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  1. Reaping vs Excavation?

    It's probably just a mistake. You should post it in the feedback thread.
  2. There are 2 different stats under Harvesting for Grave Digging: Is Breaking supposed to be for Hunger Shards?
  3. Upon first logging in, my character shows that I have a tool equipped, but if I try to use it, the game thinks I don't. I have to unequip and re-equip the tool to make it work.
  4. I've had to right click the item in the trade window several times to get it to work.
  5. Been a long time coming...

    Doing that would negatively affect VIP, which would likely destroy their business model. Active training has its downsides too, as grinding mobs for XP or crafting a bunch of crap for XP isn't fun. There's nothing wrong with passive training. They just need to tweak the timing to make it less painful in the beginning.
  6. Trying to buy the game

    It's not a bait and switch. It's a bug. Contact and they will get it sorted out.
  7. The Crafting Basics tree sometimes displays the Mass Production Basics skill where the Blacksmithing Basics skill should be. Other times, it properly displays the Blacksmithing Basics skill, but does not display the Mass Production Basics skill anywhere.
  8. Recall has been moved back to the 8 key. You can move it via the K menu, but I'm not sure it can be slotted into E anymore.
  9. Stoneborn Feedback

    I'd be fine with that. Choice is always good.
  10. Stoneborn Feedback

    You are seriously overstating the effect this will have on balance. How many vessels do you think will actually be made in the first week after people start unlocking the necromancy recipes? By the time they can be made in any serious quantity, many people will have unlocked all of the races. As more and more people unlock them, the supply will balance out with the demand, making it completely moot. So confessors can't get advanced weapons as quickly as rangers. So what? You're talking about two or three days at most at the very beginning of the game. Druids have to wait to get their weapons as well. Knights and Templars have to wait to get plate. There are positives and negatives to every decision. That's the way it should be. It's never going to be 100% balanced unless they homogenize everything, which would be boring.
  11. Stoneborn Feedback

    Yes, they could put them all on one node, but the entire game has been set up with some things requiring more of a time investment than others. Maces, Orbs and Sickles are only available as advanced weapons. Plate can't be trained until after mail. Blacksmithing requires more training to unlock the final node than other professions. It doesn't all need to be equal and it's definitely not arbitrary. The devs intentionally set it up this way.
  12. Stoneborn Feedback

    For the same reason combat and harvesting are based on stats, to allow for more customization. If Stoneborn aren't good at Runecrafting, then use a different vessel or pick a profession they are good at. Someone has to be last. Every profession has things that require more time to unlock than others. 2-handed weapons can't be trained until after putting 4 pips into 1-handed weapons. Specialty Seals can't be crafted until the final recipe node, which means crafters and harvesters have to wait for longer to get advanced gear. It's not a big deal. It doesn't all need to be equal. Once people unlock the recipes, it will be moot.
  13. Once a crafting station is placed onto a crafting deck, they can't be separated. When I click on the station to use it (F), the station and the deck both highlight. When I try to loot the station, again, both the station and the deck highlight. If I pick them up together, they can't be placed again. I get an error that says it has to be connected to something, but there is nothing to connect it to. I tried other crafting decks, the fort lodge, manors and keeps, walls. Nothing had an available connection. This video shows the issues:
  14. Noob questions

    When I say zones, I mean zones within a single campaign, but each of those is a separate server. It's really no different going from one zone to another than it is going from one EK to another or one campaign to another. In the future, we'll be able to move through all of them without ever having to switch vessels. Currently, it IS 6 slots per world. In the future, it will be 6 slots total. Correct on the local banks. The only caveat is that you can access them remotely via the recovery chest, but only to pull stuff out of them.
  15. Noob questions

    Right now, you can walk teleport from one zone to another without switching vessels. In the future, that will be true for all EKs and campaigns. You'll simply walk up to a runegate or whatever the method is and be transferred to wherever. I don't know how they are going to handle inventory. Stuff in your inventory might go with you, but be tagged as locked to a particular campaign. Your vessel, however, will be unrestricted. It will work exactly like a character in any other game. You maintain the levels, disciplines and stats. You can have as many vessels as you can fit into your storage, but there are only 6 character slots by default. So once you instantiate a vessel (once you wear it), it uses one of your 6 slots. You can delete them from there, just like you would delete a character in another game. Yes, the spirit bank can be accessed from anywhere at any time, but that is likely to change. They have talked about having to actually visit a location to place things into the spirit bank (from the campaign side) and exports are supposed to be tied to the campaign win conditions, so you will only get a percentage of your exports when the campaign ends depending on whether you won or lost and the rules for that campaign. Local banks are tied to the campaign. Anything in a local bank is lost when the campaign ends. You have to physically visit the bank to place things into it and you can't place things into a local bank if your faction doesn't control the fort/keep where the bank is located. There is a recovery chest at the beachhead where you can access any of the banks you have placed stuff into, but only to pull stuff out. You can't use that chest to place stuff into banks. The idea is to allow you to get stuff from a bank that your faction no longer controls.