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  1. Holy custard....you guys are still entertaining this tr0ll?? C'mon people you are better than that. Put this scrub on ignore it keep it moving.
  2. If they make the export from your embargo random no matter the ruleset that would be very stupid. People are going to put things in their embargo that they want and if the one thing that is most important to them is sacrificed to RNGesus you're going to have a lot of disgruntled players. RNG has it's place if you're killing the same bosses every week but it doesn't belong in the process of earning your rewards from a hard fought campaign. I do like their statement that the amount of your export is directly tied to the amount of time you played in the campaign. That is completely fair.
  3. How does having more parcels in your EK give you an advantage? Your parcels have nothing to do with your PvP skills and that's what is going to matter when you are in a campaign. I could have 100 parcels but if I don't let anyone in my EK no one is going to know anyway. So why does it matter how many parcels someone has?
  4. Why bother teaming up with some other company? Just give the players of Crowfall the ability to build things on their own and submit to ACE for approval. If you want to spend all day in your EK building crap then they should give people the tools to do so. ACE should also delete buildings they feel do not meet the intent of the game, which I believe they already stated they would.
  5. Why would they translate the EK ruleset into a campaign when the EK is already there permanently? Doesn't make much sense to create a campaign about something that is already permanently in the game.
  6. Just do all 3. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't.
  7. I've read a lot of threads about the EK and watched the videos and just as I have already stated there are still too many unknown things about what the EK will be as well as rulesets for the campaigns for people to spout off at the mouth like what they are saying is fact. In all reality we have very few facts about most of the game. Except that ACE is very committed to having an open dialogue with the community to create an awesome game. You want facts...the fact is that ACE has stated on numerous occasions that rulesets for campaigns are going to by dynamic to find the best mix. To comple
  8. I'm all for people posting ideas and having a constructive conversation but far too often in these EK threads people go on about what the EK is, when they don't have an actual clue about what the EK really is because the full information has not been released. So they are just posting what they envision the EK to be in their mind as if that's what it actually is. It's rather pointless and dumb to do so. Considering this game probably won't be out for another 2 years and the devs seem determined to make a great game and want to work with the community we should let the makers of the game te
  9. Spawning in will probably be quite dependent on the ruleset of the campaign. For the Dregs you probably get dropped in terminator style and do your thing. GvG your guild might have a spawn area. FvF your faction might have a spawn area. Details have not been released like many other systems of this game so wild speculation is all we have.
  10. How about everyone wait until they release the complete information about what the EK is supposed to be instead of crafting up assumptions based on what they think/hope the EK will be based on their own opinion. We all know how everyone's opinion is. In reference to your question, they haven't released all the rulesets for the campaigns yet. In fact the rulesets are going to be pretty dynamic for the most part because they have stated many times they want to experiment to see what is most popular. As it stands the impression is that crafting is at the EK and campaign level. I also think it
  11. I'm most excited about them releasing all the information about Eternal Kingdoms so the threads with rampant speculation about what they are/are not and how important they are can end.
  12. But what is there to really debate? It's been stated that each person gets their own EK and that person sets the rules for that EK. If you want your EK to be a merchant hub then set it up, if you want your EK to be a PVP, no holds barred, throw down then set it up, if you want your EK to be your Fortress of Solitude and no one is allowed then set it up. The EK is your personal kingdom to set up however you want to. As for the OP, the cost of creating 1 massive EK would not be worth the investment. The hardware needed to support tens of thousands of people on one server would cost waaaay to
  13. No one but you is over analyzing pixels to look for any hint of video game naughty parts. If you see those things it's because your mind is in the gutter.
  14. One question about Sudden Death. Can new players join the campaign once Sudden Death has started or is it locked to the original group? I think Sudden Death sounds great and for it to work properly you would have to lock the campaigns to the people that originally started it. If you allow people to join as Sudden Death continues it would just create a lopsided affair because people would just keep joining the winning side to keep the Tree of Life.
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