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  1. Arkade

    Where do I begin.

    Are you playing in a group? Templars are better in group PvP than 1 vs 1. They are working on lunging weapons, which are crafted weapons that include a mobility rune (made by runemakers). They haven't added the greatsword recipe yet, but I've tested it out with some other weapons on the test server. With a lunging weapon, you can tap your LMB to use your basic attack, or you can hold LMB to lunge, which makes you jump forward 20 meters and uses a dodge pip. This will be especially useful for knights and templars who give up their dodge by using block/parry.
  2. This is going to be a pretty big word vomit, but hopefully it helps to give you a better idea of what the game is about. There are five different world types. Every player gets an Eternal Kingdom, which is their own personal world. This world comes with only a central default parcel (piece of land) that you can't build on. You can purchase, or craft in-game, parcels, buildings and defensive structures to place in your EK. You can invite other players to join your world, or they can invite you to theirs, and you can pool your parcels and buildings together to create a larger world. EKs can be used as a training ground for your guild, as you can control whether the EK is public or private, and whether PvP is on or off. You can also set up an EK to be a marketplace, though right now that isn't really working as intended. It's something they plan to address in the near future. The biggest issues working against it are the fact that players get logged off when AFK, and EKs shut down after a bit if no one is in them, so it's hard to keep an EK open. The other issue is that players can place vendors in the temples in other worlds, so no one bothers to visit EKs anymore. That is supposed to change as well. As far as actually playing the game, you want to start out in a God's Reach world. God's Reach are PvE only worlds where you can level up and learn the basics of the game. They are in the process of building the new player experience (a basic quest system) to help players learn the game. Right now, the quest system only takes you to about level 8. There are two more parts coming that should hopefully take new players to 30. God's Reach worlds never end (they do for testing, but not once the game is live). The Infected is the next world type. These worlds have PvP, but there is no inventory looting, and there are no winners and losers. It's just a constant 3-faction tug of war with a scoreboard that shows who is winning at any given time. The minimum level to join an Infected world is 15 (max level is 30 and you can reach max in 2-3 hours). Infected worlds never end (again, not for testing). This world type includes fighting over outposts, forts and keeps. The Infected world is usually only up when a Dregs campaign is not, due to low player population. For beta, we should see multiple of each world type. Next are the Shadow, which are faction-based campaigns. The scoring is similar to the infected, though these worlds end and there is a definite winner. You also drop your inventory when you die, allowing other players to take it. This world type also includes fighting over outposts, forts and keeps. The minimum level for this world is 20. There are currently no Shadow worlds active, as the focus is on testing Dregs right now. The last set of worlds are the Dregs. These are guild vs guild campaigns. In addition to fighting over outposts, forts and keeps, guilds can engage in city building. This allows them to upgrade keeps, adding different types of buildings and buffs. This is where the caravan system becomes more important, as you need the materials obtained from caravans to build up your city. The Dregs also includes the Divine Favor system, which is a set of cards with various goals for guilds to accomplish to earn points toward winning the campaign. There are a set of cards that are the same each season, though the points are awarded for what each guild accumulates within a specific season. Another set of cards is only available in a given season, and the following season, there will be a completely new set of cards. For example, there might be a card that rewards the top 3 guilds that sacrifice the most enemy heads to a certain god. The minimum level for the Dregs is 20. Only the Shadow and the Dregs go through all four seasons, since they are the only worlds that end. God's Reach and Infected are both perpetual spring. The higher you go into each world tier, the better the potential rewards. For example, you won't find better than rank 4 and maybe a few rank 5 harvesting nodes in God's Reach. In the Dregs, you'll find ranks 8-10 (10 is the max). That risk vs reward structure extends to dropped items as well, like crafting recipes and tools, and disciplines. It is recommended to join a guild and play with other players. The Shadow is faction-based, so you can join a pre-made team, and the Dregs also has default factions for players who aren't part of a guild, but your overall experience will likely be better in a guild. The game is pretty deep and there are many inter-dependencies, particularly in crafting. To a certain degree you can do everything yourself, but it would require multiple accounts and lot more effort on your part. It's just easier and a lot more efficient to work with other players. An alliance system for the Dregs is in the works, which will enable guilds to ally with each other, and they are still working on the in-game guild tools. Right now all we have is guild chat. Guild creation and membership is handled entirely through the website right now, and it costs real money to make a guild (you are actually paying for the guild name reservation). Once the game is live, creating a guild will be free. You can search for guilds here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild or here: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ Beyond the quests for the NPE, there isn't any hand-holding. The game won't tell you what you should be doing. It's entirely up to you and your goals. This is another good reason to find a guild, as they can help you figure that out. Shadow and Dregs campaigns have import and export limits. When you join a campaign, you can only take so much stuff in with you, and at the end, you can only take so much out. How much you can take out will be dependent on how you do in the campaign (win, lose, kneel, quit). That logic isn't in yet, though. Right now, everyone can export the same amount regardless of the results. Different campaigns can have different limits. Your characters can move between all worlds, though once they join a Shadow or Dregs campaign, they are locked to that campaign. You can unlock the character from the lobby, currently without penalty, but that may change in the future. Your inventory will move with you when moving between EKs, God's Reach and Infected World. For the Shadow and Dregs, you are always subject to the import and export limits. You have a central vault that is used by all characters on your account. There are currently some issues that they are working on in regards to giving us more storage space, as well as guild-based storage. The game is set up to allow for a lot of experimentation. You can level a common vessel (the default body you get when you first create a character) pretty quickly. You can purchase most common quality disciplines from a vendor and try them out. When you get to the point where you get a better vessel (vessels are crafted by necromancers), you will need better quality disciplines, which are harder to obtain. You have to venture out into the Shadow and Dregs worlds to get those. Understand that there are still things being worked on, there are still lots of bugs, and there isn't much balance. They know they need to do another pass on the disciplines and on class talents. And they are also still working on performance. It has gotten a lot better, but it still has a ways to go. Now that you know all of that, you should also know that Beta will begin in the near future (1 to 3 months, most likely). At that time, anyone who created a Crowfall account will be invited, a few thousand at a time, based on when you joined. So if you want, you can wait until then and try it for free to see if you like it. I hope that all helps. If you have any specific questions, just ask.
  3. It was originally 200 no matter where you did the refining, but they changed it a while back so that you get less (and it costs less) if you refine in God's Reach or Infected. IIRC, God's Reach gives 50 for 10 dust, Infected is 75 for 15 dust, and Dregs is 200 for 30 dust. The faction-based campaigns will probably be 150 for 25 or something like that. The refining recipes to turn resources into materials is good IMO. They provide a use for excess common resources. Even with the caravans and refining, players will still need to harvest, and they will at some point end up with a lot of common resources that they don't need.
  4. There isn't. Common vessels are quick to level, so you can re-roll the character if you want to try something different.
  5. You've been able to play the game for a long time. Everyone up to the beta 3 group has long since been invited. At this point, anyone who has purchased the game, regardless of when or where, can play.
  6. It's one person spreading misinformation based on his own ignorance. There are 300k people who have signed up but not yet played the game. I'm far more concerned with their opinions.
  7. The creator of that video lived up to his name. He hardly follows the game and did his video based on 5.100 just when 5.110 was becoming available (I forget the exact timing, but if he had waited a week, he might not have made a video based on 6 months old content). I'm not saying the game is ready for beta, but it's closer than it was when this video was made, and it's a hell of a lot closer than this video suggests.
  8. 1. You don't need to unbundle your backer pack. The individual items within the pack can be used now and you won't lose them. Every time they wipe, your rewards are restored. The only reason you might want to unbundle is if you want to gift an item to another account. 2. There will be a lot more people playing when beta starts. No idea when exactly that will happen, but it's not that far off. 3. The vendors in the temple are supposed to be removed. Before vendors were added to the campaign worlds, they were exclusively in EKs, and there were many successful EK markets. The plan is to get back to that, but it hasn't been a priority. It's annoying that they are so limited right now, but it should be a lot better in the future. There is a recipe to create a vendor, but it requires a crafted vessel. I think the vendors being sold for 15k is just for testing, so having a vendor will be a more significant investment in the future. 4. All of the assets shown in that video exist in the game. They may not be set up exactly that way though. Most of the elements that make up each world are dynamic, so an abandoned town in one world might look completely different than one in another. 5. Anything that says TESTING COPY is provided for the purpose of testing, and will not be provided to you at launch. Each player will have only the items that they got with their backer pack, or that they purchased separately from the store. However, parcels and buildings can be crafted in-game. It's a long, tedious process right now, but hopefully they will get the factories in before launch.
  9. Arkade

    Board and Board

    Shield slam sucks too, but yeah, Board and Board is maybe the worst talent in the game. Completely redundant.
  10. Archdruid generates essence by healing. You wouldn't want it auto-generating due to essence burn. Since you only generate essence in the life tray, it makes sense that quick burn works in the life tray, as it will increase the amount of essence you get for each heal. Only the Stormcaller has auto-generation of essence, as they don't get the life tray.
  11. What I'd like to see is a special portal in the GR temples. Opening this portal would bring up an interface that allows players to search for EKs (like the one in the lobby, but more robust), and then travel to them. Basically, remove the need to log out and then log back in to an EK, while making it easier to find an EK that has what you want.
  12. Last we heard, the temple-based vendors were going away and we are going to go back to EKs as vendor marketplaces. We'll see if and when that happens. One very important thing a player-driven economy needs is players. There just aren't enough people playing right now to support a robust economy.
  13. If you can work with others to get the stuff you aren't good at obtaining/crafting, that is ideal. For solo play, you can train a more diverse set of skills, but it's going to take you significantly longer to get good at any one thing. Another option is to have multiple accounts and diversify that way.
  14. This doesn't change anything. Advancement in crafting is all about increasing stats. There's nothing to unlock as you go further into the trees. It's just more and more stats. Under your proposed system, I would be spending 35k to get 4 points instead of spending 60k to get 8 points before moving on to the next node. Even assuming the next node costs the same, which it probably won't, how is that a benefit to me? I can spend 35k in one node and then 35k in the next node to get 8 points, or I can spend 60k to get 8 points in one node in the current system. You've actually made it worse. If you want to make this system work, it needs to be something like this: 2*2*2*2*2 with costs 5k,10k,15k,20k,25k Same overall cost, but now you only need to spend 30k to get 6 points, then you can move on to the next node. That's half the cost for 3/4 the points. This might help crafters to make better stuff sooner, but you could accomplish the same thing just by adjusting the skill points needed on the earlier nodes in the tree and adding those requirements to the back end. So an earlier node that costs 2k per pip now costs 1k per pip, and a later node goes from 10k to 11k. In the game currently, crafters are looking for any armor that gives +10 int, str or dex, depending on their profession. If you can manage to fill all 4 armor slots with +10 gear, you are getting a max of 1.34 assembly, 2 experimentation and .54 pips. Actually, not even that much since all of the professions are split between 2 attributes, so you can raise your assembly and pips, or your experimentation and pips, or raise them all to a lesser amount, depending on the profession. What if instead there was dropped gear that gave actual crafting stats? I don't know what the numbers are now, but in 5.100, you could get up to 10 assembly and 8 experimentation per piece of armor, possibly more with legendary gear. So why not have dropped gear that gives up to 4 assembly and 3 experimentation, in addition to the attributes? That's still a far cry from the best possible, but if you fill all 4 slots, that's an extra 16 assembly and 12 experimentation. Combine that with the changes they made to crafting majors, and new players can get the gear they need to get a head start on crafting. It gives them active things to do to improve as a crafter, while still taking just as long to master a profession. The same goes for harvesting. If we are going to have dropped gear for combat, why not also have it for crafting and harvesting? Not only will it help players get up to speed quicker, it will add valuable items to the economy.
  15. There are gold sinks. Disciplines cost money, especially high quality ones, as you need domination dust to make them. A single major disc requires 16k gold to make. There needs to be more for sure. Hopefully we'll see EK taxes at some point.
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