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  1. There aren't official guild kingdoms. There are personal EKs that, in 5.6, allow for multiple players to contribute to a single EK via the vassal system. So basically, the guild leader, or whomever, sets up other players as nobles and vassals within their kingdom, giving them the rights to place parcels, buildings, walls, crafting stations, vendors, etc.
  2. Get Rid of 50% Bonus

    No, risk would still be dependent on how many total pips you have (plus how many you are spending at once), but the bonus wouldn't be at 50%. The max bonus would only occur when spending 5 pips and the overall risk would be higher or lower based on how many pips you have. Let's say we have two crafters. One has 6 pips and the other has 12 pips, and they are both crafting the same white quality item. The 6 pip crafter could spend 5 points at once and try for the max bonus, but his risk would be 98.33%. The 12 pip crafter could do the same thing, but his risk would only be 56.67%. The 6 pip crafter is very unlikely to be successful in this scenario, so instead of spending 5 pips at once, he decides to spend 3 pips at a time. Now his risk is only 59%, but he needs to get 2 good rolls and he will only get the level 3 bonus instead of the level 5 bonus. Or he could do 2 pips at a time for the level 2 bonus, at 39.33% risk, but he would need 3 good rolls. In this system, having more pips is always an advantage because there is no arbitrary risk threshold that needs to be met. Crafters simply spend 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pips and the risk is based on how many total pips they have and how many they are spending. Bonus levels are dependent on how many pips are spent at a time. I get what you are saying with regards to the odds of someone rolling 1 pip at a time and getting an amazing on each. Yeah, that's extremely unlikely, but I don't think that's a problem. I think it fits with the risk/reward model. If you are only spending 1 pip at a time, you aren't risking much. Your final result won't be the best, but it won't be the worst either. If you are risking more by spending more pips at a time, you have the potential to produce something better, but also something worse.
  3. Final Combine for Vessels is a winner!

    I've crafted a lot of vessels on test and the final combine experimentation seems fine, provided they add the sheen back so we can raise the additive stats. There is still a huge problem though with the body parts. Some body parts only have 1 stat, which means there is only 1 line to experiment on. If the body part is green quality, we will be limited to 7 total pips. If I have 15 pips, I can't even get the 50% bonus once. I had 10 pips and was crafting legendary body parts. That worked out well because I could do 5 and 5. Now I'm up to 11 pips and my results are consistently worse. Either all items should have a minimum of 15 experimentation slots, or the 50% bonus thing has to be reworked. Preferably the latter.
  4. MMO or not ??

    The game is in pre-alpha and live will soon be wiped. The low population is to be expected.
  5. Protecting the Sheep!

    This is a group PvP game. Don't be a sheep. Be part of a pack. You can still do sheep things, but be smart about it.
  6. Get Rid of 50% Bonus

    I've been thinking about this issue and ways in which it could be improved. Risk percentage being tied to total # of pips does some good things, but also causes some serious problems. Pros: Because risk is a percentage of total pips, the more pips you have, the more success you will have when spending 1 pip at a time. If you have 5 pips, spending 1 pip represents 20% risk. If you have 10 pips, spending 1 pip represents 10% risk. Allowing crafters the ability to determine the level of risk provides some measure of risk vs. reward, but as currrently implemented, it doesn't work as well as it could. Cons: An odd number of pips means you can only get the bonus once, and at higher than 50% risk. Having 11 pips instead of 10, or 13 instead of 12, should be a good thing. It currently isn't. Having more pips than the item has experimentation slots also means you can only get the bonus once. In some cases, you can't get the bonus at all. If I am crafting a green quality elven leg and I have 15 pips, it is impossible for me to reach the 50% threshold since the leg only has 1 stat and green quality has a total of 7 experimentation slots. Proposed solution: Create 5 "bonus" levels. Level 1 is the base level. It's what you get when you spend 1 pip at a time. Level 5 is the current 50% bonus (or some amount lower than that, if the proposed changes would go beyond the overall stat budget). Levels 2, 3 and 4 would be incremental bonuses between those 2 numbers. Crafters will only need to spend 5 points to roll for the highest bonus. This means that players with the maximum number of pips (15) will have the chance to get the highest bonus 3 times. This will also make crafter choice much more meaningful than the current system. Add a display to the UI that shows the current bonus level. The bonus level would be dependent on the number of pips spent, up to 5. This would give the crafter a much clearer indication of how the bonuses work than the current system where there is no indication of the 50% bonus. Spending more than 5 pips at a time should not be allowed. Calculate the total risk as a percentage of total pips + 3 per pip spent, up to a maximum of 100%. The numbers would look like this: With this system, it won't matter how many experimentation lines an item has or what quality it is. What does everyone think? Can you see any issues with this system?
  7. I was unable to train a skill node in the Barbarian tree. I had completed the prerequisites and the tooltip on the skill indicated that I could train it, though the skill node was still grayed out. I clicked on the node several times and got disconnected. I was able to reproduce the bug:
  8. What is the purpose of this slot?

    It's for a cloak. Only certain race/classes get it, just like only certain races/classes get extra ring/necklace slots. There are no cloaks in the game yet.
  9. Name Stamp on crafted items.

    You can just add a guild tag when naming the item. I've seen Lion Forge Gaming name their stuff with an LFG prefix.
  10. May 17 Snap Test!

    Song of Speed cancels Trailblazer. When Song of Speed ends, Pathfinding begins. Eating causes Pathfinding to begin, but never cancels Trailblazer.
  11. Lvl 11 cap?

    You need to sacrifice higher quality things.
  12. Social System - Official Discussion Thread

    When the game is live, the seasons absolutely won't be that short. But for testing purposes, particularly internal testing, the seasons are going to be very short.
  13. I think that's intentional. The 1 pip buff is actually very useful if you are harvesting higher rank nodes where you aren't doing a lot of damage. For example, say you are harvesting a rank 8 ore node and you are doing 50 damage per swing. Using the 1 pip ability will raise that to 60 damage per swing. If you use the 4 pip and then the 1 pip, each swing will do 70 damage per swing. If you time it right, you can alternate between the 4 pip and 1 pip without your damage dropping. If your damage is 80 or less without the buffs, this method is better than using the 5 pip ability.
  14. I'm not a fan of real money ever being used as a replacement for in-game effort. That being said, I understand the realities game companies are faced with. They have to monetize their games somehow. If the game doesn't make money, there won't be a game to play. There is no perfect monetization system. Given that parcels and buildings can't be used in campaigns, the effect that these purchases have on the game is minimized. Yes, people can buy a bunch of parcels and buildings and build up their EK, but they aren't buying the vendor stalls or vendors. They aren't buying all of the items their vendors will sell. So regardless of how much players buy, a significant in-game effort will still be required to build a successful EK. Also, the likelihood that a single player will be able to have a successful EK by themselves just by spending money is low. It's going to require a group effort to build and maintain the largest, most popular EKs. So if people want to buy a manor or a town parcel or whatever instead of crafting it, I don't think that's going to have much impact on the game. Regarding the in-game effort matching the out-of-game effort, that just isn't practical. For starters, the whole reason people buy the items rather than craft them is to avoid the effort involved. Again, I'm not a fan of that, but if the game is going to have it, buying it has to be the quicker, easier method. The alternative is to either make the crafting easier to the point that it is trivial (and remember that there is no decay on parcels and buildings), or to make the cost so high that no one will buy them. If no one buys them, then the game doesn't generate enough revenue and we all have to find something else to play. As with all things, there is a balance here, a compromise between how difficult it is in-game and how costly it is out-of-game. Ultimately it is up to each player to decide where the line is for them and proceed accordingly.