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  1. "Best" is subjective to the individual.
  2. If you are not rocking the Top Hat badge you are not classy enough to be in this thread.
  3. I'm coming to this game solo at the moment I may join a guild as the game gets closer to launch. Not intimidated at all. No reason to be intimidated by pixels. If you're a gamer you'll get in where you fit in and do what you do.
  4. Gaming is gaming. If you are a gamer as you claim you will learn and adapt over time. Once you find your niche in the game you will play it well. If you can never find your niche then you will be easy kills/cannon fodder for the better players.
  5. My whole guild is 10k backers. why are you guys on that poverty guild time?
  6. If you aren't willing to pony up $50-$60 for the game after seeing the plethora of information that will be posted about it then you don't deserve to be in our game world.
  7. Do you agree that a problem exists with guild systems in modern MMOs? I absolutely agree. MMO's are always trying to find "reasons" for guilds to matter. The only reason a guild should matter is because the player wants it to matter. Forcing people into guilds based on the benefits/buffs/perks it provides is terrible. WoW did it and they ended up removing perks based on guild level and gave all guilds the same perks, because they saw the environment they created. I feel they waited too long to change it but they changed it none the less. As a player I should be in a guild because the guild has the same goals as me and I enjoy playing with these people. Not because I have to join them to get super sexy perk 19. What features and mechanics do you think Crowfall can implement to help foster strong, tight-knit guild communities? The only thing that is going to foster that is creating situations for the smaller guilds to be successful. I hate to bring up WoW but when they added 10 man raids to all raid difficulty levels it allowed the smaller guilds to experience the content. With the implementation of PhysX and collision I think this will help smaller guilds be effective. It will not be possible to have a zerg train of 50+ people running on top of each other so smaller coordinated groups will be highly effective. What features and mechanics do you think Crowfall should specifically avoid to do the same? They need to let guilds be about the people and play styles not about the perks it can provide. Are you worried that campaign win conditions will strongly favor mega-guilds in too many circumstances, and that this, combined with export rules, will smother small guilds in their cribs? The one good thing about campaign rules and win conditions is that they will change. I have faith in ACE that if mega-guilds become the norm and nothing can get done without them they will adjust fire and work on ways to change that. Any thoughts on multi-guilding mechanics like Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online? The only experience I have with multi-guilding is GW2 and I'm not a fan of their implementation. Most guilds want you to represent them 24/7 so there's not much point in being in other guilds unless you have your personal bank guild. I've always been a fan of 1 guild, 1 character. I feel multi-guilding just adds to the situation of guilds not meaning much more than a perk. What's your opinion on alliance systems, featuring a shared chat channel for a few allied guilds? As long as ACE gives us the ability to create chat channels then this situation is easily handled. No need for dedicated alliance chat channels.
  8. Having zero tolerance for anyone cheating is the only way to go. Hopefully the Tyrant lives up to his name.
  9. Guys....trying to convince unknownxv that its idea of character progression is antiquated and not something wanted in this game is like pooping in one hand and wishing in the other. We all know which one will happen and which one will not.
  10. Such a carefully crafted thread created by the OP. It was extremely insightful and an excellent read. I will be sure to save this so I can read it to my grandchildren one day...
  11. It's human nature to dislike what becomes most popular. It happens in sports, pop culture and politics all the time. If one guild starts to dominate people will band together to over throw them. Their will be spies that will invest a lot of time to dismantle another guild. If this game lasts as long as EVE we will see all these things.
  12. The only single player content in the EK will be random mobs wandering around your land. They have said nothing more than that. If you ASSumed there was more than that through wishful thinking....well...that's your own fault.
  13. At the moment I believe the intent is to only allow people to have 6 character slots total. It was mentioned in a stream or the AMA or something. If the game is successful and has been around for a couple years I see them changing that rule if they haven't by that time.
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