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  1. Delete posts?

    Or you can just leave it up in case the question/answer might be helpful to someone else.
  2. Improved UX for crafting

    The entire crafting UI is changing in the future.
  3. Those tons of people can form up into half a ton groups and harvest motherlodes.
  4. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    Pets are planned. They will be combat pets, so I doubt you'll see them sold in the store, unless they just sell the skins. Chests won't have weapons or armor, as it would reduce demand for crafted gear, and thus hurt the economy. Tutorials and more overall player direction are coming. Tutorials are usually the last thing added to a game, as it makes little sense to provide tutorials for game systems that may change.
  5. Resets only occur when they patch for a new milestone. 5.8 isn't even on the test server yet, so it definitely won't be coming to the live server this week. The only things you will lose on 10/11 is anything you have in the campaigns. Your skills are safe, your EK is safe and your spirit bank is safe, for now.
  6. Guinecean race exclusive to duelist?

    There are both lore and practical reasons why only Guineceans can be duelists. The lore reason is that Guineceans are the only ones who have gunpowder, and therefore the only ones who can use pistols. The practical reason is that duelists burrow and any other race burrowing would look stupid. Maybe there will be a rabbit race in the future, or they will modify the mechanics so that non-guineceans can use stealth without burrow.
  7. Some skills show a lot more when you press Control. The racial mastery nodes, for example. I guess they could show the details by default for the shorter descriptions, but it's just cleaner/simpler to have them all work the same way. Most of the time, you won't need to read the description, so better IMO to hide it by default.
  8. The idea is to stockpile resources in spring and summer and then use them as needed in fall and winter. If you play it smartly, you won't need to do much, if any, harvesting in fall and winter. You also are forgetting about training. The penalty in winter is -2 plentiful, which can be offset by using a major harvesting discipline and potions. Someone who is trained to 5 plentiful in harvesting will still be able to get to 5 plentiful in winter. That's when dedicated harvesters will be really valuable. The losers of a campaign only get a percentage of their exports. The campaigns with the highest resource qualities will have the lowest share going to the losers (down to 0% in some cases). This wiki shows the information we were given in the kickstarter regarding the rewards for each campaign band: The losers get 30% of their exports in God's Reach, down to 0% in the Dregs. We have no idea if these will be the actual numbers when the game goes live, but I would expect the same sort of format will be followed. So even if you are doing all your harvesting in a God's Reach campaign, you aren't going to get a large percentage of your exports, and you will mostly have only common quality. The winners will get a much larger share, so it is in players' best interest to win the campaign if they care about the exports. Finally, I think you are underestimating peoples' desire to win. There are more than enough people who care about winning more than they do whatever exports they get. Many of those people may quit the campaign if they feel like they can't win, but that's a different issue. We need to see how it plays out. If people are more focused on harvesting and building in spring and summer, then they should stick around through fall and winter, when the real competition will take place.
  9. My power blinked off while I was in the middle of the "make item" timer on a plate breastplate. When I logged back in, the breastplate was still in the crafting window, but after I took it, I noticed the stats weren't correct. They are all the pre-experimentation stats. I know because I compared the stats to a breastplate I made previously and the new one had more HP, but less physical armor. The breastplate is now about 180 HP lower than after I experimented on it, and the physical armor is about 1% lower.
  10. EK's going Private - What happens to gear?

    Currently: If you have stuff in someone else's EK and that EK is offline, you can't retrieve it until the EK comes online again. If the EK is changed to private, you can still access the EK provided you are invited by the EK owner. If the EK owner sets the EK to private and doesn't allow you access, there's nothing you can do. Future: In the future, vessels will move between worlds. So instead of creating a new vessel each time you enter a new EK, you will simply travel to any EK you want using the same vessel. This means that you won't have to put stuff in your spirit bank when moving between EKs. Your inventory will travel with you. When going from an EK to a campaign, or vice versa, your inventory will be subject to import/export rules. It's not entirely clear yet how that will work.
  11. That's entirely the point and totally in character for Cybele. It's probably less about humans eating meat and more about the fact that they wanted something she didn't give them.
  12. Crafting Suggestions/emotes?

    They have added some recipes that allow for bulk crafting, like grinding for alchemy. Eventually we will have factories that enable us to automate production to create exact copies of from a blueprint. Even if they had a vacuum that picks up all of the doobers, you'd still have to wait for your stamina to regenerate before you could harvest the next node. At least picking them up gives you something to do while you wait. Assuming emotes are even in the plans, I would imagine they are very low on the list of priorities.
  13. We need a way to leave an EK after we have been invited, and a way to either approve and/or block EK invites. I have EK invites from someone I don't know and if people wanted to be jerks, they could just spam other people with EK invites so that their EK is in other people's kingdom list.
  14. I think the EK door panels are causing a sync issue. I left my character logged into my EK overnight. This morning, I was able to interact with my vendor without issue. I then went to my crafting area, which is surrounded by walls with doors leading in and out on each side. I wasn't able to interact with any of my crafting stations. I would press and hold F, but it wouldn't do anything. I shut down the client and restarted. When I logged in, I noticed I was just outside the walls instead of standing by the blacksmithing station. I entered the crafting area and I still wasn't able to interact with any of the crafting stations. I have noticed this behavior previously on a different account and it seemed to be related to the door panels, so I went out of a door and got moved by the server to a spot just outside the wall. It seems like the client and server are getting out of sync with regards to where I am in the world, which is why I can't interact with the crafting stations. The server thinks I'm further away from them than the client does. I made a video to show that I can't interact with the stations and how I get "teleported" when going through a door. Edit: I was able to "fix" the issue by going outside the walls, waiting until the server corrected my position, and then removing the doorways and walls. Until the server moved me, I couldn't interact with the walls to remove them.
  15. State of the Knight 5.7.1

    Yes, we can steer the charge and do stuff like you showed in the video. The difference is that now we HAVE to do that in order to connect. In the past, we were able to do that, but we had total control over when the animation ended. We would press and hold the button and when we released the button, the charge would end and the stun would happen. The only reason it changed is because they made massive changes to the movement controller and haven't been able to replicate the full functionality yet. Regarding Shield Slam, I wouldn't call it a defensive ability. The knockback isn't that useful outside of knocking someone off a ledge and the damage is pathetic given that we are rooted while using it, we have to charge it, and it is guaranteed to crit when charged over 66%. It counts as Block while using it, but it costs 344 energy. Here is a video showing the damage from a fully charged Shield Slam. I am using advanced weapons. I also used Dazzling Blades from the Blade Master discipline to contrast the difference in damage. Dazzling Blades costs 21 energy to use, does not require charging and can be used while moving. Like Shield Slam, it hits 3 targets. It also reduces the targets' crit chance by 40 for 15 seconds. So tell me, if you had to choose between these 2 abilities, which one is going to be on your bar?