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  1. In an older version of the lobby UI, we had the ability to favorite EKs. They have a really bad habit of doing things like that, re-designing something and leaving out something important. I can't tell you how many times we had practice dummies and then lost them in a re-design, only to have to ask them to add them back again.
  2. Can we get an update on what's happening with the stat changes that were moved from 7.100 to 7.200?
  3. This. More for guarding against players of our own faction than enemies. What about the loot pinata type mobs? Will those be changed to traditional loot mechanics, or will this somehow be adapted to work with that mechanic? If the loot rules can be adapted to work with it, then it can be extended to harvesting as well.
  4. If the game is healthy, that means there will always be new players, and new players will always need vessels. If the game isn't attracting new players, then it hardly matters whether necromancy is working or not.
  5. I'm guessing you didn't play a knight before Endurance, when they had zero self-sustain. Most barriers don't stack, so adding a barrier would just further limit the use of other barriers. Endurance is fine. Resolve needs to be brought up to Endurance's level, to make it a viable alternative to Endurance. The way Resolve currently works, it gets worse as the knight improves Block and mitigation. As you noted, it's not really healing, just a different way to mitigate damage. That doesn't come close to the benefit of Endurance, which heals for 750 HP every time you stun or knockdown the enemy, and scales with personal healing mod and healing bonus. It can also crit, so it benefits from healing crit chance and amount.
  6. There are only 2 stats that add to Armor Class: Armor and Resistances. The amount of armor we can get is capped by the crafting system. Raising the Armor class cap would do nothing, because we can't increase the amount of armor we are getting to make use of that extra cap space. And it has been a problem since April 2018. The resistance caps have always been too low, especially for a Secutor Knight, who has a 75% armor cap. We shouldn't need the best armor in the game, plus max resistances, to reach the cap. This is on a Stoneborn Secutor with epic armor and legendary tower shield: The average player isn't going to have 4000 armor. I could get more resistances by taking certain discs, but the resistance caps neuter those discs. That's the issue.
  7. Let us stack more resists. The 2500 Resist All cap and 3500 Resistance caps are too limiting. In the feedback thread, I detailed the issue with many discs no longer being viable to any promotion that gets 2000 Resist All.
  8. Crafters aren't going to import their gear if they can't take it out again. You'll have even less crafting happening in campaign.
  9. This. Redirected Strikes went from completely awful, to somewhat useful, and now back to completely awful. Full Strength is only good in one build. In addition, Resist All and individual resist caps should be increased based on the amount of Resist All you are giving to each promotion. Secutor gives 2000 Resist All. The cap is 2500. That pretty much eliminates the use of any discipline that gives Resist All, as we won't get full benefit from it. There are many disciplines that will be limited in effect, but the most egregious is Fortifier. Fortifier can be used by Stoneborn, Protection and Battle, 3 prime options for knights. Fortifier has the Sanctuary ability, which raises Resist All by 2000. It also has Overwhelming Odds, which increases Resist All by 1000 when 3+ enemies are within 10 meters. Neither of these abilities raises the Resist All cap, so I only get 500 Resist All out of a possible 3000. Here is the complete list of disciplines which will no longer give full benefit to plate wearers: Cloisterer (Benediction) Commander (Hunker Down) Defender (Hunker Down) Fortifier (Sanctuary, Overwhelming Odds) Heavy Hitter (Overwhelming Odds) Hellraiser (Needlin' Haystack) Militant Mage (Sword Ward) Rune Caster (Sanctuary) Shock Trooper (Banner of Storms) Rune Shield (Rune Shield) I suggest also looking at the Fortified Stakes discipline. It still says it increases Protection Stake to give 25% PDM, but it only gives a combined 5%. No one is going to use 2 discs to get 5% damage reduction. I think the PDM nerf is too much. Edit: I missed a couple discs. Master of Maces (Will of the Stoneborn) Master of Swords (Iron Skin)
  10. Issue with the Divine Favor scoreboard in Faction vs Faction (US East). The numbers keep increasing while the page is open.
  11. IIRC, short is 10 seconds or less and long is greater than 10 seconds. Back when we had skill trees, the one-handed melee tree had skills that reduced short cooldowns when using an axe. I don't think there are any short-cooldown reduction abilities any more. The Benediction ability (Cloisterer major disc) reduces long cooldowns by 10%, but the cap is 35%, so you won't get full benefit from it as a knight. There are a lot of abilities that work well with our cooldown reduction, though. My Elken uses Protection Stakes and Wee One, and can keep both up almost all the time. Benediction has a 25 second cooldown (reduced to 23 seconds by Benediction) and lasts for 30 seconds, so you can keep it up indefinitely.
  12. Vendor upkeep is 240 gold a day. That's not much. If you aren't selling a lot, consider joining an EK that accepts outside vendors and has more traffic. I would like to have the ability to change prices without needing to re-list item, but that's a separate issue.
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