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  1. I think it's gonna be one of its promotional classes.
  2. Of all the things to complain about, You complained about Natalie. Hahahahaha
  3. Have we got any word on this already? Would we rather want Cooldowns or resource management? (ESO) or a mix something like, Powerfull abilities have cd while others can be spammed with enough resouces and the right management? Discuss.
  4. What if Guineaceans took the discipline? Does it mean we can roleplay as Guineacean police officers???
  5. Never played SB. But from my perspectives a "rat catcher" seems like a comic for a profession, I mean Rats? Seriously?? Would be awesome if it was something like dragon catcher or stuffs like that, But I'm very interested with the diversity. I hope we have something similar for spiders, something like arachnomancer or something that has powers based on spiders
  6. Summoning your own undead army and inflicting debuffs to your foes + dark magic, What is their to not love?
  7. Devs, any plans on necromancers, Of the 12 archetypes, I can't see one who is fitting to have a nerco promootional class.
  8. Bards are cool yeah, but F*ck them I want my necromancer.
  9. A necromancer archetype - Raises the dead and spreads plagues etc Promotional classes would be Deathknight - Similar to WOwdeathknight some new summons TANK/DPS Reaper - Specializes in reaping souls and Siphoning abilities (ESO nightblade siphoning tree anyone?) (kinda like Assassin/necro hybrid) wields a scythe dagger, sword or etc. SPEACIALIST/DPS Revenant - Specialized in spells and curses. has lot of CC and can strengthen his minions SUPPORT/SPECIALIST
  10. I want necromancers! But sadly, I can't see any of the archetypes having a promotional class is like one.
  11. I'm sure they'll add more, They're missing some of the more traditional ones like necromancers, Summoners, bards Wizard (yeah we have confessors, frostweavers , but they seem to be some type of hybrids like confessors are fire+priest while frostweavers seems to be rely on physical) and etc.
  12. - We are dropping the last 3 remaining archetype pages: the Champion, Druid and Ranger. The same narratives on these guys will fill in a few more gaps in the Lore, and complete the lineup of our initial 12 archetypes. One note on these three: YES, they are all available in both male and female genders. We just don't have the concepts finished yet. We'll come back and add those soon. Bold. I'm sure that their focus as of now are the more important aspects of the game. The could add more later after they have added the ones that needed to be prioritized first. btw, I'm sure it was said somewhere before that there are 24 archetypes, can anyone confirm this?
  13. I'm part of the 6 Club aswell, Btw, does this mean we are all confirmed to have access for closed beta?
  14. I would like to see another alternative to winter Instead of the world slowly freezing until its demise, Why not do the opposite? like the world slowly heating up. Like a mass global warming and then on the last phase, the world is engulfed in flames
  15. This > Oversexualized females
  16. Soo, This is my first thread And I'm just wondering, is winter the only condition/climate for phase 4? Well since it follows the typical 4 season cycle What if these seasons were reverse starting from winter to something like mass global warning engulfing everything and monsters like for example the griffin, instead of its icy counter part, at phase 4 it would look kinda like This, with wings tails and skull engulfed in flames and fire coming out from mouth (credits to the owner)
  17. Can the devs make the next archetype page for the winged vampire like lady?http://crowfall.com/#/team
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