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  1. The Esanguinate passive (Bloodletter discipline) isn't increasing the damage or duration of Barbed Stake.
  2. It's an additional game code. I have the kickstarter sapphire package as well. I gifted the collector's edition to a 2nd account years ago and use it to play the game on that account. It's the same as buying the game.
  3. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? 1. I dislike that we can't change disciplines anywhere but the temple. Allow us to change discs in EKs. 2. I dislike that every time I switch worlds, the game puts starter weapons in my inventory, which I then have to delete. If I'm level 30, this isn't needed. 3. I dislike that the knight has some really bad talents in the bottom of the tree, particularly Resolve. It should be on par with Endurance and it doesn't even come close. It makes it really hard to make any sort of viable build using the bottom half the tree. While you're at it, please replace Retribution Strike with something useful. 4. I dislike that Knight's Noble Blood and Oath of Will are still 2 abilities. Please combine them already. 5. I dislike that all of the rewards in Dregs are guild based. Maybe having some rewards that individual players can achieve would encourage more people to play in Dregs.
  4. They read the feedback thread. Whether they act on that feedback is another story. They definitely won't read it here.
  5. You should put this in the feedback thread. The devs won't see it here.
  6. How is there not a global economy? There are many EK markets selling stuff. They aren't selling everything you could possibly want at this point, but the economy hasn't fully matured yet. People are still gearing themselves, so you aren't going to find a lot of higher quality vessels for sale, for example, or higher quality armor and weapons (other than drops). Also, given that there are so many different stat options on gear, you aren't likely to find a lot of stuff that perfectly fits your build. Talking to the vendors/crafters and commissioning specific gear will be necessary.
  7. The survivalist exotic harvesting discipline increases apple drop rate by 5%. This disc drops from rank 6+ trees and graveyards in Dregs as long as you are using a soul-infused axe/shovel. To craft a soul-infused tool, you add a polished soul gem (rough soul gems drop from mining nodes and can be polished by jewelcrafters). To unlock the polished soul gem slot in the runetool recipe, you need the blue runemaking belt. If you can't make soul-infused tools, I suggest checking EK vendors. The tools will have the same name as regular advanced tools (unless the crafter renamed it), but you'll see an extra buff on it in the tooltip. You can also craft harvesting axes with +apple chance on them, by using silver and copper when you craft the axe sigil. Again, if you can't craft them, check EK vendors, ask the vendor owners to make you some axes if they don't have them up for sale.
  8. The all-father statue gives crafting buffs.
  9. Please list exploration discs in the character tooltip in the lobby.
  10. This patch is supposed to contain quality of life changes, but we still can't change disciplines in EKs. And please also stop putting starter weapons in our inventory when we are level 30+
  11. Knight's Resolve is the worst talent in the game. It heals the knight for 35% of the damage taken while blocking. That means that as block improves (via constitution/block bonus), Resolve gets worse. What's more, as armor and resistances improve, Resolve gets worse, because the incoming damage is further mitigated by the knight's final mitigation amount. Resolve is designed to scale negatively as the knight progresses. And that isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that Resolve heals for nothing if the knight has a barrier up. Okay, so don't have a barrier up while blocking, right? Well, the Secutor promotion, the tanky one that would most likely be blocking a lot and take Resolve and Juggernaut, has to use the Noble Blood/Oath of Will combo to reduce the stamina cost of blocking. Not only is Resolve a terrible talent that scale negatively, but it has negative synergy with the Secutor Oath of Will buff. Resolve needs to be as good as Endurance, and it doesn't even come close. Please fix this awful talent and while you're at it, combine Noble Blood and Oath of Will into one ability already.
  12. Is there a reason that the rewards in the faction vs faction campaign are all guild based? Shouldn't there be some, you know, faction based rewards?
  13. I assume Shilo is the name of the free city in Dregs. If so, yes, you can place vendors there. Yes, there are a limited number of slots, but I haven no idea if it is full. Any empty stalls should be available to place a vendor. Just remember that it is temporary, as is the world, so remove it before the end.
  14. Good to hear that the Shadow is coming. Very much needed for smaller guilds and solo, small group players.
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