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  1. Offhand doesn't do damage. It's just stats. All damage is based on the mainhand weapon.
  2. The OP is no doubt playing on the Live server. @AngryGamerThe game is in alpha, so some things are still in flux. One of those things is the New Player Experience, which is the quests you did. The Live server only has part 1 of the NPE. Part 2 is on the Test server and should go to Live some time next week. Part 3 is being worked on. A few things you need to understand: Crowfall is a PvP game, so there won't be any quests other than the ones for the NPE. They are only meant to help teach you the game. When the patch that is currently on Test goes to Live, all items and characters will be wiped. The only thing that won't be wiped is skill training. Some time in the near future, beta will begin, and they will do a complete wipe of everything at that time. There are no campaigns up right now, just God's Reach and Infected. Maybe they'll put a Dregs campaign up on the Test server tomorrow. It depends on when they expect to move the patch to Live. You can play on the Test server to try out part 2 of the NPE. You can also play around with various builds more easily there, as there are free resources and a special dust that you can sacrifice to quickly level a character. To download the Test client, just go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client and download the Test patcher. Test might not be up for much longer though. They usually take it down once the patch goes to Live, so you might just be better off waiting for that, especially since there is going to be a wipe. As Atraeus said, it helps to find a guild. A good guild will help teach you the game. The basic game loop is to level up/build your character, then go to a campaign and try to help win the campaign for your faction/guild. There currently aren't any rewards tied to winning, but there will be. The amount of stuff you can export from a campaign is supposed to be dependent on how well your faction/guild does in the campaign, but right now every can export the same amount of stuff. If you have any other questions, check out the community discord: https://discord.gg/PsgQkf
  3. There's a new patch on the test server. There is a crashing issue that they are trying to fix before they move it to live. A Dregs campaign just ended on test yesterday, but they haven't put a new one up. The only pvp right now is in the Infected world on the live server. You might also find some people dueling in EKs. I imagine they'll move the patch to live as soon as they get the crash issue fixed, and then they'll start up a Dregs on live.
  4. There are no campaigns active. Are you trying to join a completed campaign?
  5. There are 5 world types: Every player gets an Eternal Kingdom, which is your own personal world that you can build. You can turn PvP on or off there, and they are generally used to practice or as merchant hubs. God's Reach is a PvE only world that serves to introduce new players to the game. It has low level resources, so if you want better stuff, you have to go to the other worlds. There is only 1 faction on this world. The Infected is a 3 faction PvP world. Only the temple areas are safe. Anywhere else, you can be attacked by players of the other factions, though you don't drop your loot. There are no winners or losers in this world type. The world persists indefinitely, with the scoreboard reflecting which faction controls the most stuff at any given time. Factions can fight over keeps, but there isn't really much point to it, unless you just want to practice between campaigns. The Shadow is also a 3 faction world, but it has a definitive start and end. Each faction fights to win the campaign. The scoreboard is similar to the infected world, except that at the end, the faction with the most point wins. Players drop their inventory on death. The temple areas and the free city (vendor zone) are the only safe zones. The Shadow is subject to import and export limitations. The Dregs is guild vs guild, and each guild fights to win the campaign. Players drop their inventory on death. Guilds can own keeps and build them up via the city building mechanics. There is also the divine favor system, which gives guilds various objectives each season that will earn them points toward victory. Like the Shadow, the Dregs is subject to import/export limitations. Different campaigns will have different rules. Right now most people are on the Test server, testing the new patch. A Dregs campaign just ended, so the only world up there is a God's Reach. They usually bring up an infected world between campaigns, but the patch may be moving to Live soon. The live server has God's Reach and Infected up right now. They will run a Dregs on live once the new patch goes there. The Shadow worlds haven't been up since we started testing Dregs, but they shoud make a comeback once beta starts.
  6. They are working on a way to allow us to craft multiples, since factories won't make it in before launch. They are working on part 3 of the NPE, which will include more quests, but that will be it. The quest system is just a glorified tutorial. I don't agree on more space between mobs. There needs to be a higher mob density to accommodate a larger population of players. Don't expect to get a minimap.
  7. No idea, but CaptainSlashin had a decent number of people watching, and that was just crafting.
  8. ACE tries to make sure everyone knows what's going on, but the problem is many people don't read anything. They just jump into the game and start playing. It isn't perfect, but that's where the community needs to step up and let new players know what's going on. The only other option is to get rid of the test server and just patch everything directly to live, but that creates it's own set of problems, for new and old players alike. Once we get into beta, there will be a lot more players, and the test/live logistics won't matter.
  9. And in the last couple Dregs, we didn't even have captains!
  10. They are absolutely doing that. They just had a stream-a-thon this past weekend.
  11. To add to Yoink's post, you also get advanced crafting stats from General crafting stats. General crafting stats come from the Crafting Basics tree and from Maestro Hands (necromancy additive). General Crafting stats add to all crafting professions in the following ratios: 5 General Crafting = 1 Assembly 2 General Experimentation = 1 Experimentation 4 General Experimentation Points = 1 Experimentation Point Regarding the caps, the absolute caps for crafting are 130 for Assembly and Experimentation. 100 is the default. You can increase your caps by 15 by equipping the associated minor discipline (Sawbones for Necromancy, Armorsmith or Weaponsmith for Blacksmith, etc). You can raise your caps another 15 by training in the skill tree. The default cap for Experimentation Points is 18. You can raise that cap by 4 with a Potion of Sappho (crafted by alchemists) and by another 2 with the Thrall buff. I think the thrall buff can only be obtained in a keep in the Dregs that your guild owns, but hopefully there will be other ways to get it, as it also give +1 pip. You can get other buffs to your Experimentation Points as well. Sumptuous Pot Pie (cooking) give 1 general pip, which is .25 pips. And the Leadership buff, trained in the Command skill tree, gives 2 general pips (.5 pips).
  12. How fast is your RAM running? I upgraded from 16gb to 32gb and didn't see a huge boost, but when I changed the speed from 2133mhz to 3600mhz, I saw a significant increase in FPS.
  13. Nothing is changing for majors or exploration discs. Those will still be obtained in the same way they are now (from thralls and harvesting, respectively) and will still require a runemaker to craft them. Minor disciplines of green or better quality should be dropping more often. These disciplines are not crafted, except to combine them to create higher qualities, which anyone can do.
  14. Yeah, I was actually thinking about this yesterday. I wouldn't want to leave off the remaining pips. That might work for some items, but not for all. I don't think they'll change the large re-roll back to the way it was, either. Previously, it would always improve the item, so it was a requirement to use it when making important stuff. It made embers way too important. I do agree though that having some control over the polish would be better. We were supposed to get a new crafting UI that shows the status of each pip, not just as they are being rolled, but you could actually look at the pips afterward and know what each roll was. I can't remember if it was color coded or what, but that, along with a way to choose the specific pips you want to polish, would really help. I have no idea if we are going to actually see the new UI by launch. There have been several new designs over the years (projects?) and none have ever made it into the game. Even if we could choose the line we want to polish, if not the individual pips, that would be better. If I'm rolling a specialty seal for crafting, I care a whole lot more about the experimentation than I do the assembly.
  15. We used to have tutorial videos in-game. No one watched them. I'm sure they'll come up with something.
  16. I think a better idea would be to allow us to achieve 100% assembly chance. At 98%, it might not happen often, but one failure at the wrong time can be devastating. Imagine making a legendary runic weapon and getting an assembly failure on the final combine. Or a legendary vessel, full of legendary additives that you spent weeks or months obtaining. It doesn't take that much Assembly to hit the success cap. My blacksmith on test has 63.87 assembly and 5 difficulty reduction from Helper Monkey. I can craft legendary armor components (metal scales, rings, etc.) at a 98% success rate. The final combine of the legendary armor piece is a 73.87% success rate. Let us have a 100% success rate at 130 assembly.
  17. I killed a couple defenders (one was a captain) at an outpost in Dregs, but I couldn't loot them. I also couldn't capture the outpost. It was close to a keep and instead of the outpost capture widget, I only saw the widget for the keep siege timer. I also traveled to every marked war camp in 2 different zones and I found zero captains, chiefs or kings. I found 1 alpha bear, but nothing above mature for any other animals.
  18. Finished the NPE. Text needs to be fixed on a few quests (missing words). The Tinker still directs players to the east to find the statue of Gaea, but it is in the west. For the quarry quest, the NPC says to get timber, rather than stone, and as Hyriol mentioned, it is giving way more materials than intended.
  19. But we really needed to test training at 1X, to see how it feels! Like there was any doubt that it would be too slow. They have to get that sorted out, along with all the other things that cause bottlenecks in player progression.
  20. Elites should drop common with a 10% chance at green. Captains should drop green with a 10% chance at blue. Chiefs and kings should drop multiple green and blue with a 10% chance at getting a purple.
  21. How are you guys keeping the EK up continuously?
  22. This would take a lot of work for little benefit. They have an entire test server where they can test changes. Combat isn't currently different from one world to the next and I seriously doubt the infrastructure exists to do it easily. Maybe it would be possible to a degree with the tag system, but it would still require them to make the code changes and create a new build. To build something that allows players to dynamically modify combat rules would be at least an order of magnitude harder.
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