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  1. Tomorrow's my birthday but I won't get to see any of the crowfall stuff til 10:50-ish cause of school. Curses!
  2. I think the most intriguing possibility here is if gravity can differ between worlds. Archers and projectile-based mages would have to change their aim drastically to account for different arcs. Possibly the Duelists as well, depending on how fast their bullets travel. How about that example of a mage who calls down meteors? They'd travel slower in lower gravity. I am kind of disappointed that Voxel Farm-ian physics don't seem to take into account structural stability. Based on the sponsored physics videos for them, it seems gravity doesn't take effect on a part of a structure until
  3. I think OP's goal is workable, and that the major opposing force is a playerbase of bored, bitter, hardcore-pvp-enthusiasts. Think of it in terms of the Prisoner's Dilemma. This is a problem in Game Theory in which two rational parties could both cooperate and have a safe, quick, and ideal dual victory, but will most likely fight each other such that either one wins, or they both win, but only after a long, hard fought struggle. This is because: If your opponent catches you off guard, they gain a huge advantage. If you catch your opponent off guard, however, you get much closer to
  4. I feel everyone's taking things too literally for what little information we have.
  5. My personal bit of speculation on the EK is that "(To make sure these Worlds don’t compete with the “main” game, i.e. the Campaign Worlds, we’ve completely stripped them of resource factories and anything but common reagents. If you want to fill your trophy room, you have to go out and earn it.)" only means the EK won't be capable of providing you anything of worth. Right now, the trend of thought seem to be that it's literally only a series of housing realms, standard mmo fare. Purely for ego and storage if you can't bring your stuff to a certain campaign. I suspect it would be the
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