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  1. I'd hope any previous MMORPG player would have a couple of launches under their belt and be familiar with launch day issues. The new player base will check it out still. The real issue will be when these new most likely solo players make it out to PvP. Maybe keep "killing off the new player base" in mind before camping solo players.
  2. The official: https://discord.gg/4yQzKr2 The community based: https://discord.gg/ESr5KPj
  3. Awesome! I usually buy in bundle to save especially if I know I will be playing a lot. Plus $15 is pretty standard, the only place I have a cheaper option is FFXIV for $9.99 a month or $47.99 per 6 is from being a legacy player before ARR.
  4. I haven't check but do they offer a discount in bundled months?
  5. Region: NA (USA) Atmosphere: Friendly/Mature. I am 33 years old and want to be able to fit in with a group around my age group. Casual/Hardcore: I am not hardcore but I am not casual either. A mix of both would be fantastic! People that know how to get it done without the horrible attitude. Size: Not overly picky but aiming for over all membership is highly active. Play-Style: Healer - But I DPS as well Commitment: Daily - 5+ hours a day Experience: 16 years of healing in Warcraft with heavy PvP experience and PvE raiding. Several years healing in: Aion, Rift, SWtoR, Tera, Wildstar, ESO. I've played so many MMORPGs honestly the list would be ridiculous. Hoping to connect and find a community in here that would appreciate the healing skills in PvP situations I can offer. Best way to contact me is Discord: Astra#4130 but I will check messages here, too.
  6. Just started playing it after a friend gifted it to me. I am loving it so far!
  7. It's like a hidden gem not many people check out but really really should.
  8. That is an amazing price. I pay $15 biweekly for Gold's because they will watch my 2 year old for 1.5 hours.
  9. Throwing a tree. Fitness goals.
  10. I freaking love this guy. All his stuff is great.
  11. HAHA you made me laugh! I am working on muscle gain now. I lost my fat but my husband tells me I have little arms. I'll show him.
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