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  1. Hey this is going to be a quick post, but I was just wondering if they had a system to connect our pledges to our accounts? Sorry if I missed the answer somewhere in the forums.
  2. God you guys would announce the kickstarter a week after I got laid off from my job. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.
  3. I think it would be neat to have a vendor like they did in Warhammer Age of Reckoning which allowed you to give your character a last name for a fee.
  4. I don't even know where to start with this post but firstly let me say, do not hide behind your dyslexia to make bad posts. I'm dyslexic myself and I'm still able to make posts that are clear to the point without the need of advertising my disability. Secondly you give us a lot of claims with out any evidence to support yourself, an example being 'Plex only work for EVE," which is simply not true. Now I'm just going to echo what everyone else is saying for my last point....The game isn't even out and you're trying to spell doom and gloom with out even trying the product which just screams nai
  5. I swear this is another topic that keeps getting new threads even though it's been talked to death. I'll yet again slot my two pennies in the machine and say that the old school invisibility stealth system is boring, and the counter play is dull. I believe a stealth system like Black Deserts would be a perfect fit for this game, crouching in that game would take away your name plate and remove you from the radar allowing you to hide yourself in the environment and snoop around based on your own skill. I really hope that this game goes for something like that but narrowing it to the classes tha
  6. I really think picking World of Warcraft as your example is a rather poor choice. For one the game isn't centered around a PVP enviorment,or hasn't been since their first expansion burning crusade. Age of Reckoning would have been a better example seeing that game was mainly focused on PVP, and regardless of what the game did wrong it had some amazingly fun PvP moment. The combat wasn't too personal nor was it clear at times, and even though it broke into a zerg fest once and awhile a good group of well organized players could easily defeat the zerg as it crashed against their shields and fell
  7. US Capital representing.
  8. Why can't this conversation die already? It's not a pay to win system armour degrades 100% and time needs to be invested in the form of training. It's that simple and you need to look no further then EVE to see that this isn't pay to win. All I wish is that they stagger when the tickets are available so the game has a chance to start the economy with out it's influence, then bring them in a month later after launch.
  9. I think we can safely assume there will be no crafter class, but my suggestion still stands. You aren't going to wear full plate to bang on an anvil to make some armour or smelt ore. So maybe they just add crafting gear which will allow the player to carry more?
  10. In order for this system to work well gear needs to permanently be destroyed, if they half ass the decay system it will be the end of anything sandbox this game had, and in turn change how well balanced this system can be. That aside the tokens themselves need to be items that drop from bodies, not something you just use on the spot. There are a lot of stories in EVE where people have lost 2000 dollars because they were transporting PLEX to a trade hub and were ganked en route. On top of all of this, these tokens will not allow people to 'skip progression,' seeing as they will need to train fo
  11. Well you wouldn't being wearing heavy armour as a crafter and they could make it so lighter armour gives you benefits to your carrying capacity. On top of that they could also add a training skill that would increase the amount you could carry, or put in items such as carts and what not.
  12. gier1007


    I honestly thought more of a Witch Hunter / Inquisitor from the Warhammer series both fantasy and scifi.
  13. No EVE is still a subscription based game, however the PLEX system which you can buy with in game currency (ISK) offers 30 days of in game time. I'm able to sub my account for free seeing as I'm able to pay what people are asking in their buy outs (About 600 million isk give or take depending on the market).
  14. I think I've stated EVE A few times now, not sure how you could have over looked that one Bassa. Though not a traditional buy to play title if you have a wit about you, you can play the game for free like I have since they've released the PLEX system.
  15. As it stands we know the inventory system is a grid based one, items taking up more room on the grid based on their shape What I am proposing is a weight based system that would come in hand with an encumbrance allowing players to way the decision of being slowed down to hold larger amounts (vulnerable to being ganked with out escorts) or more nimble while carrying less (A safer option for smaller groups). This way even the inventory system is injected with a risk reward game play style, could also lead to player driven caravans or mercantile game play.
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