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  1. Playing an Elken Knight with Arcane Archer discipline. I'm not able to put Retribution (the one that comes with the knight class) on my ranged tray. I've always been able to in the past.
  2. Did the campaign just crash, or was it taken down?
  3. I'm sure that's the intent, but they haven't gotten there yet. Eventually the lobby will be gone and out characters will just be our characters, regardless of campaign.
  4. It would be nice to get some warning before campaigns are restarted so we can bank stuff. I spent a lot of time yesterday making gear and now it's all gone.
  5. Cleric Wearing Plate Armor?

    The Matching Plate discipline gives a support power buff when you are wearing plate armor. The Uniform Plate discipline gives an attack power buff when you are wearing plate armor. There are new disciplines on the Test server that enable wearing higher tier armor. I think they are called Mail Proficiency and Plate Proficiency.
  6. That error likely means that they haven't finished updating the server yet.
  7. Fire and Ice arrow heads can't be experimented. When using Fire arrow heads to craft advanced arrows, they produce piercing arrows, which can be used with Arcane Archer discipline.
  8. I created an advanced arcane bow and it seems to do less damage than the basic bow. In both cases, I am using basic arrows. I used only LMB attacks and I let the channel go to 100% each time. With the advanced bow, I had several shots that were under 600. With the basic bow, none were under 600. It could be a string of bad luck, but it doesn't seem like it. The numbers with the advanced bow seem to be consistently lower.
  9. The Berserker Strength passive from Master of Axes says it gives 150 AP, but it's only giving 100 AP. It also says it gives a barrier, but like all other barriers, there is no visual indication that it is working.
  10. You are actually only gaining 29 levels, since we start at level 1, so 87 points is correct. Although, on higher quality vessels, I was getting as much as 102 points total. I'm not sure if that was a bug and they fixed it, or if it's intended and now broken.
  11. Playing on a knight. Field Surgeon, Rehabilitation ability says it heals every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, but there are only 2 ticks. When I use the gate to enter the keep, it places me on top of the wall. I haven't been able to get out of the keep at any of the gates. There is no "Use Gate" option. The only way I've been able to get out is to drop down from the top of the wall.
  12. Skill Pips

    It depends on the skill. Most skills give a benefit for every pip, but for some, there is no tangible benefit until you reach 5 pips. For example, the skills that increase plentiful resources will give you .2 per pip, but you need a full 1 to get the benefit when you harvest.
  13. New Player Gameplay Loop

    * Which of these skill trees are useful to train first? It depends on what you want to do, but likely the first thing you should do is improve your ability to harvest dust, since dust is required for everything except basic gear. There are several things you can do to improve your dust harvesting: Craft the Ethereal Sight discipline (5% increased chance to get dust) Craft Plethora of Dust potions (5% increased chance to get dust) Train in the Exploration Basics tree The discipline and the potions help, but the training is where you will see the biggest difference, as you can get the Plethora of Dust: Basic Resources skill, which gives another 5% chance to get dust on top of what you get from the discipline and the potions. You also can get the Plentiful Resources skills for Cobblestone, Knotwood and/or Slag. These skills raise your plentiful resource stat for that resource type by 1, which means you get more stuff from each node. It will probably be more difficult in the future to craft the Logger, Miner and Quarryman disciplines, but right now they are easy to make and will give you another +1 to plentiful for the chosen resource, and will give you +.5 harvesting pips. * What do the crafting trees do? There are 3 stats that you care about for crafting: Assembly - This determines your chance at successfully combining the item. Results are Flawed, Successful and Amazing and will affect the quality level of the item. Experimentation - This determines you chance at successfully experimenting on an item. There are a range of outcomes from Critical Failure up to Amazing. The better your result, the more the stats will increase on the item. Experimentation Points - This determines how many experimentation chances you get. Using 1 point at a time will limit your risk, resulting in a better chance for a higher result. If you risk half of your available points, raising the risk factor to 50% or higher, you will lower your chances of getting a higher result, but you will get a bonus for each point. So if you have for example 6 experimentation points, risk 3 of them on the first experimentation roll, and get an amazing success, you will have a better result than if you had used those points one at a time and got an amazing on each. Basic Crafting Stats contribute to Advanced Crafting Stats in a 5/1 ratio. So if you have 20 in Basic Crafting Assembly, that will add 4 to the Assembly stat for all of the advanced professions (Runemaking, Blacksmithing, etc.). * How do I even -get- currency to buy anything? (took me 2 days to find the stupid boars - I was looking in the wrong place) Dust is more of a currency right now than gold, but you have to understand that the game is still in pre-alpha. The economy barely exists at this point. The vendors have only be added to Test so far. There aren't enough people and there aren't enough goods being sold. We are testing the game. The economic game loop is part of what we are testing right now. It's going to take some time for things to get going with this small of a population. At launch, there will be a lot more people and therefore a lot more opportunities to buy and sell. I'm sure they will also make many changes between now and then to ensure that the economy gets going quickly, and to ensure that players can get up to speed in relatively short order. There are a lot of things that haven't been added to the game yet and a lot of things that still need tweaking and polishing.
  14. That person who killed you wasn't stronger simply because he had higher skill levels. He also had better gear, I'm sure. Advanced gear vs. basic gear makes a big difference. There are a couple other things you need to understand as well. First, the game is still in pre-alpha. Things aren't balanced. The new player experience is far from complete. In short, it isn't a game yet. It's a test. If you are looking to play a game and have fun and you aren't interested in testing, now is probably not the time to play, because there will be bugs, there will be imbalances and there will be missing content. You can't expect an unfinished game to play like a finished game. Second, this is a group PvP game. You can play solo, but you need to understand the risks and limitations involved in doing that. There is safety in numbers. You are going to need to work with other people to some extent because you won't be able to do everything yourself. You aren't going to take a fort or a keep by yourself. You aren't going to solo the spider queen to get the discipline she drops. You won't be able to harvest mother lodes by yourself. You can go out into the world solo and harvest other stuff, but there will be enemies out hunting for you who want to kill you and take your stuff. The entire point of the game is conquest and fighting over resources. You aren't going to win the war by yourself and your faction isn't going to win the war if everyone in it is playing solo. Cooperation and conflict.
  15. From what I understand, it's an update to the interface, not the trees themselves. Hopefully it will all work much better as the current implementation can be very annoying.