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  1. Will we have the option to redeem the value after the reveal of the replacement reward?
  2. Apologies if I missed this answer somewhere, but could someone explain to me how the additional character slots you get from different backer tiers will work in relation to this vessel/crow system. thanks!
  3. support@artcraftent.com Though if you consumed your package it may be too late. Also not 100% but I thought there was a cutoff for upgrading
  4. Hey FrostSword, all of it was archived via my twitch channel but I use OBS for that. The keyboard is another app http://sourceforge.net/projects/nohboard/ just make sure that if you are streaming or recording that you dont have it up when you sign in
  5. Reload the page ictinike, mine didnt load correctly first time around either
  6. Only 78 votes so far people... go click the button
  7. yup, besides that its just some fun, and it will be nice to look back on when people say "remember tornado dmg" haha
  8. cheers! dont think ive seen them in the servers but im taking a bit of a break so I guess ill see them when I see them. Still reading the boards though to keep in the loop
  9. I wouldnt say it was the damage that was fixed, more something with the interaction. The part where the champion gets dropped from half health to 0 through strength of the mountain you will notice it says 18 damage, however he dies... so I think it was something else funky going on that they fixed.
  10. Thanks, the main reason they are there is for testing so if anything weird happens, I can see how to reproduce it
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