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  1. Here all % to drop x item depending on how many item you got equip. item drop % chance item drop % chance item drop % chance item drop % chance item drop % chance 0 13.4218% 0 16.7772% 0 20.9715% 0 26.2144% 0 32.7680% 1 30.1990%
  2. It seem you got some error in your stats since when we add all the % of every drop in your it's near 200%
  3. Since I hear a loot about the 20% and see that some player made some test here the stat on the % chance to drop x item every death base on 9 item * 20% this can be compute very easely with a binominal law in excel. item drop % chance 9 0.0001% 8 0.0018% 7 0.0295% 6 0.2753% 5 1.6515% 4 6.6060% 3 17.6161% 2 30.1990% 1 30.1990% 0 13.4218%
  4. Salut je t'ai envoyé un msg en privé
  5. This is a correct illustration of what a risk/reward should look like The ways to achieves this for harverster means that first x ressources you collect should be immune to lost then after that you lost the ressources if u dies. For a hunter that means x thing that you loot is immune to lost. So if they put the like fthefirst 4 stack or your inventory immune to be lost that could achieve that.
  6. They need to wipe eveyrhing that have stat on it since they would be far effective and need to rebalance this thing. They could keep gold - exploration disc - ressource
  7. right now if you upgrade by example a epic discipline you got a dilemma do i equip it and will need 3 mores to go to next stage or do i keep in my inventory to accelerate the process of the next stage. This Dilemma wont appear with the belt because you use the current belt that you upgrade on the recipe of the higher one. So you should be able to chose your equip disc when upgrade a higher one. this why you are never shy to use the upgrade that you just made.
  8. New players are lost on all the info and incorect info on stat race can be found on internet Tab race need to show all racial ability + add info on all profession and the stats that is more important to focus on them.
  9. Did you see how this is unfair compare to new player? At least make 2 actives campaign at same time with 1 with 0 import for new player and 1 with all the import for the veteran player.
  10. everybody would enter the campaign with a basic weapon 2 basic apple and that it's. No item import. no disc nothing... When you'are joining the campaign all disc attach to you go back in your bank. this ways everybody will be at same level when campaign start.
  11. I start the game about the 1 December i join a guild play a little and some time on a test too. After learning some mechanic i decide to wait for the updated 6.300 on live server. The game is a horrible experience right now. I am very to weak to do any pvp and if i try to go on the infected world i am kill on sight. Durability of my gear drop drastically so i need to go on some uncharted village and try to have some gear that drop. I succeed to obtains some explorer disc ( i take miner and carryman) but dont have enough gold to level them. All me guild member seem to play to
  12. That will cause chain effect that more and more people will change from earth to sun. Leaving 1 overpower faction 1 medium faction and 1 almost empty faction. I am from Earth as well and about 70% of player that i meet are from other faction in the infected map. And i try to stay very close to our teleport temple.
  13. Je suis déja dnas la guilde cac je me demandias si on joué avec eu ca veux donc dire que l'on va devoir etre sur des serveur EU? Et si oui quel est l'impact face a cela pour le lag?
  14. Region: US East or Central time Atmosphere: Friendly and mature Casual/Hardcore: Middle of the road Size: midsized to big Play-Style: melee Commitment: 2-3 days on weekdays between 20-24 pm and some time on weekend to. Misc: french is my first language so people that could be tolerant when i write or speak in english that could be incorrect. Experience: Ultima Online Dark Age of Camelot: Stars Wars Galaxies: My favorite of all time. World of Warcraft: Warhammer Online age of reckoning: SWtOR: Dark Age o
  15. Salut moi aussi je viens du Quebec. Est ce que je peut joindre votre guild6 vous etes combiens?
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