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  1. Not really. All of Retribution Strike, Thornshield and Blood Rose increase thorns. Thorns is capped at 75. There is another stat called thorns bonus, which is capped at 100, but AFAIK, there's currently no way to increase that stat.
  2. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I haven't been playing the last month as I'm waiting for them to fix crafting. We only have a few members, and none of them are very active, so now probably isn't the best time to join. With the wipe coming for 6.400, there's even less reason to play right now. At some point in the future, assuming ACE gets stuff sorted out, I will open up recruiting again. If you have already found a new home, I wish you well. If not, and you are still looking for a guild in the future, keep us in mind. When we have played, it has been on Chaos, but we aren
  3. That number isn't accurate. https://crowfall.com/en-US/funding There are 414.5k accounts. If you subtract out actual backers, that leaves about 340k non-paying beta accounts. Some of the people who were invited to the beta have since bought the game, so lets round it up to 350k. There may be some non-paying players who have multiple accounts, but it's probably an insignificant number.
  4. There are dedicated threads for this stuff in the testing and feedback section. They devs aren't going to read it here.
  5. Every other MMO makes you reroll to select a different race and/or class, so complaining that you can't change your race is ridiculous. Decisions still need to matter. Regarding the wipe, I don't see it as a problem, but I haven't been playing anyway due to the state of crafting. Speaking of which, I was surprised and disappointed that they didn't mention anything about crafting in 6.400, beyond making some recipes less interdependent.
  6. Fishing won't be added any time soon. Maybe a year or two post-launch, but even then probably not.
  7. Are there any plans to add personal rewards that aren't tied to guild success?
  8. Merchants will be flooded with lower level crap that people made to grind the discs.
  9. It wasn't perfect, but the current implementation isn't fun.
  10. To upgrade the belt from blue to purple, you put 3 blue belts, along with 9 green discs and 5 domination dust, into the recipe. Then to get to legendary, it's the same thing, except you need 3 purple belts. The extra slot only appears if you have the optional component in your inventory. You can buy it from the regular exploration disc vendor.
  11. You're probably better off not buying either right now. Manors and guild halls can only be placed in an EK. Post launch, you may be able to create a guild without paying for it. You won't get the guild hall, but it can be created in game (it takes a LOT to create though). At least wait until you've played the game a bit and know more what you are buying.
  12. That's a good point, and probably why zero import campaigns won't be very popular.
  13. Spending hours to harvest and craft and have nothing to show for it because of RNG isn't fun. All of those items we are making are worthless because we don't need them and can't sell them. Change it to a token system. Have each disc require a certain number of tokens and have each recipe drop a certain number of tokens. More difficult recipes drop more tokens. Producing higher quality items drops more tokens. Also add a salvage mechanic so we can get some resources by salvaging items.
  14. I wasn't downplaying anything, simply correcting his error. There's a reason I haven't played hardly at all the last 3 weeks.
  15. Idea 1: On the surface, this seems like a good idea, but there's a downside too. It will encourage people to not craft when they don't have the bonus. If I have enough resources to make 5 weapons, and I've been playing long enough that day to no longer get the bonus, why would I not wait until the next day to craft those weapons? It's to my benefit to just log off and wait for the bonus. Idea 2: This would help to reduce the impact of RNG. Idea 3: I agree with the premise, but it can't work the same for harvesting and crafting. Harvesting rank 5 vs rank 10 nodes isn't that big of a d
  16. The belt isn't something you will have to repeat for each vessel, just the discipline.
  17. I've been asking for this for a very long time. Pretty much every since they added Oath of Will.
  18. I don't know who reported 1 every 5 tools. I had to make over 120 tools to get 3 of them. The whole RNG thing is awful. Crafters have to work twice as hard because we have to harvest and then craft just to get the discs we need.
  19. This was all explained in the stream. There is no more passive training. Respecs apply to talents and attribute points. Disciplines are not removed, but ones that are no longer valid are inactivated until you re-select the domain, or you can remove it and use something else.
  20. Remember that when the game is live, campaigns will be considerably longer. Also, not all campaigns will be zero import, so if that isn't your thing, don't join one that has zero imports.
  21. Yes, caravans are in the game. Items don't have weight, and won't. Inventory management is based on space, rather than weight.
  22. Yeah, you can get a lot from weapons and jewelry. Enough to hit the cap. Weapons (don't forget the hunger shard) and necklaces can give support power. You can also increase your spirit (assuming it isn't capped yet) via armor (armor coatings) and jewelry.
  23. Do you mean 1400 support power? Were you also wearing weapons and jewelry with support power? What about your disciplines?
  24. Arkade

    PvP and XP

    I don't see the point, as 99.9% of people aren't going to engage in PvP until they are level 30.
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