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  1. Indeed, instances force people to group with each other and have constant party/raid as a result some guys play only with each other. So what if create some Golbal events with super strong boss and without trivial killing him (just group and press all buttons). For example first make him weak, than curse and etc. And after killing him reward all guys who participated.
  2. Same here, I found out about Crowfall from that site.
  3. Yeah peoples fear about loosing their progress on the way to city with full bags loot. But it makes more sence in game and it is for truly oldfags)))
  4. Dude you are absolutely right! Another qustion is if developers remove basic mobs for farm and keep only bosses or something than how "boting" will be looks like? Because their words about PvE seems to be like a very limited PvE.
  5. In Steam there are a lot of russian players that says in a lot of good games: Добавьте русский язык (trans. Add russian), but they prefer to yell instead of learn it. Any way our life is so exiting and peopels should to know international language in order to communicate with each other in adult life. One language is not enough in real life. Yes, life is strict and btch.
  6. I mean that in real battle you don't have enough time to "heal", at least some pills, bandages etc. I think that's why developers decided to don't build bishops, restor druids or smthing like this. I have played a lot with pure heal champs)
  7. Probably then territorial qonquest first of all will be on the pathes of Bosses "walk"))
  8. Indeed. There won't be such a trains and zergs that run and press whatever they want.
  9. Ok, it's legit but image that everybody wear and use this technology. Than you entered battle area and nodoby around you and at the same time there are a lot of peoples in the area. Just everybody use stealth technology and combat tends to zero. Probably the only one solution is to say that some classes integrated that technology inside their bodies that allow them to use "Stealth". What do you think? But this technology has to have counterpart - for example limited time cause of charge or being moving your technology will unusually reflect light as a result you will be slightly noticable.
  10. I'm very scrupulous about this problem because I have played a lot of real stealth games. At "traditional stealth" has nothing simmilar to that one. It's just as same as invis but noticable and you can be revealed via some spells or close distance.
  11. It's not so easy, because again it's not a stealth but invis. And some classes that remove it from you.
  12. From this game concept it's a bit illogical that you "guard" someone, he was shooted by arrow but you got damage instead of him. Don't you think? You can guard by your self with a shield, but then need of "guard" spell vanishes. Alternatively, some classes may have "Soul binding" that means if someone recieve damage, it destributed between them. For example you can bind ally or foe. If foe or ally got hitted, than you also recieve damage). My idea that all spells hat to be used wisely. You can bind yourself with your healer and then he will heal him self, or bind enemy whom nobody focus
  13. Sorry, haven't read all pages of this topic so sorry if i will repeat someone words. It woulb be great if there will be a PvP fight for some PvE regions where one can harvest materials, have a raid on Big bad Boy or something.
  14. I like how GW2 mastered different archetypes at the same class. Depends on your weapon you have different spells. With addition to nonweapon dependent spells one has really interesting build and it's a bit unpredictable in PvP whom you will challenge. If this game developers will create unpredictably builds and there will be no 1 META, game will be succeded.
  15. I had found out this game some days ago and yesterday decided to participate, because pre-release concept is really interesting. I wish I will bring something into this game that will improve it
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