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  1. I no longer have the war horse I won as a campaign reward, not sure if that's intended. When logging the wood and disciplines quite often fall under the ground. Sometimes there is no way to recover these, have missed out on several disciplines already this way.
  2. When I switch off the healing and damage numbers from my portrait they do not appear on my character at all. My game also crashes every time I quit it.
  3. Has anyone run into the same issue where the end of campaign rewards were not there? On the results tab it shows I have scored points with KDS, however there were no rewards for me to claim. I Any reason why I didn't receive any rewards even though my guild (KDS) ended in points and other members received rewards?
  4. Hi all, Tl;dr: Got invited to beta test for 15 days. Don't understand how the devs think that is enough time to test and form a positive opinion of a game in this current state. Feel like ranting about it as I think it hurts the game more than it helps. So with the intro out of thew way, I'll just go into my rant as I have to admit that I am extremely underwhelmed by the beta testing strategy of the devs. I was told I would have 15 days to play the game from the moment I received the invite. So I'm expecting to drop everything just to try your game? So automatically I already lo
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