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  1. Hey all, I really like cooking in games, and I really love cooking in Crowall. Liked the recent changes, it is getting better each update, but I still have one thing that still bugs me really much. I liked the idea that you made the crafted foods last 2 times longer than the food dropped by wartribe mobs, but some food should be made not only last longer but "worth to craft it". Most dishes that are dropped by wartribe, are MUCH easier to get than the ingredients for the crafted one and the crafted one is not that much better at some recipes - literally the same with longer duration. For
  2. Hello, You can easiely recognise canyons on maps and they are almost always filled with cats and hogs (but there are cases when elementals or spiders are there, then you have to look for other canons). usually I look around the cat/boar canyons on th surface, because usually there are aurochs and elks aswell, so you can get almost all type of hide there. For durable you go in forrests for bears or find spider infested villages or spider canyons, I usually go for bears because I can get elks there aswell. You can skip wolves, I only kill them if I need wolf meat (from those you can actuall
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