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  1. I was talking specifically about knights. Every other race is better than high elf as a knight.
  2. Crafting and Harvesting are quicker to train than combat. It doesn't take that long to be good in one crafting or harvesting profession.
  3. Every player gets their own Eternal Kingdom (EK). Each EK is its own server, so from that perspective, housing is instanced. However, each Monarch (owner) of an EK can invite other players to place parcels, buildings, defensive structures and vendors. So a guild could have a single EK where everyone has something they own (up to a point). CF is very much a sandbox game, with deep harvesting and crafting systems. Guilds are extremely helpful, though you can be successful as a solo player (again, up to a point). There are some things where you will need the help of other players.
  4. High elf needs some love. I'd like to see them get a large bonus to spirit when rolling as a knight. With the removal of Surging Spirit, it would be helpful to have one race that can be geared more toward healing. Stoneborn is a pretty good option, with their combination of strength, spirit and constitution, but high elf needs something to distinguish it.
  5. You seem to be missing the idea of multiple characters. You don't need to do everything on one vessel. Create one character with stats for crafting and another with stats for combat.
  6. To start out with, play whatever you want. Templars are very solo friendly once you get the Divine Light ability, but you can solo with any class. Vessels are crafted bodies. When you created your templar, you were automatically given a common quality body. Necromancers can craft higher quality bodies (vessels). Vessels are crafted for a specific race, but you can make that vessel any class that race allows. To do so, you have to put the vessel into your vault, then you create a new character of that race. When you select the race, you will see the vessel appear beneath the race name. You select the vessel, then select your class and create the character as normal. It's possible that we will be able to sacrifice existing vessels (ones we are actively using) to get a leg up on leveling a new vessel. I think they talked about it in the last Q&A and liked the idea, but I have no idea if that's something that will make it in before launch.
  7. I think you have to be accepted by the guild leader, or they have to send you an invite. Talk to whoever that his and they should get you sorted out.
  8. You need the 186 steps book to make the esoteric runestone and the other subcomponent (I forget the name, but the one from jewelcrafting).
  9. I think different tribes drop different books, but I'm not sure which is which. The Urgu I think drop the book for the 2 handed weapons. The class of the mobs is likely a good indicator of which books they drop. You will need 2 books. The first is the book for whatever weapon you want to make. For example, the book "Rune-Forged Compendium" enables the creation of Runic Longsword, Runic Mace, Runic Axe and Runic Short Sword. "A Treatise of Defense" enables the making of Runic Buckler, Runic Medium Shield and Runic Tower Shield. In order to use these recipes, you need the Leather Scroll Case minor discipline. Once you equip the minor disc, you can then equip the book, and when you craft the weapon, new additive slots will be opened in which you will be able to place runic subcomponents (which will make the weapon a runic weapon). The second book you will need is the "186 step" book. That's not the full name, but I can never remember the full name. Anyway, that book is necessary to craft the subcomponents. There are 2 subcomponents, one crafted via runemaking and the other jewelcrafting, IIRC. So you craft the subcomponents, then use them to craft the weapon, and you get a runic weapon. I've only seen the books drop from Captains and above (chiefs and kings). Maybe elites can drop them, but I've killed a lot of elites and don't ever remember getting a book from one. You will probably also need rank 6 or higher mobs. The 186 steps book is a 10 or 20 use item, while the other books are one use, but they are much more common than the 186 steps. I always seem to have plenty of books for the weapons and struggle to find the 186 steps book.
  10. Disciplines give us options for most things, but why no ultimates? It would be nice to have other ultimates that we can use, as most classes only have 1.
  11. During peak times, the population is probably 200 to 300, and that can be spread over 3 servers. There are fights to be found during those times, and there are scheduled siege times, which provide opportunities for PvP. Depending on when you play, you might not see a lot of people, but there are things to do outside of PvP. If you like crafting and finding rare loot, the game may appeal to you as there is a good amount of depth in those areas, and they should improve as the game gets close to launch. Understand that the game is still officially in pre-alpha and there will be wipes before and at launch. Alpha isn't far away though, and the game shouldn't need to stay in alpha for very long before going to beta. They are still targeting this year for launch, but I wouldn't be surprised if it slips into 1st quarter next year. The game still has some rough edges and there are lots of things the game won't tell you about that you either need to figure out on your own or ask someone about. You can always ask questions in chat or on the forums and you are likely to find someone to help you, but I recommend joining an active guild. You'll have people to play with, and they will help reduce the learning curve. If your expectation is solely to have fun, it might be best to wait. The game is fun, but it can be frustrating at times too given its unfinished state. We are here to help test the game and make it better. That doesn't appeal to everyone, and some people get irrationally upset when the game doesn't play like a finished product. But if you are okay with some rough edges and occasional wipes, then jump in and start testing. You'll get a leg up on the learning curve and help make the game better at the same time.
  12. @thomasblairThere are 2 mitigation caps. There are the resistance caps, which are set at 35% for all classes, and there are the final mitigation caps, which are set based on class and talents. If my physical resistance is at 35% and I apply the Runecaster discipline, which gives 300 physical resist, am I getting any benefit from that? Does that 300 resist count toward my uncapped mitigation? What about if I use the Sanctuary ability? If not, then a secutor knight would need 40% from armor just to reach the cap. I think it would make more sense if talents that raise the final mitigation cap also raise the resistance cap. Or better yet, do away with armor penetration entirely and just let the caps be the caps. It would be far less confusing that way.
  13. The idea is to stock up in spring and summer. That will be easier when campaigns are longer than 2 weeks. That said, you can still harvest in fall and winter. Skill training, disciplines, harvesting gear, leadership buff, potions and food all help you harvest better. And there are many things which aren't affected by the seasons, like gems, minerals, hunger shards, souls, etc.
  14. Anything you have purchased will be in your purchases menu in the lobby. Click on that, select the items you want, and click import. The items should be moved to your vault. Log into your EK, press B and move the items from your vault to your inventory.
  15. That's by design. You have to destroy the old one to replace it. In the future, you won't be able to replace major disciplines and they will require the spending of talent points to get abilities from them, but you will still be able to replace exploration and minor discs.
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