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  1. Just started playing it after a friend gifted it to me. I am loving it so far!
  2. It's like a hidden gem not many people check out but really really should.
  3. Namaslay

    Working out

    That is an amazing price. I pay $15 biweekly for Gold's because they will watch my 2 year old for 1.5 hours.
  4. Namaslay

    Working out

    Throwing a tree. Fitness goals.
  5. Namaslay

    Working out

    I freaking love this guy. All his stuff is great.
  6. Namaslay

    Working out

    HAHA you made me laugh! I am working on muscle gain now. I lost my fat but my husband tells me I have little arms. I'll show him.
  7. Namaslay

    Working out

    For anyone who cares (kind of funny how I post this last night and a working out topic starts) this is my post in /r/progresspics. http://www.reddit.com/r/progresspics/comments/360o9w/28_female_20_months_of_progress_70_lbs_down/
  8. Namaslay

    Working out

    I do a spin class 5x a week. Tabata, CXWORX, and sometimes bodypump and yoga if I can fit it in.
  9. I see you can ride dinosaurs? Okay I am interested.
  10. To be fair I never once looked at IPs and find myself to be pretty professional even if a volunteer position I have worked for a gaming company before as a paid game master and customer service representative. I respect everyone here.
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