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  1. "I like your land. I think we'll stay."
  2. You're ignorant, because you didn't read the post to acquire the information, and you're uncomprehending by your own admission. You add nothing to the conversation, and you admit that you're just 'trolling.' The last refuge of those without the ability to make an argument. GG, I hope I find you in game.
  3. Now I know you didn't read the post. I specifically stated, post 1, that I wouldn't want them to change anything about the character, and that trying to get artists to censor their vision is terrible. It's right there. Paragraph 4.
  4. It just isn't a legitimate complaint. The only other single thread which has a similar tone under 'Fae Assassin' at the time of posting was a definite troll thread. My thread isn't about feminism, it was about my interpretation of the game's aesthetic. I was corrected by the few users to actually took the time to read the whole first post- it turns out, the archetypes aren't supposed to be universally virtuous, and the fae assassin's backstory makes sense.
  5. Doesn't 'Jack' in that context mean 'take'?
  6. He probably meant the four letter word which is commonly used to refer to solid excreta, but I'd still give decent odds to words referring to orifices.
  7. So you don't have a complaint. I'm glad we had this talk.
  8. If you have basic literacy and the patience to wade through a crippling eight paragraphs on the outside, you'll find that my argument is logically sound, and delivered in a calm and respectful fashion. I've acknowledged every point which tends to contradict mine, and my position was changed based on feedback from the community. Where's your complaint? That I said something in the first place when I encountered something which I found to be worthy of mention? That I asked the community for their perspectives so that I could correct my own? Go read a book.
  9. Well that tears it, then. I'm making a guild of elves which only hunts men. At least, that's my plan until there's confirmation that the heavens are actually a morally ambiguous bunch at heart, and the elves are not the only ones which will be announced which are THAT (seemingly) blatantly evil.
  10. Ah, yes. Those weak-willed people, going forth and making vigorous arguments in favor of their position. It's amazing how weak their will is. I'm impressed their will doesn't shatter from all of that using their will to incite to discussion they're doing. Why, someone of stronger will would... what? Not speak their mind?
  11. I definitely get 'self-sacrifice' from all of them except the legionnaire. Perhaps it's better to say that I don't get 'blatantly evil' from the rest of them. But you make a good point.
  12. Do you imagine everyone with an opinion to be on the other side of the screen, howling and waving their arms?
  13. I'm not really sensitive at all. I'm a big fan of games like Haven and Hearth, Rust, H1Z1, and Life is Feudal. If this game doesn't execute really poorly on its awesome concept, I'll probably play it for years. The aesthetic that I'm referring to is the one implied by the first three characters, as I explained in my very first post. They all appear to be virtuous, and this game's conceit is that you are all paragons fighting for heaven. The assassin appears to break away from that notion, and is a wildly evil character. I then asked if anyone has a better perspective- perhaps an indication that 'heaven' doesn't mean you're the good guys. That would ameliorate the sense that there's a broken pattern in the group.
  14. People actually lost their minds regarding the Jaime/Cersei assault scene, but that issue was about triggers, and this is more about a sharp departure from the game's aesthetic with this new character.
  15. Definitely gender. She refers to her mother killing her brother at birth.
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