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  1. Just created a frostweaver and was given 2 Freezing Blasts. They're separate icons that can be dragged on the skill bar and don't share the same cool down. One of them doesn't have a cast animation.
  2. General feedback on the new NPE: It's much better than it was before, so props for that. This new NPE is much longer than before and it brings some new issues with it, as new players will most likely have spent more time playing before getting to level 30 than before. Major discplines are taught and awarded too late in the quest line. You should be told about them at the same time as you currently tell them to get the exploration discipline (which is a lot less important at that stage). Players need to be thinking about their domain choices early on. I would also direct them to the r
  3. Got an error as soon as I got to the character select screen where it told me the max characters of the same promotion were reached even though I hadn't selected anything. It then proceeded to select a random archetype 4 times even though I selected Fury every time. So something went wrong there. Got returned to the lobby while loading into HD twice. Managed to rejoin twiice by re-starting client. Re-joining from lobby didn't work. Doorwars into castle didn't work. You just rubberband in and out. Happened at several door spots. Random vertical teleoprtations happening both in th
  4. I agree with the above about the bars. I was also quite surprised to see that re-capping of forts/keeps etc. doesn't follow the same rules as in the main game. If a team has capped a res point and is standing on it, you cannot re-cap it until they have all been killed. In the main game you can start capping as soon as you have more of your players on it than the opposing team. Now we have to kill an entire team in a short amount of time in order to take the cap from or they will just be able to respawn. This is just another rule that reduces fighting.
  5. Full con on a Fury (who gets extra HP from skills) doesn't make sense whatsoever. Please re-think the distribution and spread points over str and spr. Anything is better than this.
  6. 6 to 9 pm is a horrible timeslot. Please don't do this each day. Especially for EU where we already have a low population I'd rather have it 8 to 11 and hope some more NA's can join that slot so we can pop matches quicker. Maybe it's just me though.
  7. Woodworker buff (novice thrall woodworker) in the EK from the crafter statue doesn't work. Either the buff is never applied or it drops off within a few seconds even though I'm not moving off the parcel. This hasn't worked properly since 6.5.
  8. The EK statue that gives crafting buffs doesn't work for woodworking. I'm on the parcel and am not receiving the thrall buff or whatever it's called. Other crafting professions seem to get the buff.
  9. The build is not terrible, but if feels like a warden with an identiy crisis. The talent tree points towards a bow warden, but poisoner and sparring are more for a melee warden (which would benefit more from the life steal).
  10. Arrowhead bundles don't allow for experimentation rolls.
  11. Has anyone run into the same issue where the end of campaign rewards were not there? On the results tab it shows I have scored points with KDS, however there were no rewards for me to claim. I Any reason why I didn't receive any rewards even though my guild (KDS) ended in points and other members received rewards?
  12. Hi all, Tl;dr: Got invited to beta test for 15 days. Don't understand how the devs think that is enough time to test and form a positive opinion of a game in this current state. Feel like ranting about it as I think it hurts the game more than it helps. So with the intro out of thew way, I'll just go into my rant as I have to admit that I am extremely underwhelmed by the beta testing strategy of the devs. I was told I would have 15 days to play the game from the moment I received the invite. So I'm expecting to drop everything just to try your game? So automatically I already lo
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