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Everything posted by pollarixie

  1. Hail Champion. I'll be around, drunk as ever.
  2. Silly fool, Speed is a necessary tool. Without it you're dead, To the pigs you'll be fed.
  3. Is it me, or is that game specifically made for 10 year olds and 50 something year old Diaper snipers?
  4. You call yourselves thieves? I've stolen my share of gold sheaves. Ravaged my share of nappy caves, You're nothing more than knaves. I'll relieve you of your riches And drop your ladies bridges. Leave her dripping and gape. But no, it won't be assault! The ladies cream at the sound of my voice, I speak in a way that leaves 'em with no choice. I'm a klepto of sorts, The type that never aborts. I see my schemes through, That much is true. Trumpets will sing! For the bandit king! Toodaloo, Signed You-know-who.
  5. Just wait until players come up with scams and start ripping people off for their hard earned pixels.
  6. A new game for my to piss people off in, how fun.
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