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  1. Currently participating the Albion Online beta, getting familiar with members of our future Crowfall alliance. Join us.
  2. Please just postpone the release until it's right. The idea of a soft-launch has never been successful, it's like launching a half-assed title in "pre-alpha" and gamers are generally pretty quick to pass judgement and discredit the title. You only get one chance to make a good first impression with the world. We can wait.
  3. Hello This is not just another recruitment post... This is an open invite to anyone interested in becoming a long term guildmate that will establish strong friendships and continue to enjoy other PC gaming genres together. We established Illegitimus as a gaming community back in 2011 with the sole purpose to keep friends and family members playing together. Today, we are a strong and engaging community of like-minded individuals. ================================================================== It is my hope that you will join <illegitimus> in Crowfall. About us We don't tolerate racism. We use Discord for guild communication. I record and edit videos for us to remember in the future. We respect that people have a life and a family outside the game. We are typically part of an alliance with <Covenant of the Phoenix>, <Purple Dragons>, and <The Knights of Glory and Beer> Goals Establish a friendly place to call home for all members. If you're interested in joining Illegitimus please apply here. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you online! Drew Links: Guild Website Facebook Steamgroup
  4. I can vouch for them. I normally go by Creaky and I lead a guild called Illegitimus. We are a sister guild of Covenant of the Phoenix and I can personally vouch for the strengths and skill the KGB brings to PVP titles. I have fought alongside them as an ally numerous times since 2009 and they are a bloodthirsty bunch of Knights that thoroughly enjoy Glory and Beer.
  5. COTP is a large multi-chapter guild built atop a strong foundation of friendship and teamwork. They pride themselves on organization and forging strong alliances with other guilds to ensure success. Throughout the years, they have established many contacts that they are excited to fight alongside with, on the fields of battle in Crowfall. I myself am proud to be a member of their alliance. I have been a part of the COTP family since 2008 and I cannot wait to share many more thrilling experiences with them. The best MMORPG stories that I have to tell, come from my experiences with COTP. We anticipate that Crowfall will be our largest chapter to date and we cannot wait to shed blood, raze buildings and conquer the realms!
  6. Creaky here, I have been with COTP since 2008 and I never been so thrilled to have such a strong family that shares the same passion that I do. I look forward to fighting alongside our allies on the fields of battle once again!
  7. I'm just hoping that there will be a funding item that I can purchase that will provide 10-20 entrees for my guild.
  8. Mortal Online is starting to grow finally. The playerbase has almost doubled since last year and it should double again with the upcoming expansion release and will hopefully double once more when it sees official release on Steam later this year. I just started playing it yesterday and already it seems far more lively than Darkfall. It helps that the subscription is optional.
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