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  1. Your worship is duly noted.
  2. Ah yes, MV. I remember now. Are any of them still around?
  3. ...before UDL burnt it to the ground?
  4. Great to see so many Mourning players. Those were great times.
  5. I found this video someone posted. Good times... http://vimeo.com/14561668
  6. Is this the next Dragonscale? Steven...is that you?!!!
  7. I'm an Undead Lord, son. I do what I want.
  8. Warrax Iceblood was my Centaur Crusader. Skunk's Corpse was my Ireki (sp?) Ranger. Rotting Corpse was my Dwarf Warrior. Both the Ranger and the Warrior shared my custom FC Daggers. The Scout who ran with us was Stoker and the Bard was Zeb.
  9. Bow before your Lords... www.undeadlords.net
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