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  1. Zulnam

    Paladin Tips

    Thanks a lot for all the tips! I think my main problem was not understanding the rotation correctly (did not realise Devotion is so important). I will definetly follow your advice next time i'm on the field. Will probably end up leveling another pali as well since i went for Shining Armor, Indictment and Judgement instead of Righteous Defense, Fiery Devotion and Righteous Reflections. 😅
  2. Zulnam

    Paladin Tips

    Fairly new to the game but instantly was attracted to the templar archetype. I strived for a healer one on my 2nd toon and went Paladin but not sure if I'm lacking the correct build, the stats or the rotation. My heal seems to be fairly mediocre and my damage very low (altough expeted). Am I missing something? Can any Pali pro share some tips please?
  3. Not to hijack the thread but perhaps having this knowledge in one place for newbies might be useful. For PvP, what are some of the better support classes? Not necessarily outright healers (i understand Cleric is very good on that end) but buffer/debuffers. I tried a Templar Paladin in hopes of that (support/healer) but my outgoing heal seems a bit weak and my damage even weaker 😆
  4. New player here so I'm just gonna give an overall likes and dislikes since i never played before 6.2: LIKES - I really enjoy the combat and combo systems. It feels responsive but not unforgiving. It also helps practicing (as a newbie at least) with the mobs who seem surprisingly active and smart - The Campaign activities and the pvp involved seems solid; I really like that there are points of interest across the map (banks, refineries) and that you can find action around these spots; i am very excited for my first big siege! - the leveling experience was nice, if not a bit short; lo
  5. After 11/18 patch: [Major Discipline] Paragon: Vengeful Aura cannot be used by Templar 'Requires Throwing Hammer and Shield'
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