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  1. There will be a free beta after closed beta, right before soft launch. Anyone who has created a Crowfall account by a certain date will be eligible to play, whether they have bought the game or not. After the free beta ends, purchase of the game will be required to play. That is the time when people will get to try it for free.
  2. I gifted it to my 2nd account and that account has Alpha 2 access as a result.
  3. Press the next button at the bottom of the screen to take you to the screen where you get to choose hair styles, colors, etc.
  4. You should have a copy of the collector's edition. You can give that to another account to give it access. I did that when I created my 2nd account.
  5. For the love of all that is holy, will you please remove the LOOT option on humanoid mobs after they have been looted? Trying to loot humanoids when their bodies are on top of each other is incredibly frustrating.
  6. Whenever I get rooted by Satyr Clerics, I can't Block (as a Stoneborn Knight). I don't know if all roots are doing this or just the Satyr one, but I should be able to Block while rooted.
  7. On the left is the Satyr Artifact Bind. On the right, the Aracoix Artifact Bind. For some reason, the Satyr one takes up 3 slots.
  8. The durability on crafting scrolls is decremented by 1 upon assembly. If the durability reaches zero, the crafting window is closed and a message is displayed in the middle of the screen. I think a message in the chat log would be sufficient.
  9. There is also a limit on how long the node will stay up after you begin hitting it. If you take too long, the node will just disappear. The exception to this is hunger crystals, which stay up until completely destroyed. It's possible that you are just taking too long and never getting that final break reward, though the timing is pretty forgiving. You should be able to go through 3 stamina bars if you have to, though if it's taking you that long, then get better tools and/or harvest lower rank nodes.
  10. Vessel, not vassal. Vassals are part of the EK player heirarchy (monarchs > nobles > vassals). If you have the space, you could save them for the next vessel you level. But other than that, no, they have no value.
  11. A legendary sacrifice shard gives 14 XP regardless of level. 14 XP.
  12. Sacrifice shard XP is terrible. At level 26, a legendary shard should be worth more than 14 XP. Edit: I checked with a level 1 character and the XP is the same, so it's even worse than I thought.
  13. Ble, what is your plentiful stat for hunger shards? I'm at 3. I'm thinking that getting it to 5 will be a very good idea.
  14. The ability that comes with Connoisseur isn't increasing hunger crystal chance, though the tooltip says it does. There seems to be a lack of high rank crystals. I've found a handful of rank 7s, but nothing higher. I hope that winter will be more than just the hunger contagion. Winter doesn't look very wintery, and the more we harvest the crystals, the less snow and ice there will be.
  15. When I log into the TEST server on any account, I get a black screen. The lobby never comes up. I tried restarting my machine, but it's the same every time. It just started doing it today. I was able to log in yesterday without issue. I tried running as admin. Nothing in my firewall or anti-virus has changed.
  16. No plans for it. Maybe some time after launch they will revisit it and/or add other races.
  17. I think it's obvious that an item wipe will be necessary for 5.9, so please just wait for that. If they wipe items for 5.8.5 and then wipe them again a month later for 5.9, that would be way more deflating to the player base than having a portion of players being over-geared due to bugs/exploits. And to the person who suggested wiping skills too, custard no. I'm now finally getting to the end of the blacksmith tree after the last wipe. Skills will no doubt be wiped for alpha, which is probably 3 to 4 months away. It can wait. Newbies are always going to be behind the curve. Let me enjoy max skills and the resources I've harvested for at least a few weeks ffs.
  18. I've managed to get a decent number of blue shards from rank 6 crystals (7 or 8 total), though I've only seen 3 crystals higher than rank 6, and they were all rank 7, from which I got nothing.
  19. All of the runegates in the chaos temple are facing the wrong way. Rustic roasted meat no longer has an icon.
  20. It was originally that way, but they changed it when they added vendors to the campaigns. I think the new mechanic is fine for the campaigns, but I agree that it should be reverted to the old mechanics for EKs. There are a ton of issues with EKs right now. Hopefully we'll see some of them resolved for alpha.
  21. If it bothers you that much, don't harvest solo. Not everything in the game needs to be 100% fair for all play styles. This is meant to be a group game.
  22. Yes, there is little to no risk for the ganker, most of the time. But if you are losing hours of work when you get ganked, that's your fault. If the ganker can spirit bank, so can you. You can also make use of the local banks. I solo harvest a lot and yeah, I get killed some times, but they never get much because I make sure I bank often. If I'm harvesting outside a keep/fort, I'll harvest a set of nodes, then go back and bank it. Over and over. Sometimes I'm able to get back to the keep/fort before they kill me and not lose anything. Sometimes there are other people harvesting nearby and that provides some measure of protection from solo gankers, especially if it's a group that's harvesting. I use a stealth class so that once I'm done harvesting, I can hide if need be until I find the next node or I wait for respawn or whatever. Yes, solo harvesting comes with risks, but if you do everything you can to mitigate those risks, it's not a big deal. There may be some campaigns where equipped items drop, but if you think that's going to deter ganking, you're wrong. That will just make it worse for harvesters since a solo harvester has little chance against a well geared ganker unless the harvester is also well geared. Way more often than not, it will be the harvester's gear that drops.
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