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  1. What we be the point of that? It's not like there are a lot of different options within a given tree. If they gave you back those points to re-spend in the same tree, you'd probably spend them in exactly the same way. Respec of skills isn't something we need.
  2. Any of the starter packs will give you instant access to the LIVE server for as long as the game exists. The LIVE server is up 24/7, except for maintenance/outages. The TEST server is NOT up 24/7. Usually it is only up when they have a patch they want tested, but they don't want to push it to LIVE yet. When they first test a new milestone (5.6, 5.7, 5.8, etc) they put it on the TEST server and give limited access based on test groups, starting with the pre-alpha test groups, then the alpha groups, then beta groups (which would include you). Usually all of the groups are invited within a week or two at most. Right now, all groups have access to the TEST server. The LIVE server currently has version 5.8.3 and the TEST server has 5.8.4. Version 5.9 will hopefully hit the TEST server some time next month.
  3. I doubt it. There were a lot of stats that were displayed like that and they fixed most of them, but not all of them. .015% is so low that it wouldn't even be worth training.
  4. Power Efficiency skills don't do anything: I assume this is supposed to be 1.5%, but it doesn't add anything to my Power Efficiency stat, or any other stat related to it. I have 24% power efficiency from the Knight's Tactical Mastery talent, and that's all that displays in the character sheet: As you can see in this screenshot, the cap on Power Efficiency is 25%, and I'm almost at the cap with just that 1 talent. There are a total of 6 skill nodes that give power efficiency (while using a sword...it may vary for other weapons) between the Weapons, Melee and One Hand Melee trees. If each of these skill nodes is intended to give 1.5% Power Efficiency, that is a total of 9%, but when combined with Tactical Mastery, I would never get the full benefit of it due to the cap. If I spec Sentinel, I can get another 15% Power Efficiency and Power Efficiency Cap, but that doesn't fix the issue with the skills not working and generally being useless when combined with Tactical Mastery. The Kinetic Boost ability (Force Mage) says it increases Power Efficiency by 20%, but it actually reduces weapon weight by 20. This is a good thing since if it actually did what it said, it would be useless when combined with Tactical Mastery, but the tooltip should be updated to reflect that. The Candle That Burns ability (Human) says that it increases Power Efficiency by 5%, but it actually reduces it by 5%.That may be an intended offset to the damage bonus, but it needs to be properly reflected in the tooltip. These stat caps really need to be looked at as they are far too limiting in many cases. I understand that you want people to be able to hit the caps in a variety of ways, but they are currently too restrictive. It shouldn't be so easy to hit the caps.
  5. The faction campaigns need the free city more than the dregs. In the dregs, guilds will building their own cities and place their own buildings. I would assume that they will also be able to place vendors in those buildings, the same way we currently do in EKs. Faction campaigns do not provide the ability to place buildings, so predetermined vendor locations are required. There are only 7 in each temple. They could expand the temples and add more I suppose, but the free city currently provides a lot more spots for vendors. If you are a merchant and selling to all 3 sides, then you can still do well even if your side is losing.
  6. Barrier Bonus and Block Bonus are new stats. You can see them in your character sheet under the Defense category. Each point of constitution gives you 2 barrier bonus and .1 block bonus.
  7. Reactive Barrier (Force Mage) says that attacks have a chance to generate Force Shield, which gives a barrier and 150 attack power. It is only giving 100 attack power.
  8. Please update the Block tooltip to indicate that it increases Personal Damage Modifier cap by 25. As listed in the character sheet, the Personal Damage Modifier cap is 50%. However, when Block is active, this cap goes up to 75%, as you can see here: This is the result of Block (50%) + Unbreakable talent (10%) + Block Bonus from Constitution (15.6%). I tested this with and without the Unbreakable talent to ensure that it is working correctly. I also tested it with and without the Glass Cannon passive. It all seems to be working correctly, but it needs to be made more clear that Block increases the Personal Damage Modifier cap. I was only able to capture this by recording myself blocking and then quickly opening the character sheet before the number changed. We also need much, much more clarity on barriers. Many barriers do not indicate how much damage they absorb, and there is no way to tell how much a barrier has already absorbed or how much of the barrier is left at any given time. Please gives us fly text and/or entries in the combat log that show how much damage was absorbed by the barrier. And speaking of barriers, there is an issue related to overlapping barriers: As you can see in this video, I use Whirling Leap, then use Noble Blood. I am getting damaged even though I am "Shielded" by the Noble Blood barrier. My guess is that when the barrier from the ultimate ends, it stops all active barriers. Either that, or the Noble Blood barrier is never activating because there is a stronger barrier already active. This all needs to be clarified as well, as to how it is intended to work. Some passives give random barriers, so it will be very difficult to manage if we can only have one barrier actually active at a time.
  9. Yes and no. An individual player won't be able to support that large of an EK by themselves, and even a group of people will need to do all the work involved in setting up and stocking the vendors. A group who buys parcels and buildings vs a group that makes them in-game won't be significantly different. Each campaign will have it's own economy, mostly separate from the EKs depending on import limits. Exports will become an end of campaign thing, so people will be crafting and selling in campaign to a large degree. If you want to get technical, yes, there is a very slight advantage in one part of the game. It's also an advantage to be in a big guild vs a small guild, or to be in the largest faction. It's an advantage to have more time to play than someone else. It's an advantage to be able to buy more accounts. It will never be completely 100% fair, but what we have is more than close enough IMO.
  10. If you are part of a decent guild in CF, getting crafted vessels will be much less of a chore. Many hands makes light work, as the saying goes.
  11. I must remember SB differently, or we played at very different times, because there were levels in SB and the power curve was a lot greater. SB had the whole newbie island where once you reached level 25, you were automatically moved to the mainland and at the mercy of higher level players anytime you ventured outside the safe cities. It took a lot more grinding in SB to reach max level. Reaching max level in CF is trivial by comparison. Yeah, a crafted vessel is better than a default one, but that's really no different than having better weapons or armor. It's all gear. The larger, more organized guilds are going to make sure they have people filling all of the necessary roles and getting everyone the gear they need. Solo players are going to try to do everything themselves and will fall behind on the gear curve. Having an active economy where players can buy better gear will help, but the game is mature enough for that yet.
  12. Crowns are virtual currency. Many games have something similar, and I believe it was done for legal reasons. I know there was an issue with people having real money in their virtual wallets, so they created the Crowns and converting everything to that. You use real money to buy crowns and then use crowns to buy stuff in the store. The only stuff you can buy in the store are skins/cosmetics and parcels/buildings, which are only of use in EKs. EKs are glorified housing. Any of the parcels and buildings can be crafted in game and having them doesn't give you a competitive advantage because again, they can't be used outside the EKs.
  13. No, but if you enter it on a different character, you won't get that (unless they've changed how that works recently and I didn't notice). It's just one of those polish/UI things that they'll probably get to at some point. Lots of other EK issues that need to addressed first IMO.
  14. Send an email to support@crowfall.com That's the fastest way to get it resolved.
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