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  1. Should the female minotaur get a bra for her udder?
  2. Stoneborn basically twist or reuse all of the traditional Dwarf tropes. Father is a smith god, literally born of earth, reproductive issues, Scottish accent, tunnel-y, etc...
  3. To piggyback off this, I can't bind my scroll wheel directions. Not a huge deal, but every other game I play with a similar mechanic this is possible and is a common way to swap weapons. Would help a lot with quality of life for players like myself who play a lot of FPSes and are used to this kind of thing for tray swaps and doesn't seem like it would take too much effort
  4. That's true Gryvin, and I understand that it can feel bad for people who've done a ton of grinding this patch (I have too, though not to the same extent as crafters or some more dedicated gatherers) but in terms of both people wanting to be at the top level of competition come the new patch and in terms of playtesting accuracy, a migration to Test would be a good thing for the launch state quality of the game. ACE is trying to bet on having a more solid base product at launch over the sense of progression of current players/backers. It's a decision that makes a lot of sense for them from my pe
  5. Not to overly criticize, cause I think some of these ideas seem interesting, but a lot of your gripes seem to be that Druids don't have things that used to be unique to them because they were transferred to domains/disciplines. That's exactly what the devs said they intended to do, to open up some mechanics to disciplines that used to be attached to class, so since that's working as they intend and likely is viewed by them more as a positive I'd lean away from that and perhaps more into your other ideas of differentiation if you'd actually like things to get changed, or at least not have your
  6. Also, +1 for Puppy on deleting mobile banking. People already farm GR instead of dregs, the game could use a bit more risk. Having the bank buff protect one inventory slot or something would make fights more rewarding while still letting people bank something that they really don't want to lose if devs want that to be a thing.
  7. This would be neatly fixed and would encourage more content if fort windows were allowed to be manipulated through minor goals like outposts. We've been talking about it in-guild a lot, but capturing a certain amount of outposts opening forts up for capture would both give defenders enough time to sound the alarm for defense and allow content to take place with varied amounts of players outside of set fort window timers, as well as allow for an outnumbered guild to play guerilla and back cap outposts to prevent the fort from opening up. Then it wouldn't super matter that guards are invulnerabl
  8. Frostweaver Thralls are currently using Confessor skills and animations rather than those of their class, at least in Dregs. Their drop pool is still Frostweaver-y, but they're casting some strange spells 😄
  9. I've been following this thread, but haven't posted yet as I've only put 20 hours or so of active play time into the game so far and haven't dipped into the guild warfare yet. I thought Doomshadow's post was deeply reminiscent of my own connection to Shadowbane and why I backed this game right when I heard that J Todd Coleman was directing a sequel, though, and I want to add my voice into the conversation in support of players being given freedom and responsibility to build extensively (and expensively) within the world. Keep in mind when reading the following that I have not sufficiently expl
  10. Thanks folks! Upon getting into the game a bit and leveling a few common vessels to max I really feel like this question was kind of unnecessary with the complexity of discipline choices and such being a way bigger barrier to trying to come up with effective builds seems like, I think I'm just going to try to join up with an ambitious guild and slot in where they need me to learn the systems as fast as possible (Elken Brigand is super fun though, I have to say).
  11. Welcome! I'm right there with you, the only MMO that wasn't text-based that I ever really got into was Shadowbane, I've got high hopes for this one too.
  12. Hello everyone, Looking to play either a Fae or an Elken by my aesthetic preference, but also looking to participate at the highest level in PvP in 1v1s and larger scaled fights. Just heard about this game a few hours ago and just digging into the mechanics here, but curious what community consensus is on those races. Thanks for your time folks!
  13. Old Shadowbane player from way back in 2004ish when I was a kid, just heard about this game and backed it, looking forward to playing with everyone. I mostly play fighting games and RTSes these days, but happy that there's still a community around PvP MMOs, I'm too competitive as a person not to enjoy it I'm sure!
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