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  1. Druid is my first option... if a necro or vamp type pops up. Then I am going to have to rethink it. But for now Druid it is.
  2. hephaestus

    Druid Spells

    Give me my druid from Diablo 2 ...pack of wolves FTW.
  3. If I recall correctly this was tried in Age of Conan and it worked pretty well if you were solo or with buddy but get in a full group with a dummy and it was pointless someone would always mess the combo up every time. But it did make for some fun and you actually had to pay attention and wait for your queue.
  4. Its pretty awesome I got tired of my mic going out on me before the speakers did. So I got a nice pair of headphones ( they are cheaper on amazon) and got the modmic worth every penny.
  5. And so it begins...light the signal fires and blow the horn...
  6. My headset consists of audio technica m50x with a modmic best I have had so far. And i have tried them all the worst being the cosair wireless headsets ...wasted 100 bucks on that crap.
  7. Just pledged but I think the wait is going to kill me.
  8. I know the expectations are high but thats only because there is nothing out there ATM. Everyone is looking for that one game to rule them all. I personally think this is it... but time will only tell.
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