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  1. I believe VIP will give discounts in the store, and we know that if you have VIP, you get free respecs (reset of talents and attributes). Currently, there are no respecs without VIP, but leveling a character is very quick (2 hours or less, depending on how many sacrifice items you have). We're still waiting to find out what else it provides, so if you are thinking about buying, it might best to wait. Then again, if you buy 1 month of VIP, you get it for as long as beta lasts, and then 1 month post-launch.
  2. Are you in cursor mode? Open settings and select the "Exit Cursor Mode on Player Movement" checkbox on the UI tab.
  3. Yes, the buff is the same. But it isn't an either/or situation. You aren't going to be in the middle of a campaign and export all of your stuff to your EK to craft, then import everything back to the campaign. You can do that for a 4 day campaign, but for a campaign that lasts months, it isn't practical.
  4. Seals are crafted by Runemakers. They are added by armorsmiths and leatherworkers when making armor, but you need the blue belt, IIRC, to unlock the slot for the seal. http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ Check the Runemaking tab for a list of the seals you can make.
  5. You'll want both Necromancy and Alchemy. Alchemy makes the ambrosia needed to craft vessels, and also makes philosopher stones, which are an optional component when crafting vessels. For harvesting, you'll want gravedigging and quarrying. Gravedigging to get the body parts and additives, and quarrying to get the minerals needed to make ambrosia and philo stones. There are no crafting or harvesting professions needed to get/upgrade your combat disciplines. In HD, the only things that matter are your vessel and disciplines, so yes, you can compete there very well by just focusing
  6. You don't fix one problem by introducing another.
  7. Assembly is the least important stat. You will max out your assembly chance on a given recipe before you max out your assembly stat. Early on you should only be crafting with common quality resources, and failures aren't really an issue, because you aren't going to sell that stuff to anyone but the vendor anyway. The most important thing to do with your attributes is to max out whichever attribute contributes to Experimentation Points. Choose your race/class based on that attribute. For example, Runemaking. You want a class that has a lot of Intelligence in its stat bundles. For Jewelcraf
  8. If there is no leveling, players won't do the NPE. Leveling is a chore, but it's a very small one that can be mitigated via the sacrifice system. In the grand scheme of things, the time we spend leveling will be insignificant. If all you want to do is immediately jump into PvP, you will be able to do that via Hunger Dome. For the rest of the game, do what Krakken suggested and save your sacrifice items. In Dregs, epic and legendary sacrifice items drop often.
  9. The crowns should be in your account. If you go to Crowfall.com and open your user profile, you should see a menu option for "Wallet". In there, you should see the crowns. The pack pig you can get in-game by going to the lobby and clicking on "Inbox". When you redeem the pack pig, it will be placed into your Vault, which you can access by going to the bank in God's Reach or Infected, or by pressing B while in an Eternal Kingdom (player world). The 20% extra storage is in your vault. It doesn't show it, but it will allow you to store 240 items instead of 200. If you are missing a
  10. Or give people a way to earn them in campaign without needing to be in a big guild.
  11. I'm looking for people to run vendors in my EK. I have a near max armorsmith (Lego disc/Purple belt), but need everything else. I have all of the crafting stations. I also have the Valkyn statue, but you won't be able to use the buff unless you join the guild. Guild membership isn't required to run a vendor, though. If you want to run a vendor, all you need is the vendor and a stall in which to place it. I have plenty of buildings to attach the stall to. If you need me to craft the stall, I can, just supply the mats. If you want to place your own building, you can do that too. You w
  12. Even if we can't remove discs, we do need to be able to upgrade ones that are already equipped. The current system encourages us to skip quality levels so we don't waste time and effort. I went from a green armorsmith disc to a legendary because I didn't want to waste the discs/money to equip a blue or purple. If we can upgrade existing discs (whether or not we can remove them), then we can use each quality level as we achieve it.
  13. It's getting close. Launch isn't that far off. I suggest watching the latest Q&A for more info:
  14. Live is back up.
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