. I remember you guys from Archeage, (I was a Pirate). I always enjoyed fighting against and, on occasion, with your guild. You guys are a very good guild and I am happy to see you will be in Crowfall.
  12. That right there is already my favorite UI I have seen in an MMO. Having the ability to move around and change the different UI pieces, the user will be able to make it the most comfortable UI for their personal needs. This will create a very powerful yet user-friendly interface that you rarely see at the moment.
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