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  1. Reprisal ability is proccing post-death: https://streamable.com/m90z01
  2. For a couple days now the second power from the left on my power bar cannot be activated OTHER than by alt-tabbing into Crowfall. Alt-tabbing into Crowfall will, for some reason, cast it, but rebinding the key tied to it still doesn't allow it to be pressed. If I move both the power and the key used to activate it to a neighboring slot it works fine, it's literally just that that one slot is only usable through alt-tabbing. I uninstalled and reinstalled client, same issue. Doesn't work in Live or Test build.
  3. Here (https://streamable.com/k9xqih) is a clip from today testing out some of the new Myrmidon stuff, ran into some interactions that I've never seen before despite playing the class for months. Berserk went on cooldown when pressed but no buff was applied and no neck slash came out when pressed either even though the neck slash resource was expended also. Wasn't CCed on cast or anything like that but the animations and effects of both abilities were eaten by something and lost both cooldowns, first button to actually work properly in the sequence is Iron Hide. edit: fixed link
  4. You can't hit 200 Spirit but you don't need to. The SP and Healing Bonus you can stack with Cool Aid and Recycled Ice make up for it with change.
  5. Yeah I'm talking about the Myrm node, custarded up the name sorry. I have no idea about the assassin tree. Gift of Blood, just double checked. Damn Gift names.
  6. Nah, he's just wrong and takes a bad node.
  7. Bruh your build is bad if you pick Yaga's. Any situation you're in where 300-600 raw heal every 16 seconds or whatever is making the difference between your life and death isn't a situation where your build is having an impact beyond literally any other talent point, that's such a tiny margin in the tens of thousands of damage you take per large scale fight. Not to mention the fact that literally all of that heal is stolen by blood rose against any competent opponents.
  8. Other class talent trees should just be more like Myrmidon's. Everything in Myrm tree is worth considering except for Yaga's Gift, and the actives are so good that they are better than taking 4 stats if you're comfortable with a full power bar. I'm team other-nodes-suck-too-much, not team stat-nodes-need-nerfs.
  9. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.500 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). New DoT changes to ultimate abilities and bleed stacking should add another layer of depth to decisionmaking on a healer beyond simply pointing at the low model, as well as giving more of a place in combat for class variety in meta compositions. I'd like some more movement and abilities that open up playmaking chances on my healer still, but it seems like you guys are moving in a more fun direction with that lately with the Templar congregate shout and emphasizing situational
  10. This is a good idea, so long as hitting Free Weave once resets to stable I think it would take out a lot of the issues new players have picking the class up.
  11. I offered scrims to 1Vulp late one night when he was complaining about getting banned from SL's scrims in the unofficial discord. Less than 12 hours later members of your guild had flamed other members of our alliance so often that you'd already worn out your welcome before I even had a chance to bring it up. Your version of events seems conveniently and consistently forgetful of your own conduct. I didn't even dislike you guys, you personally seem pretty funny and you all seem like you're learning, but acting like everyone else is toxic when y'all act like you do is ridiculous. It's like you
  12. I still don't really see this as an issue, per se. I understand and agree with your point that it isn't fun sometimes, but that's in most ways just in the nature of a freeform war game like this one. I play a lot of RTSes, for instance. In AoE, resource spawns are somewhat random. This can turn an even competition skill-wise into a game that's heavily favored for one player if the other player notices they have a difficult to defend gold mine, or a boar that's spawned in an inaccessible place. Starcraft tries to get around that issue with more or less symmetrical and predictable resource nodes
  13. I don't see the point about talking about two groups that can know and execute the meta meeting and the bigger one winning the majority of the time. That just seems like what's going to happen in any game to me that doesn't have enforced fight caps.
  14. Trying to be a little impartial here, but I completely disagree with the idea that numbers advantages in this game aren't possible to overcome. Especially just looking at this Infected, 10 of us, 5 Acolytes, and 2 DIS beat a group of 26ish CC/Death at a rez a couple days ago. Cirias and I beat a group of 4 guilded people plus a chieftain they jumped us killing. 4 Hax beat 8 Unparalled twice a week or two ago. Hell, 10 of us beat like 17 Moon with 50% AP+HP debuff in Yerog at a fort when they were hitting us a bit disorganized. There have been a lot more situations we've lost against greater nu
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