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  1. @cyneric While you did sidestep my point that boils down to cheaters gunna cheat, and honest folk are going to take advantage of implemented mechanics. I think you do have a solid point about the true value of VIP tokens, and how much people will even be willing to pay for them. You could be right and this won't matter much at all. But it seems to me that if they are truly aiming at people who just want to support the game, then they should take a note from league of legends, and sell cosmetics. Why risk it at all.
  2. I do agree the video is far from perfect, but I like the point he makes that the game should make you want to spend your money on it. Free to play or otherwise. Some of the examples aren't the best, and obviously they won't all fit this game, as this game is rather unique. Also, I wasn't really using it in support of my position, as it doesn't really deal with specifics at all. Just more of a good read/watch kind of thing.
  3. monotinizing a game and policing a game are two different things completely. As you and I both have said, the developers can never get rid of, as you called it, black market transactions. It is my belief, and I'm certainly willing to debate it, that people who are willing to cheat and buy stuff with real money outside of game mechanics are going to do this one way or another. I also think that these people will find a way to do this with or without an in game system for doing it. If not for the risk involved we already talked about, then for the price if nothing else. Just look at Eve, you can
  4. Here is a nice well thought out video on the free to play model. At least I think so. http://youtu.be/Mhz9OXy86a0
  5. I do agree with your point. I just don't agree that it is enough. I think a simpler and more encompassing solution is to obviously not let them be sold in the first place.
  6. I don't think that is enough, myself. Using a bit of simple, obviously hypothetical math I think I can show you what I mean. Suppose a guy is attempting to buy PLEX and sell them for resources in game. He knows upfront this is a risk. Also, let us say for arguments sake that a PLEX is worth 100 of whatever resource he needs in the game. He needs a 1000 of this resource for whatever project he has. He knows there is the possibility to lose a PLEX or two, hell maybe even more. So for every lost transaction, he is just lowering the amount of resources he gets for his buck. The safer he manage
  7. Ah, the notorious $1500 plex ship scandal. I do agree that an open world pvp system helps to mitigate this problem. Even though high sec pvp in Eve is stretching the definition of open world pvp. However, in eve you could, last I played at least, buy your plex and redeem them in any station. So the guy your are linking was a mover not a supplier. He was in a sense, grabbing PLEX in the cheapest price trade system, and moving them to other systems, so as to try and make a few % off of the moving fee. If I recall he was going from Jita, to Amarr, but that is besides the point. The point is,
  8. Wow has this post turned into a heated debate! Let me throw my two cents out here. I'm not going to quote individuals, as I'm not trying to attack anyone personally, just trying to spark this debate. Firstly, there is this big assumption going around that if the system is like Eve's PLEX system, then it is good, and fair. This is inherently false. There are two problems with this, one being that Eve's game play and and game design are totally different from this game. Also, you are assuming that just because the PLEX system has been successfull in eve, and that it hasn't hurt t
  9. Am I the only one that thinks this? It seems unreasonable to me to think anything else. Someone who has the money to sell subs will obviously have a leg up on players that don't. Especially with a player driven economy. They go through all the trouble in the payment faq to make it clear they do not want this game to be p2w. Then a few bullets down I see this. I haven't been able to find a single post about this topic, and I think there should be more. While I agree that forcing a player to sell subs to another player for resources, instead of outright offering them for cash, is not strictly sp
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