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  1. This is pretty interesting, there's basically no levels in crowfall, which means there's no reason to defeat NPC monsters for levels, and if the crafting system is balanced towards resource gathering (with PvP elements included through them being contested in some ways), why then would players defeat NPC monsters? Defeating NPC monsters is comparable to a resource gathering process. You walk up to a rock, click mousebutton, and collect a rock. Where as with NPC monsters, you walk up to some monsters, cast some spells and collect some random items. Both of these interactions can have proble
  2. While I've not played BF, I agree with this part. People who play games do tend to care about stuff that reflects their rank or competence, to the point that whatever information is used as the measuring stick for the e-peen or rank, might end up being the decisive factor for how a portion of players interact in the game. Therefore it's a very important element to consider, involves complicated incentives and shouldn't be done carelessly. I think it's entirely valid to consider that no automatic system for this kind of 'reputation' needs to be in place. Whether or not players should have
  3. Thanks for the compliments, I didn't realize this would be interesting for people to read, in fact I'm still a bit skeptical about that There's no real point to this, I was going to write an actual thread about combat dynamics earlier, but after watching these youtubevideos I got carried away in thoughts and ended up writing this instead... I'm a bit afraid that I can't handle compliments very well and end up writing something akward next time, though I suppose it's similar with criticism too, I think I've gotten considerably better at handling criticism though than I used to be.. Anyway it's
  4. Excuse me, but while there's a rational part of me thinking that you're probably being rather sarcastic, I did already indulge myself in a belief that you might actually mean that.
  5. Sorry this is kind of like rambling with the intention of rambling.. I don't have any particular message or point to deliver.. I'm not sure if it makes sense to try and tldr it therefore But basically I got around to thinking realism in combat, then to youtube channels videos about medieval combat, reading a book about mushashi, again going to nasty personality traits, a notion about ki force, also from the perspective of having general and abstract models for observed things, which then continued to mushashi's book.. I don't know, I'm glad someone enjoys reading this stuff (?) * Btw
  6. Hello. So the other day thinking about crowfall I ended up on youtube to explore some of the medieval combat related concepts like swords, armour, and so forth. I found some quite interesting youtube videos and channels on the subject, for an example a video channel with the name "scholagladiatoria" which is basically a channel by a guy from UK who has been doing some study and practice around historical swordmanship for decades. Anyway this is post going to be a bit more conversational and doesn't really have concise points or clear subjects or propositions I'd like to put forward. I gues
  7. Rock, Paper, Scissors contains elements which beat each other without being superior. I think the qualities of opposition and dominance are necessary for any game to work, what mostly should be avoided is the situation where "Rock beats (almost) everything". Also I think these elements should be more abstract, so it's not just that class A beats class B which beats class C and so forth, but instead this could occur on a more subtle and abstract level, like "Movement restricting abilities are more effective against slow attackers".. Meanwhile the situation where strategy A beats roughly 60
  8. This would be correct, I don't understand it well enough to explain simply. However I'd like to note that my goal wasn't the brief list of things, but instead it was necessary due to a failure with the extensive explanation.
  9. Compromise in an example: Chainlightning You could create a chainlightning spell that produces the highest total damage with a set number of targets naturally from a function that works out how the lightning spell divides the damage accross the targets. For an example I think this kind of thing could be cool... (By the way I noticed watching a lightning strike youtube video that the lightning strikes in both directions, let's see I'll try and find an example.... Actually I just learned that it's called a "return strike" anyway please watch this video on youtube) ...So I think it would
  10. I'd like to start replying to this by making a certain analytical dichotomy as follows, and thereafter a slightly schizophrenic rant ensues: Descriptive descriptionStatements about something not attempting to explain it or tie loose associations under a general umbrella. Also possible to associate descriptions to other descriptions. The keypoint is that these can be acausal. Causal descriptionA general hypothesis or an umbrella which explains the general set of contents rather than the contents themselves. Causal description can be achieved through observing descriptions, interpreting the
  11. Thanks, I'm actually rather happy with this, haven't really done artwork of this type much, actually the majority of all graphics I've done is camouflage patterns (like the one my avatar) on GIMP software and some smaller pictures like iconarts, but damn. I've redrawn the face a couple of times, moved the eyes, nose, lips around, stretched them, shrinked them, rotated them, reshaded the features.. Well many times I don't know exactly, but it never really looked anything like the concept art.. Well then I wasn't actually trying to do it exactly the same, like I wanted a different expression, d
  12. I decided to try and draw a version of the female knight, basically I started doing it pretty seriously, but then after failing several times to draw the face of the character to look similar to the actual female knight concept art, got fed up and quit. Earned some new appreciation for crowfall artists through this effort, and well artists in general. Used software called "Krita", it's nice, but gets a bit laggy on my fairly old hardware.
  13. According to wikipedia "fall" is also a collective noun for woodcocks.
  14. It's a two-edged blade. If all forms of progress you can make are restricted to be within campaigns, or EK-only, then it puts the dynamics into check. Why would players want to complete another campaign? I mean certainly there's the standard appeal of any sandbox game, you start a game and eventually it's finished. But the Crowfall project has a very interesting concept the "Dying worlds, eternal heroes". For an example this sort of implies that while the buildings and constructions of your campaign are temporary and will be lost eventually, you still get to continue with your character. T
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