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  1. Yes, it currently procs off LMB. According to the tooltip, it is only supposed to proc off of non-basic and non-shield attacks. Pursuit, Shield Slam, Shield Bash, Shield Swipe and Shield Stun are all shield attacks. Brutal Strike and Shockwave don't say they are shield attacks, but both animations clearly use the shield rather than the weapon. If both of those are actually shield attacks, that leaves us with Chain Attack, Onslaught, Twin Assault and Obliterate, with 3 of those attacks all being in the same combo and Chain Attack having a long cooldown. So basically, if we want to trigger Might Surge consistently, we will have to use discipline abilities instead of base kit abilities. I also expect that the damage will see a serious nerf. I don't think it's calculating correctly. 125% damage on basic attacks, even with crits, doesn't add up to the damage I'm seeing. Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.
  2. The Spite passive from the Juggernaut discipline doesn't seem to be working: As you can see in the video, I have the passive equipped on all 3 bars. I am in the survival tray when I get knocked down and I get no healing. Maybe it's not intended to work from the survival tray. If so, then I shouldn't be able to equip it in that tray. I don't know if it works in combat or not.
  3. Artisan Engine

    So far there has only been one company that has purchased the license, and we haven't gotten the details on who that company is yet. They are still in the process of packaging everything. Considering that the only way to get the license thus far has been through direct negotiation with Artcraft, I would expect that it will be a long while before it is ever available to the masses. If you are interested though, I would suggest sending an email to
  4. can u help me lead how to direst link from Imgur?

    1. mczap62


      hi nvm i found out how to do it

  5. Alpha/Beta Rewards?

    Nothing other than what was part of your pledge/early access package.
  6. Need help with EK, New to game

    All of your stuff is going to get wiped, no matter where it is. Banks, inventories, skills, everything will be gone. They have indicated that the game should be back up at 3pm CST, which is 1 1/2 hours from now.
  7. Need help with EK, New to game

    Go to lobby, click on purchases, and select the items that you want to import to your spirit bank. With the wipe, everything that is currently in your EK/Spirit Bank/Inventory will be returned to your account and be available again under purchases. Once the game comes back up in a couple hours, you'll be able to rebuild your EK.
  8. Is 5.8 Going Live on Live Today?

    I would assume so. I've already downloaded the patch on the live server. The announcement will probably coincide with when it's about ready to come up, and will be our news update for today.
  9. Need help with EK, New to game

    Yes, those. You've already placed them in your EK. A wipe is coming, so you'll have to do the import from the purchases, and place your parcels again.
  10. We should have more mobs in-game

    It seems like they reduced the total number of mobs in 5.8. 5.7 had a lot more. There are still plenty in the adventure areas, but a few more in the open world would be good.
  11. Need help with EK, New to game

    If you use the direct link from imgur, it will actually show the picture on the forum, rather than just the link. You have two L-shaped parcels in the north of your EK. Those should be Shire parcels. Make sure you are standing on one of those parcels, then open your character sheet (I) and look at the icons above your inventory. You should see a certain number of building and defense tokens. If you have those tokens, then you can right click the building deeds from your inventory and place them. Edit: 5.7 is down now and it seems like 5.8 might be going to LIVE, so you'll have to redo everything. Be aware that in 5.8, you have to use the same character to do everything. If you place the parcels with one character, and then try to place buildings on that parcel with a different character, it won't work.
  12. Need help with EK, New to game

    Go back to the lobby and look at the purchases button. If nothing else, there should be some test copies of parcels that you can use. Your package should come with a parcel that includes tokens. Do you not have the shire parcel?
  13. Need help with EK, New to game

    If you have the parcels in your spirit bank, just enter your EK and move the parcels to your inventory. After that, you can click on the kingdom editor to place them. If your character is locked to a campaign, yes, you will have to create another character to go to the EK, or unlock the locked character. All transfers to and from a campaign are via our spirit bank.
  14. I'm not able to interact with any campfires. Maybe the ones in the newbie area still work, but none of the ones in the outposts or forts are working. I can't F to interact with them and just pressing J doesn't give me the campfire recipes. I tried creating my own campfire, but whenever I place it, nothing appears on the ground. I get the resting buff, so it is doing that, but there's nothing for me to interact with. The only place I've been able to cook is the cooking station at the keep. I didn't see a campfire in the temple. Hopefully that will be added back, along with the training dummies.