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  1. That's by design. You have to destroy the old one to replace it. In the future, you won't be able to replace major disciplines and they will require the spending of talent points to get abilities from them, but you will still be able to replace exploration and minor discs.
  2. Regardless of the number of spots the guild hall has for stuff, it's still dependent on how many tokens the underlying parcel has. People run into this a lot with the lodge placed on a shire parcel. The lodge has 4 spots for crafting stations, but the shire parcel only has 3 small building tokens, which means if you place the lodge on a shire parcel, you can only place 3 crafting stations within the lodge. You can craft/upgrade parcels via the crafting system though, so if you don't have enough, you can upgrade to the next larger parcel.
  3. The bundles don't say that they come with a parcel, but they should. It would be kind of pointless otherwise. That's a question you may want to send to support@crowfall.com If the guild bundles do come with a parcel, it should be large enough that you could put at least a couple regular houses on it too.
  4. Economies require people to make them function.
  5. I doubt you'll see any drop from the lower rank ones. You could try killing a rank 2/3 raid boss and see what he drops. If he doesn't drop anything good, then I wouldn't bother farming those guys. It seems like all of the important drops are from rank 6 and above so that people can't get them in God's Reach, which is limited to rank 5 and below.
  6. Farming, as in crops, isn't in the game yet.
  7. This should help: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ Not all professions get stats on necklaces. Jewelcrafting, for example, doesn't.
  8. Go to www.malekai.org and check out the racial bonuses. Each race gets bonuses to 2 different crafting professions, though some professions are not accounted for. Choose a race that gets bonuses to the profession you want. Beyond that, I like to create a character for each class that is available to that race to see which gets the most total stats in the stats that matter to my chosen profession. For example, blacksmithing uses strength and intelligence, so I would pick a race that has bonuses to blacksmithing, and then pick a class for that race that has the highest combined strength and intelligence. That may not necessarily be how you want to do it. You might want to focus more on strength, for example, to raise your blacksmithing exp points, so you might choose a class that has a higher base strength, even though the combination of strength and intelligence is slightly lower. To determine which stats are important to the profession, open your character sheet, click on the Details button, and go to the Craft tab. Mouse over the stats relevant to your chosen profession and the tooltips will tell you which attributes (str, dex or int) increase those stats. As far as what profession you should do first, I would suggest that you pick whichever interests you most and then find a guild to help you. You can only train one profession at a time on each account and even if you have enough accounts to train every profession, there is a lot of active game play involved in gearing up a crafter. So you are going to want to work with other people to be more efficient. However, as a solo player, I would suggest that you do Runemaking first. Runemakers make a variety of things which will be beneficial to you early in the game: Harvesting tools: Better tools enables you to harvest higher rank nodes and do it quicker Disciplines: You can make exploration and major disciplines Specialty Seals: Seals add harvesting or crafting stats when crafting armor In addition, Runemaking requires a low amount of resources compared to other professions. Once you obtain a Runemaking Techniques minor disc, you can start making special tools that enable the harvesting of exploration souls (used to make exploration disciplines) and soul essences (used to make both exploration and major disciplines). There are no races that get bonuses to Runemaking, so you can pick pretty much whatever you want. Runemaking uses dexterity for assembly and intelligence for experimentation and exp. points, so you'll probably want a race/class combo that is at least high in intelligence.
  9. What do you want for 186 simple steps? I have the following for trade: Runemaking Techniques Jewelcrafting Techniques Sparring Elven Eyes Rune-Forged Compendium Art of Horse-Shoeing A Treatise of Defense Bows of the Elvish Court, Vol. 1
  10. The captains drop them too, and can be soloed by most or all classes, though they aren't a guaranteed drop. Different war tribes drop different ones. I have a ton of horseshoes and the Rune-Forged Compendiums (swords, maces and axes), but I don't have the 186 steps book, which is required to make the subcomponents.
  11. Gold is much easier to get in 5.9 than it was in 5.8.6. War tribe elites drop 50-120 gold each. Captains can drop 200-350 each. Lore items drop a lot more often from war tribes as well. Elites drop 1, captains drop 4 (and they are all green or better). A group boss (chief) can drop 10 epic lore items, which when combined gives you 4300 xp. The problem with the lore items is that they take up a lot of space, especially once you combine them. It isn't practical to save them for too long. My suggestion would be to create a new type of currency that can only be used for leveling. On the test server, they have a leveling dust that can be used only for sacrifice. Something similar to that. XP amounts for sacrifice would need to be normalized so that they aren't dependent on level, otherwise people would exchange items for this currency using a level 1 character to maximize the return. When sacrificing, we'd have the option to convert the item to XP right away, or turn it into this currency. Or maybe you have to do the sacrifice on a level 30 character to get the currency. The currency could be much more easily stored and traded. Make leveling part of the economy again. This currency will be something that players will actually care about exporting from the campaigns. Instead of exporting a bunch of items, they can sacrifice stuff and turn it into future XP. The export rules would still dictate how much you get to take with you, but this would provide veteran players a quick way to level a new character. It would give EKs more of a role in the game too, as they could become important hubs for selling vessels and XP currency.
  12. You will be able to build your own forts and keeps in the Dregs. Spirit Banks are changing in the near future. The embargo was always intended to be something that you get at the end of the campaign as a reward based on how you did in the campaign.
  13. Salvaging is already part of the blacksmithing skill tree. It's planned, but not in yet. And this article talks about refineries: https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/columns/crowfall-industry-day-1000013678 It remains to be seen if we'll be able to refine resources into better qualities, but I know it has been suggested in the past.
  14. On test, this vendor has been added to the temple, along with all of the advanced crafting stations, so it will be a little less annoying in the future.
  15. This type of camera movement usually only exists in tab target games, since the camera doesn't need to follow where you are targeting. In the survival tray, you have a little more freedom with the camera, where you can spin the camera around and use "S" instead of "W" (or whatever your backward and forward are mapped to). In this case, you can continue running forward while looking behind you. For looking to the sides, I use the strafe keys (A and D, by default), sometimes in combination with W.
  16. There are now vendors on the test server that will buy stuff for gold. It was something they originally said they wouldn't have, but I guess they decided that it was needed after all.
  17. It's a bug. Please post in the appropriate bug thread: The devs won't see it here. The new build on TEST is called this: Hopefully that means that fixes are coming.
  18. They will announce when the previous rewards have been handed out. I don't think the oak cup has been awarded yet, but I really don't pay that much attention to it. I'm on TEST quite a bit regardless. No one has been able to get in yet. They will probably extend the deadline since TEST has been down since 5.9 went to LIVE. That's what they did previously. As for when it will be up? No idea, but I would expect some time today so we can test over the weekend.
  19. How many have you killed? Have you been killing them since 5.9 went to live? In 5.8.6, the drop rates were very low. I didn't get any from them back then either. Now, they drop a lot more often.
  20. Read my post right above yours. I've actually gotten 3 runemaking techniques discs so far. All of them have dropped from elites and captains, both of which can be soloed by most, if not all, classes. Group bosses always drop 1 disc and can be killed solo by some classes, or duo if one of you has some healing. If you have the first aid book, I'll trade you a runemaking techniques disc for it.
  21. I don't think that's a fair assumption. Look at how combat started out and where it is now. It takes time. Drop rates have already improved since the first implementation of war tribes. I'm sure they will continue to improve. Again, it's not the design that is the problem, but the balancing of it. But let's talk specifics here, because just talking about this in general doesn't help them make those changes. Tools are a problem. Goggles, hammers, etc. There needs to be a more reliable way to get these. The addition of the tools for weapon additives has completely destroyed the hunger shard economy. Not only are the tools way too rare, but they come from the same place the shards do. So anyone who might want to buy hunger shards won't have the tool they need, and anyone who has the tool won't sell it because they are too rare. Without the economy to support it, it becomes a huge grind to get the tools. The same thing happens with the 186 steps book. It's too hard to get. We end up with a bank full of runic recipes and no way to use them. I feel like disciplines are in a pretty good place right now. At least minors and exploration discs. Majors we'll have to wait and see when they add the thralls. Yes, it can be difficult to get the specific minor discs that you want, but that's where the economy comes into play (or it would, if more people were playing). A solo player can effectively get minor and exploration disciplines, selling the ones they don't need and buying the ones they do. Some of the more popular minor discs can be added to specific mobs with a guaranteed drop to create points of conflict. Maybe the Satyr raid boss always drops Demon's Pact and the Aracoix raid boss always drops Expansive Mind. These are simple tweaks to the system that will make it much better for everyone. Leveling is in a much better place now too thanks to increased lore drops and increased XP on lore items and sacrifice shards. Of course, they don't help with storage, but that's a different topic. I've got a ton of lore items sitting in the bank. I haven't added it all up, but it's probably more than enough to level an epic vessel to 30. I'll see once I get my vessel. Small changes. Fix the drop rates on tools, put some guaranteed drops on the toughest mobs and let groups fight over them. It's not complicated.
  22. Send an email to support@crowfall.com
  23. Again, I'm not saying the numbers don't need tweaking. I'm just trying say that, big picture, it's not as bad as it seems. Basically, drop rates aren't properly balanced yet. Neither is combat. We'll get there.
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