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  1. I would really like that idea, that way you can progress in the game and have a chance
  2. I'm glad for the time I spent in Wizard and am excited to see what Todd gives us next
  3. Should high levels not be allowed to kill people 10 or so levels below them or should every just kill everyone!
  4. Yep it does seem like that, so much speculation and not enough info
  5. Yes and especially the castles in the back. Maybe the land is cursed on the right side.
  6. I have to agree,...I would love a game where you can actually change the story plot depending on what you do instead of just answering: sure can do to every last person the earth. I would like a game where you have a lot of control over the story...
  7. Yah, those guys do look a lot like zombies...and bajjal I'm starting to think your totally right. Because both kingdoms look the same and I like the idea of him choosing a path. Maybe this art is the end of the game, sorta. With one version of choices you end up ruling in peace and one way you rule in evilness(I guess)
  8. AWESOME MAN! Good work on it! Surprised people can work that fast and make it that nice!
  9. It's a struggle to me. The crown seems almost what seems to make him a bit sad. Almost like he stole it...
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