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  1. It's significantly harder to get the weapon knowledge runes than it is to get the armor knowledge runes, due to the fact that crafting a weapon requires a lot more combines.
  2. The Discipline: Exploration recipe appears if you don't have the Runemaking discipline equipped. Once you equip the discipline, you get the other recipes, but if you equip the Runemaker Toolbelt, the Discipline: Exploration recipe disappears. Without Runemaking discipline: With Runemaking discipline: With Runemaking discipline and tool belt:
  3. The Friar ability Chain Heal is only healing the first target. Tested on both practice dummies and players.
  4. Go here for the valid combinations: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ You have to use the same quality for all resources when making any of the subcomponents that don't require experimentation.
  5. This would just pigeonhole each promotion into certain stats. What they need to do is create less dependencies. Don't make me take the stat bundle on the top just because I want the next ability in line.
  6. I have the small castle from my kickstarter package. The castle lacks collision and doesn't place well vertically, but I have it in my EK on live. You won't have it on the test server, just on live.
  7. If we aren't going to be able to upgrade belts until 6.300, can you change the green belts back so they give +15 to caps? Right now we have no way to get the caps above 120. And while you're at it, please fix the final node in the advanced trees so they give experimentation points instead of points cap.
  8. You have 2 sets of races listed. In the first, you are missing Fae. In the second (with the icons), you have Half-Giant, which can't be a knight, and are missing Stoneborn and Fae. Add Pound of Flesh to the list of minor discs. The promotion descriptions need to be updated. They are all very out of date.
  9. The amount of money ACE might get from players right now would be of little consequence. They had their best month ever, post-KS, when beta started, and the total they brought in was still significantly less than they spend in a month. Telling us what we get from VIP isn't going to change that. If ACE needs more money, they will go to outside investors to get serious money, not the nickels and dimes we throw at them. More money isn't likely to allow them to finish the game faster. Yes, they could hire more people, but that takes time. Time to find the right people. Time to get them u
  10. How do you expect this to change post-launch, when there will be no more wipes? This isn't an argument in support of wiping. It's an argument in support of reducing the advantage veteran players have over new players. It has no part in this discussion.
  11. For the love of God, please fix it so that sounds don't persist after you leave an area/log out. That stupid humming sound from the temple follows me no matter where I go. The lobby, my EK, other zones.
  12. The crafting tools belts have been changed to give +5 cap instead of +15. Are the higher caps on high quality belts? If so, how do we acquire higher quality belts? I have characters who have 130 experimentation, but I can only use 120 right now because I can't raise the cap to 130.
  13. The final nodes of the advanced crafting trees are giving +1 to experiment points cap. I believe that is supposed to be +1 to experiment points, not points cap.
  14. Invitation sent. Jump on the discord when you get a chance.
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