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  1. He has posted on MMORPG too, just doesn't post here for whatever reason.
  2. As mentioned on the Q&A today, we likely won't be seeing a lot of this stuff on the test server before it goes live. They are pushing hard to get it done and don't want slow the pace by trying to test it in pieces. Disappointing for sure, but understandable, and if it means it goes live sooner, all the better.
  3. Frostweaver is coming in 5.110, which is scheduled to go live in February. Testing of specific pieces of the build are supposed to begin this month on the test server, but no idea exactly when or what pieces will be included. That said, at some point, the entire build has to make it to test before it goes live, so at some point between now and February, you'll likely get the chance to try the Frostweaver.
  4. In answer to the title, a lot, apparently.
  5. Absolutely. The goal is 115/120 experimentation from stats and armor, then jewelry to increase pips, additional difficulty reduction and experiment difficulty reduction. If you can hit 21 pips (with the thrall buff and Sumptuous Pot Pie), then you've gone as far as you currently can. Edit: They aren't going to make much of a difference in any case. If the most you can get from the hands is 4.32 attribute points, that's only going to give you .06048 pips. That probably won't be the difference in whether or not you hit 21 pips.
  6. IIRC, the legendary maestro hands give 1.5 crafting basics experimentation each, so 3 total. I believe these stats receive a bump when you create the hands and another when you create the body, but they don't benefit from experimentation. I have all of the stat conversions on my wiki: https://murderinc.guildtag.com/wiki/crafting-stats/ 2 Crafting Basics Experimentation = 1 Experimentation I checked my epic blacksmith and he has 4.32 Crafting Basics Experimentation, so that gives me 2.16 Experimentation. I think the other legendary hands give 1.5 strength/int/etc. each, so again, 3 total. It's likely that the final numbers will be the same as well, so assume 4.32. You get .05 experimentation and .014 pips from each attribute point. Obviously, if you are looking to increase your experimentation, then Maestro is the way to go. The biggest reason to go with the brawlers/lich/etc. is to increase your caps, but the caps can't go past 350, so if you are making a race/class that already has a 350 cap on that stat, then it's probably not worth it. The maestro hands will make it easier to cap out experimentation, allowing you to put more points into increasing your pips.
  7. To give more feedback on #5, vendors cost 240 gold per day. They consume 5 gold every 30 minutes. That's 48 pay periods per day. 48 x 5 = 240. 240 gold is very easy to get. Just because you are a gatherer doesn't mean you can't kill a few war tribe mobs. You'll get gold and XP and stuff you can sell on your vendor. Once you have a decent nest egg, then you should be able to operate entirely off of the gold you make from your vendor. It sounds like you set up shop in your EK. You probably aren't getting much, if any, traffic. Vendors are going to be removed from the God's Reach worlds, so EK vendors will once again be more important.
  8. What profession are you going for? What quality vessel are you making? What race and class? How good is your crafting gear? I used Maestro hands when I made my epic Half-Giant Champion Blacksmith. He has 135 intelligence and 336 strength. My Experimentation is maxed out, but I did put some points into intelligence from leveling. I could have gone with Brawler hands and still capped out my Experimentation, but the extra strength wouldn't be enough to make a difference. I'm at 21 pips and can't get it any higher. With high end crafting armor, you can get 28-32 experimentation. Maybe more. The most I've gotten from one piece of armor is 8.13 experimentation, but I think that can be pushed higher. Your goal should be to hit at least 115 Experimentation with just armor, assuming you have access to the Leadership buff. Without that buff, you'll want to hit 120. Ideally, you want to do it with only armor so that you can use your rings to improve risk difficulty reduction and experiment difficulty reduction. Though if you are playing a Guinecean, you can use the 3rd ring slot to help with Experimentation.
  9. No, I haven't actually seen or heard anything to verify it. But we already have siege weapons that can be mounted, and pack animals will be in for caravans. It doesn't seem like that much of a stretch to add the mounts. The tech is there. Even if they aren't in 5.110, I would still expect them before launch. Until the other day, we didn't know that the seasonal terrain changes would be in, so there's probably a lot of stuff in 5.110 that we don't know about yet.
  10. I'm pretty sure we'll be getting them in 5.110, which is scheduled to go live in February.
  11. Make sure you are using the LIVE launcher and not the TEST one. If you are running the TEST launcher, you will see the word TEST under CROWFALL on the patcher. If you are using the LIVE launcher and still having the issue, contact support@crowfall.com
  12. https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/columns/crowfall-ch-ch-ch-changes-1000014131 If you haven't read it yet, check it out. I'm still going through it, but one thing has stood out to me that I didn't already know, and IMO, it's awesome. I've always been disappointed that winter has never felt like winter, due to the snow/ice only being generated with hunger crystals. Well, that's soon to change, apparently. The seasons are actually going to be reflected in the game as more than just a timer.
  13. No, that won't be the last one. There will definitely be another at soft launch, and potentially one or two more for beta.
  14. Right, and AFAIK, that's a bug.
  15. I think what you saw is related to a bug. There aren't supposed to be any disciplines that get better based on quality.
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