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  1. No one wants to have to waste a minor for a taunt. Just add a hate component to some of the existing tank abilities. IIRC, that's what they did back in Hunger Dome when they first added mobs.
  2. Guilds are important in this game, but there are some aspects that are more solo friendly than others. All harvesting except motherlodes can be done solo. When caravans are introduced in the next patch, that will give people another way to get resources, and that might make the world safer for solo harvesters, though we should also see a significant increase in population, which might mean that there are very few safe places. It will depend on how many people are in each campaign. There are worlds where there is no PvP, and words with more limited PvP, but the resource levels will be lower in those worlds. You can craft solo. Most of the stuff you can craft will require 1 or more subcomponents from another profession. Currently, most recipes can be accessed by everyone, regardless of training, so you can make those subcomponents yourself. You won't be good at making them, though, and would be better off making use of the economy to buy those parts from other players. Combat-wise, solo is going to be hard. You might be able to gank some harvesters now and then, but with a larger population, your more likely to find yourself outnumbered. The divine favor system that is being added in the next patch may allow you to contribute more to the war effort as a solo player. We don't know all of the details yet, but it will be basically a quest system that will give people things they can accomplish that will earn points for their faction or guild. I would guess some of those things will be able to be completed by a solo player. It really depends on your goals in the game. If you want to be a crafter, then I'd say solo is more viable. If you want to be more involved in combat, then you'll probably want to join a faction based campaign, rather than a guild based campaign. Once the next patch goes live, they will be inviting everyone who has created a Crowfall account, so you'll get a chance to try the game for free. You can then decide for yourself if it's a game that you want to play.
  3. Only the assembly stat matters for stonemasonry right now, as there is nothing to experiment on. Raising your assembly will help avoid assembly failures. When you start crafting soil you'll see what I mean.
  4. It's been several months since the last major update. The next update is scheduled to go to test next month. That update will provide players with a lot more activities, but probably won't be super helpful in guiding you through the game. I expect more of that type of stuff to be added during beta (which is scheduled to begin when this update goes to live). Part of the next update is the Divine Favor system, which will give players a bit of direction. We haven't seen it yet, but my understanding is that it will be a sort of quest system, where each faction or guild will have a set of things that they can work toward to gain points for their side. There should also be some UI updates, so that may help with the new player experience. Right now there aren't that many people playing, as most are waiting for that patch. When beta begins, they will be inviting all of the people who have created a Crowfall account (about 340k, currently), whether they have bought a pledge package or not. This will be done in waves, depending, I would imagine, on when they signed up. So expect there to be a lot more people trying out the game at that time. Obviously those with a pledge package will get immediate access, but the free players will have to wait their turn to get in. When the patch hits live, there will be a full wipe of all characters, items and skills. So whether this is a good time to play or not is up to you. Less people means less competition, but also less people to group with and answer your questions.
  5. I just figured out what the bug is. If player A has the leadership passive equipped and gets invited to player B's group, who also has the leadership passive equipped, it will work fine. However, if player A then removes his leadership passive, the Leadership and Footman buffs are removed from the group. The leader has to remove then re-equip the passive to fix it. I assume that won't be a problem in the future, since there will be no way to remove the leadership passive, as it will be active in all trays, in and out of combat.
  6. Either. Blair talked about it in the Q&A.
  7. 1) Major disciplines are optional. In the next build, we are going to see some changes to the talent trees. Some talent nodes are going to cost zero points, while the nodes for the major disciplines are going to cost 5 points. So theoretically, you might choose to forego one or both discs in favor of other talents. That said, I think majors are supposed to be permanent once you slot them. They may have changed their stance on that, though, not sure. Once you get a higher quality vessel, you will need to use higher quality disciplines. An epic vessel requires epic disciplines. Epic disciplines are created by combining 125 common disciplines, so even if you could swap them, you probably wouldn't want to for cost reasons. 2) Yes, if you are doing both combat and crafting, then you'll most likely want to have separate characters for each. More than likely, you'll want to choose difference races and classes for each, and your attribute allocation will be different. 3) Disciplines are a money sink. The crafting majors can't be found as drops or crafted, they can only be bought from the vendor. The other combat majors can be looted from rank 6+ animals (as souls that you must craft into disciplines). As I said though, the quality of the disciplines have to be the same or higher as the quality of your vessel, so you'll no doubt have to buy disciplines to supplement any drops you get. 4) There are no plans for allowing players to respec skill points. There is a wipe coming with the next patch and we all get to start our training over. And there will be at least one more wipe prior to launch. So use this time to figure out what you want to train.
  8. Parcels and buildings are created at the Stonemasonry table, but the table has to be in an EK. You can't create them at the stonemasonry table in the temples, forts or keeps. Use the stonemasonry table in the temple to create a stonemasonry table, then place that table into a building in your EK. Or create a crafting deck and place the table on that. Then you can use that table to make other parcels and buildings. Yeah, it's kind of broken, since you need a parcel before you can place the table. If you don't have one, you'd have to go to someone else's EK who does have a stonemasonry table and use that.
  9. Blair said in the Q&A that the idea was that you would need to keep doing caravans to build up your walls and buildings, so until you have everything built, you'll probably need resources from traditional harvesting.
  10. I'm sure I've had issues with it in the past and had to remove the passive from one of them, but I just tested it and it's working as you suggest.
  11. Arkade


    Sie fallen aus den Reihen der Kriegsstämme, aber nur Hauptleute, Häuptlinge und Könige.
  12. I'm not seeing in those screenshots where we slot the powers. Is it just the ones in the top row?
  13. How will the leadership passive work if two people both have it? Will it automatically be based on the leader of the group? Currently, if more than 1 person in the group has the passive slotted, it doesn't give the buff to either of them, regardless of who the leader is.
  14. Arkade


    Sie benötigen die Mehrzweckbrille. Überprüfen Sie die Anbieter in Joveth, um sie zu kaufen.
  15. Not really. There will be NPCs that give you tasks that can earn points for your guild/faction within the campaign, but nothing like traditional quests. I would expect there to be more things to improve the new player experience, to help give players a bit more direction when just starting out, but that will likely be after the next milestone.
  16. They've mentioned the possibility of a vacuum type ability to gather up the harvesting loot, though personally, I like the mechanic as is. It's like breaking a pinata. Regarding harvesting tools, there are many ways to make your tools last longer. For starters, better tools will have more durability. There are 4 ways you can craft tools: 1) Basic tools and 2) Sturdy basic tools are both made via the same recipe in the J menu. The difference is in what type of wood you use. If you use knotwood, you will get a regular basic tool. If you use any other type of wood, you will get a sturdy basic tool, which will have more durability and therefore last longer. 3) Intermediate tools can be crafted at the General crafting table or at the Runemaking table. Both tables are in the crafting area of the temple. Intermediate tools give you +10 to the associated harvesting profession and they have even more durability than the sturdy basic tools. 4) Advanced tools can be crafted at a Runemaking table. Without any training, disciplines and/or gear, you aren't likely to create an advanced tool that is better than an intermediate one. However, advanced tools can have more types of stats, and much higher stats, than intermediate tools. They can also have significantly higher durability. You need advanced tools to harvest the highest rank nodes. In addition to improving your tools, you can also increase the amount of time your tools last by reducing tool decay. This can be done in a couple ways. First, by passive training. There are skill nodes that will reduce the amount of decay your tools suffer when harvesting specific things. Second, you can equip a Villein exploration discipline which will reduce tool decay by 50%. These disciplines can only be crafted and require a Villein exploration soul. You can buy the soul and/or discipline from another player, or you can harvest the soul yourself and craft the discipline at a runemaking table. Refer to this link for information about how to obtain the souls: https://murderinc.guildtag.com/wiki/exploration-souls/ Necklaces can also be crafted with tool decay reduction. Refer to the jewelcrafting tab at this link for more information: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ Crowfall is an MMO and as such, there is a progression. There are a lot of things that you aren't going to be good at when you first start, but you can improve them through training, disciplines and gear. Just equipping a Villein discipline and using advanced tools will make a huge difference.
  17. Arkade

    Coming back

    This should help with the crafting side of the game: https://murderinc.guildtag.com/wiki/ As far as just starting out, level up in Joveth (Under God's Reach). You can join the Infected world at level 15 and a campaign at level 20, but you're probably better off just getting to 30 in Joveth. Kill war tribe mobs to get gear and artifacts. The artifacts can be combined at an artifact table (which you can find in certain war tribe camps) and sacrificed for XP at the fire in the temple. Also look at joining a guild. Search the guild forum for one you like. You can also look for a guild here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild There aren't a lot of people playing right now, but you should be able to find people in Joveth to group with. When you're ready, you can jump into a campaign. If you're looking for some PvP action, check the siege schedule by opening the map (M) and clicking on the View Details button. The next patch is due to hit the test server next month and there is a wipe coming with the patch, so your progress will be lost. Expect there to be at least 1 more wipe before launch.
  18. Which is why I said there will be multiple Joveths.
  19. I probably did, or within the first few days. I don't remember.
  20. Yeah, sorry about that. It should be back up later today.
  21. Unfortunately my Wiki is down right now. Apparently the hosting site had a DDOS attack yesterday. It should be back up some time today. I have a page on the wiki that talks about experimentation. In the meantime, I can give you the quick and dirty. There are 2 primary stats that you care about: Experimentation - Improving this stat will increase your chances of successfully experimenting on an item. The default cap is 100, but you can raise that cap to 120 by equipping the Techniques minor discipline associated with your chosen profession. You'll want to get this stat to 120 to achieve the best results. Experimentation Points (Pips) - This represents the number of times you can experiment on an item. Each time you experiment is a roll of the dice, with your Experimentation stat weighed against the difficult of the recipe. The difficulty of the recipe is modified by the quality of the item you are making (higher quality is actually less difficult) and the amount of risk you select. The more risk you select, the higher potential rewards, but if your Experimentation stat isn't high enough, you are much more likely to get poor results. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the value in Your Skill is higher than the Final Difficulty value. The Bonus Per Point value is the amount added to each experimentation roll based on the risk you chose. Using the Attention to Detail minor discipline will increase this amount by 1. In this screen shot, you can see that I have 4 tracks to experiment on, and only 20 pips, so I can't fully experiment on everything. Most items have 3 tracks at most, with 1 of those tracks being durability, so 20 pips is enough to fully experiment on most things. The cap on pips is 18 by default, but you can raise it by 4 by using a Potion of Sappho, and by another 2 by crafting at a station in the keep, which gives the Thrall buff (the buff doesn't currently work for runemaking and alchemy). Despite being able to raise the cap to 24, you won't be able to get more than 21 total pips, currently. You can get up to 2.5 pips from a necklace. The Leadership buff (fully trained) gives .5 pips. Sumptuous Pot Pie (crafted at a cooking station) gives 1 pip, and the Thrall buff give 1 pip, in addition to raise the cap by 2. You will need to reach at least 16 pips via skill training and attributes to reach 21 pips. Open your character sheet, click on the Details button, and in the Craft tab, mouse over the Experimentation Points stat for your chosen profession. The tooltip will tell you which attribute you need to increase to increase that stat. It will be one of strength, dexterity or intelligence. The conversion rate is 1 attribute point = .014 pips. Attribute caps can never be higher than 350, so the most pips you can get from attributes is 4.9. The percentages you see on the right side of the screenshot are your final results for each track. It is a combination of all of your experimentation rolls. The highest percentage you can achieve is 120.8%. There are secondary stats as well that will improve your experimentation. The Helper Monkey minor discipline, along with Bon Tippers (single use, crafted at cooking station), will improve your Experimentation Difficulty Reduction. The Risk Management minor discipline will improve your Additional Risk Difficulty Reduction. You can also get these stats on Jewelry. Re-rolls allow you to redo your lower rolls. If you do the Large re-roll first, you can then also do the small re-roll. If you do the small first, then you won't have the option to do the large. The large re-roll will re-roll all of the pips and if a result ends up being higher than the original roll, then you will get the higher roll. The small re-roll will re-roll your 3 worst rolls and is guaranteed to improve them. There are varying costs for re-rolls based on the quality of the item. Rare items costs 50 dust for a large and 20 for a small. For epic and legendary items, large re-rolls will cost you 5 and 10 chaos embers, respectively. Okay, I think that's enough If you have any questions, let me know.
  22. People can go to the infected at 15, and the campaign at level 20 if they want to. I see no reason to force them out of GR though prior to level 30. Just take chiefs and kings out of Joveth so people can't farm them. Captains will still be able to drop stuff like the tablet and goggles, but it's a small chance.
  23. It is going to be reduced. Well, the resource ranks anyway. The mob levels might still be up to 8 to allow for players to reach 30 before moving on. The only reason it hasn't happened yet is because resource ranks and mob ranks in the same parcel are currently linked. I believe that is fixed in the next patch, so we should see lower rank resources in Joveth.
  24. You can find a lot of info here: https://murderinc.guildtag.com/wiki/
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