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  1. That would be a lot of work to implement. There are simpler, quicker solutions that they could do. 1) Lower the costs on crafting skills. They are already lower than the combat and exploration skills, but maybe they need to be lowered further. 2) Add crafting gear drops. This would require more work, but it would address the issue in the same way combat gear drops did for PvP. 3) Make one of the god outpost buffs a crafting buff that raises crafting stats to X. This buff would be temporary, forcing players out into the world to renew it, and it would only be useful until the player reaches X in their training/gear. 4) Add crafting bonuses to the seasonal buffs. Again, I would make them raise stats to X so that they don't help after a certain point. I like #3 the best. I think it would be easy to implement and would add a reason for crafters to venture out into the world.
  2. The test server has a completely new build on it with loads of new content that we are just starting to test. The live server is a build that is many months old. New stuff goes to test first, then when it is ready, goes to live.
  3. Again, you are ignoring the reason why dropped gear was added.
  4. You literally just said: "You can craft gear day 1, it just sucks thats the problem." So which is it? Making drppped gear worse doesn't change the fact that gear crafted on day 1 sucks. And no, it won't be okay, as evidenced by the many, many complaints prior to dropped gear being added. Maybe you weren't here for that, but it was a very common issue. You are completely ignoring the reason why dropped gear was added in the first place. If you aren't going to address that, then there's no point in continuing this discussion.
  5. Right, so what is the solution to that? Making dropped gear worse doesn't fix it. Is it just speeding up training/reducing training costs? Is it adding dropped crafting gear? Is it something else? What sort of time frame are we expecting in order to craft decent gear? I don't think the expectation should be 3 days, but is a week acceptable? Two weeks? Where is the line?
  6. But they can't craft gear on day 1. Yes, they can get money and buy it, which was my argument all along, but they added the dropped gear specifically so players can get up to speed in PvP more quickly. Maybe it makes sense to lower the quality of the dropped gear, but making it worse than day 1 crafted gear isn't the solution. And people are still going to complain that they can't craft anything good without waiting, as evidence by this thread.
  7. Sure, but people will still complain that they can't compete with people who have crafted gear. That's exactly what happened before and why the dropped gear was added.
  8. The best dropped gear worse that the worst crafted gear? Then people will just complain again that they can't get into PvP on day 1.
  9. Apply the same solution to crafting as they applied to combat: have crafting gear drops.
  10. They have said they need to do another pass on disciplines and talents. Hopefully that will help to diversify builds a bit more.
  11. Looks like the divine favor system.
  12. Yes, you are a backer. Everyone who has paid for the game, regardless of the method, is a backer and is eligible for the rewards.
  13. You have to grab the item by the icon, not the name. Common mistake. Hopefully that's something they will make a bit more intuitive.
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