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  1. Survival Campfires are still leaving behind smoke after they go out and the smoke stays around forever. Still can't cook at them either.
  2. Templar talk.

    I like the Vindicator promotion class, though I still have 1 talent point that I haven't spent because I haven't decided yet whether or not to buy Blazing Light. The big issue with it though is that the caps on bonus damage are set at 40% and it's ridiculously easy to blow past those caps. I have 28% fire damage bonus just from talents. I get 9% from Fiery Perdition, 9% from Blazing Judgement and 10% from Vindicator. Vindicator also gives 10% slashing damage bonus and the Vindicator passive modifies my slashing damage bonus by my fire damage bonus, which means with just 3 talents and 1 passive, my slashing damage bonus is 38%. Fiery Devotion buffs Devotion to give 15% fire damage bonus. I only get 12% of that though since it caps at 40%. Because of the Vindicator passive, that 15% also gives me slashing damage bonus, but I only get 2% because of the 40% cap. Warrior of Vengeance buffs Holy Warrior to add 30% slashing damage bonus while removing the max HP increase. Again, my slashing damage bonus is 38% without it, so I'm only getting 2% benefit from the talent instead of 30%. I've I'm using Devotion at the same time, I'm already capped and not getting anything from the talent. Just the Vindicator talent/passive combined with Warrior of Vengeance puts me over the cap. The talent gives me 10% fire and 10% slashing. The passive gives me another 10% slashing. Warrior of Vengeance gives me 30% slashing, putting me 10% over the cap. This is an inherently flawed design. I don't know if they intended to give the spec that much damage and forgot about the caps or what, but something has to change. They need to have Vindicator increase the caps by a lot, change the damage bonuses to penetration, or remove some of the damage bonuses and gives the spec something else, because right now, most of the potential is wasted.
  3. There are plans for more "boss" type mobs, as well as was parties, which are roving bands of mobs. We will also see more types of mobs added to the game. There is one boss mob already, the spider queen. She drops 2 or 3 different minor disciplines. In the future, all minor disciplines will drop from mobs. I'm sure they will add more character customization, but I don't think body styles will be part of it. Changing hair and faces isn't that much work, but changing bodies means they have to adjust not only armor models, but possibly animations as well. I don't think it's in the plans. They will no doubt add more weapon types to different classes, but we aren't likely to see any until after launch. There's only so much time and money to get everything done. We are still waiting on the Frostweaver class. That is the last class to be added, but again, there's no reason they can't add more races and classes post launch. I'm sure they will add more disciplines too over time. They will probably do a pass on the current disciplines at some point and we may see some changed, removed or added. They plan to have different biomes. They talked about it a bit in the Q&A video back in May.
  4. Leatherworking skill bugged?

    Well, there are 3 actually. There's also experimentation points, but I knew you wouldn't have 37 of those
  5. Leatherworking skill bugged?

    Which stat are you referring to? Assembly or experimentation? AFAIK, they are working as intended.
  6. The optional component is so you can make a runed weapon blade, but we don't have the recipe to use the runed sword. Just incomplete content, not a bug.
  7. Discussion on Combat Speed

    Everyone moves at the same baseline speed, so I'm fine with it. It can feel a little jarring at times if you've been running around on a mount for a while and then you enter combat and move at a snail's pace by comparison.
  8. Discussion on Combat Speed

    The Warden promotion gets Forest Step and if you go Elken Ranger, you get the Head Butt ability. Both will give you more mobility. You can also use disciplines like Bard or Friar. Both include speed buffs that work in-combat, though they have some limitations. For Bard, if you get CCed, you lose the buff and have to recast it. For Friar, you don't have direct control over which buff you get. There are 3 buffs. The speed buff is up most of the time, but depending on what else you are doing, you may trigger one of the other buffs.
  9. HIHI

    At peak times, we get up to 200 players per campaign. At this particular moment, there are 88 on the EU campaign and 76 on the North American campaign. These numbers represent an increase from 5.7 totals, as the game is actually to a point now where a winner is declared. It is expected that the populations will spike again when the sanctioned campaigns (first "official" campaigns where actual rewards will be handed out) begin, likely in a couple weeks, and they should spike again in a few months when alpha begins.
  10. If you want to play solo in this game, you have to be smart about it. You can't just go out into the world and expect that you won't get attacked. There are many things you can do to mitigate your risk: 1) As has been mentioned, you can level your vessel to 30 within the safety of the starter zone/temple if you want to. There are places for vendors in the temples and as we get longer campaigns and the economy gets going more, you will start to see weapons and armor for sale, so you'll even be able to gear up without leaving the safe zones, if you want. It won't be easy--rank 1 pack pigs don't drop much gold--but you can do it. That's the tradeoff. You can hide behind the walls and take longer to level/gear up, or you can risk going out into the world for quicker gains. 2) Harvest using a class that has stealth. While harvesting you will be vulnerable, but you can remain hidden while moving about the world. 3) Scout out the area you want to harvest before you begin. Know which nodes you want to hit and in what order you want to hit them. See if there is anyone else in the area before you begin. If there are outposts in the area that your faction doesn't own, consider taking them before you begin so you have a fallback position. Having the guards at your back might not save you in most cases, but they can't hurt. 4) Harvest close to a fort or keep that your faction owns and make use of the local bank often. Getting killed isn't a big deal if you just banked all your stuff. Alternately, you can look for locations where no one is likely to find you. Look at the campaign map and see if there are any outposts that haven't been captured. You can tell because the circle around the zone won't be fully filled in. If an outpost hasn't been taken, that means that people don't go there much, if at all. The area might only have low rank stuff, but you'll be at less risk. 5) Make sure your tools are good enough for the nodes you are harvesting. If it takes you 2 stamina bars to destroy a node, that's twice the amount of time you are exposed. 6) Improve your harvesting skills and/or use potions and food so that you can afford to take combat disciplines instead of harvesting disciplines. Equip yourself with advanced gear. Give yourself a chance to fight back if you do get attacked. 7) Pay attention to chat. There may be reports of someone in the area. Maybe someone just got attacked nearby. Ask in zone chat if anyone has seen anything and you if you see something, report it to your fellow harvesters. Maybe you got lucky. You just finished off a node and dropped into stealth before a group of 3 enemies came running through. Let other people know about it. 8) If your play time is flexible, try to harvest when there are less people playing, or switch to a less populated campaign, if that's an option for you. None of this is a guarantee that you will be safe while harvesting in the PvP areas, but they will certainly help your chances. If all else fails, look for other people who want to harvest and work with them. You still won't be 100% safe, but a solo player looking for kills is more likely to pass you by if there are 3 or 4 of you rather than just 1. I have done a lot of solo harvesting in this game. Yes, I have gotten attacked and killed, but not that often, and I have managed to escape or even kill the attacker on occasion. Don't expect the game to protect you. Learn to protect yourself.
  11. guilds & thralls.

    There will be factories. They have been planned since the beginning, but obviously not implemented yet. There is a blueprint button in the crafting interface that isn't enabled yet. When you create a blueprint, you will need to have identical components to run that blueprint. If you use Tin/Silver/Silver to make a metal bar blueprint, for example, you would have to use Tin/Silver/Silver for every run of the blueprint. And say you use two of those metal bars to make a mace head and turn that into a blueprint. At that point, you could only use the metal bars that you produced in your previous factory run. The serial numbers will need to be identical to what's in the mace head blueprint. You wouldn't be able to craft new metal bars and use them. I don't know what plans they have for guild level storage. Blueprints will likely be a tradeable item though, so I don't see any reason why they couldn't be given to the guild and then used by a different crafter. I imagine that a lot of the guild workflow that you describe will have to be handled by the guild outside the game. I doubt there will be any sort of UI/functionality to manage that. Factories will likely work very similar to how crafting stations work right now, with the exception that only one person can use them at a time and crafting times will be longer. This is all subject to change, of course, but that's how they are expected to work.
  12. It will be addressed by higher populations. If there are enough people, forts won't be left empty. Also, once the embargo system is added, we will have to do all of our crafting in forts and keeps.
  13. Benediction from the Friar discipline gives +50 bleed mitigation to the group, but armor bonuses are capped at 35%, so bleed mitigation caps at 35%.
  14. Yes. They won't selectively wipe just weapons. I'm reasonably certain it will happen, as I doubt they'll want people running around with the old weapons. It sucks, but that's how it goes in pre-alpha. You've probably got a couple weeks, so finish what you can. I don't think they'll wipe characters, so once you make the vessels and use them, you should be okay.
  15. I don't think so. 5.9 is targeted for February. My understanding is that the sanctioned campaigns will occur some time this month, likely at the end of the month.
  16. On the test server, mobs are not respawning. Also, the target dummies can die. One is dead already and the other 2 are near death. Once they die, they do not respawn.
  17. Blood orbs from the Blood Price passive (Blade Master disc) spawn at the target's location. Can they be changed to spawn at the caster's location? I realize that having to move to get the orb is part of the design and if the orbs were to spawn on the caster, it might as well just be a regular heal, but it's kind of annoying when I use something like Chain Attack or Throw Illusion Shield and the orb spawns 20 meters away. Also, it isn't always easy to get to the orbs due to collision, especially when fighting mobs, since mobs only move when we move, so I have to move away, wait for the mob to move away from the orb, then circle around to get it. Maybe giving the orb a larger interact radius would help. Speaking of Throw Illusion Shield, I think it needs some beefing up. The damage is very low and it has no utility. Using the Shield Whiz disc adds a snare to it, but it isn't worth spending a minor disc slot and a passive slot to make that one ability useful. Either bake the snare into it and replace Shield Whiz with something else, or add some other sort of utility to it. A minor bleed would be very good, as it would provide a counter for assassins and duelists that isn't buried 3 deep in a combo. And while I'm on the subject of the Shield Fighter disc, I think Mighty Shield Slam needs some changes too. It does more damage than Shield Slam, but Shield Slam's damage is pathetic given that it roots the knight and has to be charged to over 66% to even do that much damage. I just used Shield Slam twice against a rank 1 packpig, charged to full both times, and it did 316 and 281 damage. Those were both crits, as the ability gives 100% crit chance when charged over 66%, and I have 148.6 crit damage. I'm using a crafted Stoneborn vessel and a white bastard sword that does 73-99 damage. That's terrible damage. Mighty Shield Slam does significantly more damage. I was hitting the target dummies for almost 1k with it, but it comes with the significant cost of all of my stamina, meaning no blocking or retaliates until it regenerates. Maybe this should be changed to work like Rehabilitation (Field Surgeon) where stamina is used to determine the strength, but it doesn't actually consume stamina to use it. In addition, I think Mighty Shield Slam should replace Shield Slam in the knight's kit and Mighty Shield Slam should be replaced on the Shield Fighter disc with something else. The pushback utility on these abilities is nice, but is far too situational, and we shouldn't need to use a major disc to make a base kit ability worthwhile. Also of note for these abilities is that they both have 2 charge bars. First, a blue bar appears and charges to 100%, then we get a green bar that we also charge to 100%. It seems like the 66% is calculated based on the combination of these 2 bars, so we have to completely fill the first bar and then fill 16+% of the second bar. This is not very intuitive, but it's been like this forever. It would make a lot more sense if it was just one bar.
  18. I placed a campfire in the chaos temple about an hour ago and the smoke is still there. These campfires still can't be used for cooking.
  19. During the livestream, Todd mentioned milestone 5.9. For those wondering, this will be the character controller updates. The 6.0 milestone (alpha) will come after that.
  20. What the larger, organized guilds do is one thing. Most of those guilds won't be playing in the faction campaigns when the game is live. Many other people will look to see which side is winning and join that one. Yeah, some may have the mentality where they want to join the underdog, but they will be the exception rather than the rule. To think that this is something that the players themselves will correct is naive. The entire history of open-world, faction-based MMO PvP suggests it won't. There will be people who purposely wait until a campaign has been going for a bit before they join, just so they can be sure they join the team that is winning.
  21. If needed, they will put limits on factions to keep them relatively balanced, but this has been a problem with every single faction based PvP game ever made. If you leave it entirely up to the players, they are going to join the side that is winning and the factions won't be balanced and then people will complain that they aren't balanced. I wouldn't worry about the sanctioned campaigns right now. It seems like they won't be happening until the end of the month, or possibly later. I'm sure ACE wants everything working as well as possible before then. They need to get the capture bonus changes in ASAP, get them tested, and then decide what else needs to be done. If they feel they need to add the limits to make it more competitive, even if it's added as a short term fix, it's probably something they can do pretty quickly.
  22. I had the same issue on 2 different vessels, both stoneborn knights. One was a default vessel, the other a green crafted vessel. In both cases, I used gold to go from level 1 to level 30, assigned all of my attribute points, then selected all of my talents. In both cases, when I got to the point of selecting my promotion class, I was unable to. The talent nodes remained grayed out and didn't show that I had selected the Onslaught ability, even though I had. Logging out and back in didn't fix it. I had to restart the client.
  23. Taming will be part of the game at some point. Todd mentioned it in the Q&A and that it is something that could conceivably be pushed to post launch. Pets will be in, but taming might not be the way to get them initially. They will probably just start with them being crafted until they have time to build the taming system right. Treasure hunting will exist. Thralls and minor disciplines, for example. I would also consider killing risen for necro hands and harvesting graves for necro bones to be a form of treasure hunting as well. Eventually they will add the other body parts like eyes, lungs, heart and stomach. Those may drop from other mobs or be obtained in some other way. There are literal treasure chests throughout the world. They only contain food usually, and sometimes some good skins, but they can put all kinds of stuff in them if they want. I'm not sure what you mean by summoning magic, unless you are talking about summoned pets. There will also be more exploration stuff. They still have to expand on the cartography ideas and scouting will be a thing. There will be caravans, which will generally be more fun for most people than regular harvesting. There will be war parties that may drop cool stuff and will make the world feel more alive. There will be embargo vaults where players go to place their stuff for export. Some campaigns will have the bloodstone ruleset, which is a twist on the normal siege window gameplay. There will be farming at some point and possibly the ability to burn farms and destroy crops. There will be factories to help automate crafting so the crafters have more time to do other things. There will be relics and artifacts that may be found in the world, or there may be some other way to earn them that isn't 100% tied to winning. There's also the sacrifice system which could be expanded upon. Todd mentioned once about how the system could potentially be expanded so that we get to sacrifice to different gods and there could be different buffs associated with those. We only have the lore sacrifice for Malekai right now and it only gives XP, but there's no reason that can't be expanded to give a buff also, or victory points, or whatever. They could also build an entire system based on the favor of the gods if they wanted to. The more you sacrifice to a particular god, the more favor your get from that god, and the more rewards. Maybe your sacrifice buffs get stronger or something. They mentioned in the livestream that there are accessory slots. Maybe that's a way to get accessories. There is a lot of content that they will be adding. Blair talked about this specifically in the livestream. There's also a lot that they could add by building on existing systems. I'm sure it all won't make it into launch and maybe some of this stuff will never happen, but I think people will have plenty of content by the time the game is ready for live.
  24. Crafting tables

    Currently, you don't place any crafting tables in campaign, and there's no need to. All crafting tables are available in the forts and keeps. In faction play, it isn't necessary to place crafting tables in the campaign. In the dregs, guilds will build their own forts and keeps with their own buildings, inside which they will place their own crafting stations. At that point, it's no different than what we do now in EKs. I can craft a stonemasonry table at the general table in the temple, export it, place it in my EK, then use it to craft all the other tables.
  25. Spirit Bank usable only in facction temple

    Yup. Todd talked about the embargo system a bit in yesterday's Q&A. The Spirit Bank is, and always has been, a placeholder.