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  1. I hope it does nothing more than what they have already stated. I have 6 years of VIP and I still don't want it to become pay for advantage.
  2. I just got a streamer to stream the KS video people are going nuts and loving it!!!!!!!
  3. I am sure some people are already doing this, but for those that aren't I highly suggest name dropping Crowfall on twitch streams of similar games. I usually hop on DFUW streams whenever I can and throw up the link to the KS when possible. Like I said I have had a lot of success with this, so if you are not doing this already and you want to help I'd recommend trying it out.
  4. What about a tutorial mode in the EK, it would yield 0 character progression and work more like target dummy features seen in WoW but would also serve as a way to teach new players the ropes BEFORE they enter their first campaign.
  5. Tutorials when done right work wonders for population. If a new player dies quickly because they can't learn the game controls quick enough they will quit.
  6. I definitely agree with everything said here.
  7. Sounded like the cc from hell. No thanks.
  8. If it can be done without sacrificing FPS that would be cool, if not then hell no.
  9. I'm guessing you're a low level backer.
  10. The 13k backer goal is a big F you to the higher level backers. Why would they care about an extra month of free VIP when most of them have 6 YEARS already! I can safely say that this goal does not motivate me to do anything above what I am already doing to promote this game.
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