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  1. Fixed channeled and charged powers to tell the client when the power ended, so we can terminate early. Does this mean that Knight's Pursuit ability can be changed back to how it used to work, where it was a channeled ability and releasing the key would end the movement?
  2. 1) Rank 5 mobs now give XP all the way to level 30 (on a common vessel), though at some point they only give 25 per kill and at after level 26, they only give 12 per kill, so you might want to go to a campaign and kill higher ranked mobs instead. Working in a group will be faster since everyone in the group will get full XP for each kill. Collecting the lore fragments from war tribes and combining them into sacrifice items can help too. I'm not sure how well they are dropping on God's Reach, but rank 8 elite or better drop them consistently. I think elites drop 1 fragment each while captains drop 4 each. Group and raid bosses would obviously drop more. 2) Yes, it is viable to join a campaign at any level. Again, being in a group helps. Make use of the local banks often so that if you do get killed, you won't lose as much. 3) It depends on what crafting you want to do. There are some things in the basic exploration tree at least that you will want to learn for certain crafts. For example, if you are going to be a runemaker, you will probably want to train to get Soul Gems at some point. Soul Gems are required to make special tools that can be used to harvest souls of exploration and soul essences, used to make exotic exploration disciplines like Villein, Foreman, Lookout, etc. If you are going to be a jewelcrafter, you might want to be able to harvest cutting grit and blood. You'll also want gems, which you would train for in the excavation tree. Or minerals, if you want to be a necromancer. Just starting out, I would work on leveling my vessel, getting advanced gear and focusing my skill training on one specific thing. Figure out what you want to be good at, what your niche is going to be, and target your training toward that. I would also join a guild and find my niche within the guild. Having a support structure of other players who can provide you with the things you lack is really important. Eventually, the economy will be able to provide many of those things, but it's better to have an organized group making sure that all the bases are covered.
  3. I'd be in favor of it if that one update actually provided new information, rather than regurgitating old info for the sake of marketing.
  4. You won't get it unless you are harvesting with a runetool that has been created using a Polished Soul Gem. Those tools can only be created if you have the Runemaking Techniques minor disc. If you have the appropriate tool, any R6 or above node has a chance to drop it.
  5. Please use the appropriate thread to report bugs: If you don't post it here, the devs likely won't see it.
  6. Are the healing orbs tied to the weapon? Do you have to use a staff as an arch druid in order to be able to cast the orbs with LMB? Or can you use a sickle?
  7. Everything was wiped for 5.8, at the same time they seriously reduced the amount of gold we were able to get. Previously, we could kill boars outside the temple and get 20-60 gold from each. Now gold only comes from humanoid mobs, and at reduced rates, though the war tribes seem to be a little better in 5.9.
  8. They have changed the XP curves in 5.9. I would expect that even legendary vessels would get XP at level 29 from rank 10 mobs. We'll see once the campaign comes up, I guess.
  9. Yeah, EK markets were a thing in prior builds. I ran a very successful one for a while. Now that we can place vendors in campaigns and with the AFK timer, the EK markets have fallen by the wayside. They haven't forgotten about them, though. They just aren't a priority right now.
  10. You can already do that. All you need is a vendor, which is easy to make.
  11. There are slots in each temple where players can place vendors. There are many more slots in the free city for player vendors. You don't need to go to EKs to shop. And no, each vendor isn't limited to selling only certain things. You can place whatever you want on any vendor.
  12. Both the weapon vendor and the armor vendor in the Chaos temple sell the primitive cloth tunic, however the weapon vendor sells it for 250 gold, while the armor vendor sells it for 500 gold.
  13. You are in the lobby, but you can't get into either your EK or God's Reach? Is your character currently locked? If so, unlock it and try again. If that isn't the problem, then try creating a new character and see if you are able to get it with it. If so, then you'll probably need support to figure out what's going on with your other character(s).
  14. You're stuck with that in God's Reach, for now, but when the new campaigns come up (later today or tomorrow), you will be able to pick whichever faction you want there.
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