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  1. I think it's just keeps, and yes, in both infected and campaign worlds. However, the buff doesn't work for the alchemy and runemaking tables, at least in the infected. Not sure about in the campaigns. The buff gives you +2 to the pip cap and +1 pips. You can also get +1 pips from Sumptuous Pot Pie.
  2. The only thing I know about is that they work with streamers, which you can check out here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/influencer
  3. I get the frustration, but I don't think it's something they consider low priority. The subject has come up in seemingly every Q&A for the last 6 months. My understanding is that they are waiting on engineering to make it work. Maybe that means it will be ready for 5.110 and maybe not. Fingers crossed.
  4. Arkade


    Start in God's Reach, Joveth server. Level up, get some gear, and don't be afraid to ask questions in chat.
  5. If you have already applied to one guild, you might not be able to apply to another at the same time. If you have, can you try withdrawing that request? If that isn't the issue, then send an email to support@crowfall.com
  6. You can PvP in EKs, but there's nothing to win there, and likely won't be any time soon, if ever. They've talked about having tournaments that would involve winning guilds from the campaigns, but that is likely to be outside the EK system. More likely, it would be a special type of campaign. EKs are meant to be places where you can practice (can organize duels with others with PvP turned on), socialize, and be used as market hubs. Prior to them adding vendors to the other worlds, they were exclusively in EKs, and many people ran successful markets. If you watched the Q&A today, the vendors in the temples aren't a long term solution. The God's Reach worlds will probably lose vendors altogether, and people will have to visit EKs to shop outside of the campaigns, as it was originally intended. In addition, EKs can be used to house relics and artifacts obtained in campaigns. Check out the FAQ for more info on those: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq EKs should be the place to both craft and shop outside of campaigns, as they once were.
  7. 1) No 2) There are major disciplines that provide healing abilities, such as Field Surgeon, Pixie, Friar, etc. Field Surgeon is broken (the Rehabilitation works based on the target's stamina rather than yours), and none of them provide significant self healing. You will also have a hard time getting significant support power since they took out the Surging Spirit discipline. You can still stack it, but will probably never be as good as a cleric or druid. 3) Stealth is probably the best way to escape an attack. Duelist especially, since you can go stealth then tunnel in a different direction to throw off attempts to knock you out of stealth. 4) It depends on whether you are talking combat or non-combat. For in-combat, Friar is a good disc to take, particularly as a non-healer, if you want more mobility. You will have the run speed buff up more often than not. Bard gives a run speed buff too, but getting stunned or knocked down will interrupt the buff and you'll have to recast it. Outside of combat, everyone has a mount. Knights can get an extra 15% to mount speed, and there is a food item (I forget which) that gives another 5%. There are also races like Elken and Centaur which get Trailmaster, and others that get Trailblazer (lesser version of Trailmaster). You won't outrun a mount with either, but they can buy you some distance against an unmounted opponent.
  8. Yes, there will be at least 2 more wipes, and likely more. There will be a full wipe for 5.110, which is due in February. And there will be a full wipe when the game launches. There is likely to be a wipe for beta sometime between those other two.
  9. Can you post it in the feedback thread along with video of the issue?
  10. I believe the issue with the GR worlds is that they are still working on separating the mob rank from the resource rank. Currently, I think they are tied together, and rank 8 mobs are needed in the GR worlds so people can level to 30. Once that gets sorted out, I would expect to see the resource ranks in the GR worlds reduced. Another thing to consider is that a lot of people craft in the GR worlds. Given the import and export limits, and the relatively short duration of the campaigns, it makes little sense to import crafting gear just so you can export again 2 weeks later. It's easier to just export whatever resources you need and do all your crafting in GR. If you want the keep buff, you can get that in the infected. I play in all 3 bands at any given time based on what I'm trying to accomplish. I mostly spend my time in the campaigns harvesting. Lastly, there really is no incentive to win the campaigns. I couldn't care less if I get a gold or silver badge, and that isn't even a reward this time. When campaigns are longer and more meaningful, then you will see more people playing them.
  11. I plan to play everywhere based on my specific goals at any given time.
  12. Even if vendors are removed from the God's Reach worlds, I think you'll still have issues in the faction based campaigns. In the Dregs, it won't be as much of an issue since many people will set up vendors in their own cities, but there will still be a need for general vendors. Many players won't have a city in which to place a vendor. Unfortunately, every solution I think of, I can think of a way it can be easily abused.
  13. Do both then. All of the 4G players taking a dozen vendor spots each aren't in the same guild. And if there are scaling costs, then maybe people won't use them as storage, and vendor spots will open up more often.
  14. Something does need to be done. They can start by limiting vendors to one per account in each world. Some people will just use multiple accounts, but it's a start. I would also suggest changes to the cost. Maybe make it have a large upfront cost, and after a certain amount of time, it expires and the vendor and any remaining items are sent to your bank. Maybe you have a wait a certain amount of time before you can place a vendor again. Project: Gorgon has a vendor system where you rent a vendor and each day, the cost of the vendor goes up. Eventually it becomes prohibitive to afford, as the cost will outweigh any profit you make from the sales. So you will have to give up the vendor at some point, but your daily cost doesn't go down immediately. Each day you aren't renting a vendor, the cost decrements. Something like that might work. There's also EKs where we can place vendors. Unfortunately, they aren't likely to get much traffic now that vendors are in the GR and Campaign worlds. Hopefully ACE can find a way to make EKs relevant again. Being able to provide crafting buffs would be one way to do it. How about an NPC that can only be placed in player built cities (EK or Dregs) that gives the leadership buff if you have it trained? That way you don't actually have to stand around and group with people to give them the buff. There are also the relics and artifacts first mentioned in the kickstarter. They could be another way to provide buffs for players while in the EK.
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