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  1. Internally the numbers can be as big as they need to be. Training can give you a .001 bonus or something. But when you get to the point where everyone write "k" after the damage or hp, that begins to show how ridiculous it is. Just divide the numbers by 1000 and then you don't need the extraneous "k". You can still use the same big numbers internally while fixing the display to more modest numbers. Look how meaningless the numbers get, when everything is so inflated it's listed as "M"
  2. I'm afraid it already looks like Crowfall is going down the route of WoW and Diablo 3. From the Myrmidion news item: "When the Myrmidon activates his Berserk power he will instantly heal all damage done to him as it is applied to him. Hit him for 8k, he heals for 8k, hit him for 4k, he heals for 4k, hit him for 7k, he heals for 7k. As he takes damage, he also increases his capability to deal more damage. After Berserk wears off, though, he will pay a price: he takes a large portion of the negated damage in one lump. In the above example, he could take up to 19k damage in a single hit.
  3. Nobody got the reference? https://youtu.be/RepBGR1PblI
  4. Imortalis has been killed by water.
  5. I picked 20vs20, but I think it was a poorly worded question. Really, I want to engage in 2vs1 ganks, or carefully constructed 10 vs 5 ambushes, or even disruptive 3vs10vs10 situations (ganking a few key enemy players while they are already engaged in combat with a 3rd party group). An even fight means I messed up, and didn't give my team the proper strategic advantage.
  6. It's a lot more complex than that. However, I can remove all your complaints with a small modification- each death, you lose permanent skill points while in that campaign. So die once, all your skills are down by 2% each, barely noticeable. Die a dozen times, it starts to hurt. But your character still has the same base skill levels as before- it's just a permanent skill lose while playing in that particular campaign. The ides is to punish failure. risk vs reward fails if you can get into a situation where you risk nothing (i.e., zerging naked with no equipment to lose). There needs to be
  7. It's really easy to fix this. Death penalties. You die, you get a 30 minute death flag. You die again while flagged, an hour is added. You die again before waiting for the death flag to wear off? Now you get 2 more hours added. What does the death flag do? Reduces your damage, hp, armor, regen rate all by 50%, and reduces your move speed by 25%. Alternatively- you die, you lose 5-10 skill points from your highest trained skills. After a few dozen naked suicide deaths, you are below par for a brand new character, oops.
  8. A stealing discipline would be cool, allows a chance to snatch an item or several items of a stack from another character's inventory, with chance to succeed without being noticed, succeed while being noticed, fail without being noticed, or fail and get noticed. I'd also like to see a discipline or class ability for some classes to disarm weapons, disarm shields, knock off helmets- all kinds of disruptive stuff- which in each case would knock the item onto the game world ground, where an enemy could pick it up. Perhaps some caster discipline or class would have a sleep spell- this woul
  9. Ah! Why wasn't there a kickstarter package that included a 6 hour gaming session with J Todd Coleman as DM?!
  10. http://thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=mad_max_hell_yeah
  11. DC area peoples might agree with this...
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