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  1. Played and posted with cool for almost 20 years. Great guy, and classy ....rare in sb. Tragic news.
  2. Ya man, been ages, we played together for a while -- but I can't even remember what guild? Wasn't in LoD for you or Malice for me, something earlier.
  3. Pets can exist as beacons for AoE burst damage or buffs, they dont have the be the classic DoT (which I'm also against)
  4. I dabbled in mourning. The presence of Fugg and people confusing me with that creeper mostly kept me away. Good old names on here, though
  5. No. We're loners. If done right, the ranger is supposed to be the soloist, the true duelist, capable of running alone in all pve and pvp scenarios, albeit not the greatest. Jack of all trades, master of none profession.
  6. Playing with -X- still, have been since Malice dissolved on Brailla, so since 2007-8 or so. Although, Malice is back and in the emulator right now for the first time as a guild since Darkfall beta, but as a sub to -X-.
  7. good to see some of the old power guilds back. Bring Tearionx and Wahmonger with you.
  8. oh god conspiracy is a mod here? Here's to another decade of butting heads.
  9. And lets be srs....you didn't realize Dragothien's Axe or the Bow of Thurin were assets
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