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  1. Played and posted with cool for almost 20 years. Great guy, and classy ....rare in sb. Tragic news.
  2. Yes, i am aware there are other forums specific to PS4 populated by PS4 people. The purpose was to find fellow sb/cf players who might be playing --- thought that was implied, but I guess I gave you too much credit. Would you like to link me to google as well? Ive heard it searches the web.
  3. Im bored, figured I'd try this. Anyone know a decent pvp server guild on the PS4 port? I know PS4 MMOing is blasphemy, but I want to try this on console.
  4. I was UBI's Ranger advocate for shadowbane. I have no idea if ACE intends to have advocates for their professions on the forums, just felt like making a thread about how awesome I am.
  5. What didn't you like about Battlefront? I think fallout 4 looks fine, don't get me wrong. It'll be great too, I'm sure. But, Bethesda usually sets the standard for graphical prowess in their RPGs, but this looks like a really polished last-gen game. I'm willing to take that, though, if it has an excellent framerate and some great on-screen action without the hiccups of games that looked amazing at an early time in their generation, like Oblivion.
  6. I dont believe so, it's got a lot of new content
  7. Battlefront. This is going to be legit. Valve's trolling/teasing that they'll announce HL3 next year --- first outright mention of HL3 theyve made in years Division could be awesome, we'll see. Hololens -- I don't trust it. I bought a Kinect for my 360, I drank the koolaid. Not falling for that BS twice. Fallout 4 -- I am disappointed in the appearance. Seems a bit dated, and the world-building in single player isn't really my thing in terms of everyone adding a little mindcrafted-ness to their games. I'll still buy and play the custard out of it, it'll be great, but I think a lot o
  8. You're missing the point. It's about tact and respecting a person's free will. I could change the analogy to a chemo discussion for instance. You don't pass judgement on someone based on your interpretation by telling them their choice is taking them to hell. That makes you an ahole. That's not Christian. Holrom doesn't speak for his God, or maybe he does, but then he's totally off the boat. But I'm digressing -- it's about tact. If he honestly believes the choice is leading to someone's eternal damnation, he can let them know, offer a helping hand -- but there's a human way to do that, to
  9. To your last sentence, see my last sentence in previous paragraph.
  10. That's an excellent rebuke, and I commend you. However, I would counter that walking off a cliff is a clear and definitive danger in which you'd be negligent not to warn, where as videogames pathing a road to hell is a subjective, even by biblical interpretation, of the judger, in itself contradictory to the concept of not attempting to speak FOR god/cast judgement oneself. Holrom is passing his own judgement that we are going to hell, not making us aware of a definitive risk, and denying us our free will to both interpret and/or act by declaring its absoluteness. Furthermore, there is a host
  11. Saying we choose to condemn ourselves is transitively saying we're going to hell. He is sharing the opinion that we are going to hell, but he's technically passing off the judgement as "someone else's" rather then just saying it himself. Again, there's no "high road" about telling a huge demographic they are going to hell, which he did. He also is insanely homophobic in his other videos. He's a poorly made socksty person. Cliche case of a weak boy, who instead of building himself up and standing up, chose to embrace a system that allowed him to justify to himself that he's better off
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