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  1. As someone who was really excited for the stalker, I'm now fully on bored with the elkin. One thing I was unclear about with the stalker was its purpose. It did seem like a ranger, maybe a bit of an assassin. Obviously its supposed to be a hunter, but assassin seems to fill that niche. I'm hoping that the elkin racials focus on movement. Obviously the Fae are mobile in the sense of vertical movement, with gliding and double jumping, but I think something to make elkin be able to hunt down other players or elude them fits them best. Of course not much has been revealed about the elkin except for lore, so maybe I'm off base. Thoughts?
  2. If this were the final batch of disciplines I'd agree with you, but for now it's probably going to be a little lopsided. Eventually I hope everything has counterbuilding. If I get crazy annoyed with a class or kind of gameplay, and I can change my character to overcome it, I think that's the coolest thing ever. Reminds me of deckbuilding
  3. Not super sure what you're referring to, how does any of this new stuff change inventory bloat? You would've had 4 characters before, and with this new update you still have 4 characters. What race they are doesn't change anything. Or am I missing the point of what you're trying to say? Also what was your request haha
  4. That does seem logical. It also seems like you'd be gimping yourself pretty heavily, getting rid of key class abilities if you didn't have a shield.
  5. Three things I'm curious about. First, are classes still going to be able to be promoted, or since we already have so much, has it been scrapped? Another thing is racials. For races like guinaceans, they're going to keep their tunneling dodge. Are there any other abilities that are race specific, now that they've been uncoupled from classes? Lastly with weapon disciplines, I'm wondering how they're going to work with what we have now. For example, if I had a knight with a weapon that's not a one hand with a shield, how would that interact with the abilities he has that require a shield? Would they just be unusable?
  6. So very excited for this new update, thank you. Makes some choices so much easier. I can fine tune and make the character I want to play. I always liked the ranger class but also loved the elkin race, now that's a thing. And some of the things I didn't like about the ranger, like no healing save for lifesteal, I can patch up with disciplines. And disciplines that fit the character I want to play! And even daggers have lifesteal on basic attack now, which is beautiful. I hope I can make an elusive character that specializes in escaping and tracking, able to pick my battles without using stealth, instead using movement speed and abilities. That being said I hope in the future we get some disciplines that give movement abilities too. This also does complicate things though. Minotaur or elkin? Tough decisions man
  7. This. While it may have been my build, I had a very difficult time in battlegrounds with any kind of mass fight. Telegraphs make you watch the ground more than anything, and when the whole ground is covered it gets pretty frustrating. This is made worse by having to hold an area or capturing a flag, etc, so maybe it'd be better in a game that encourages spreading out like crowfall seems to. That being said I've never had more fun in a duel than I've had in wildstar.
  8. I'm one of those people who hate playing human characters in video games. If I'm being in a fantasy world, why not go all out? Plus animations tend to be very upright and boring, though crowfall seems to have pretty slick character animations even now. This game has a very unique vision, and I think it needs more unique ideas to go along with that!! My first suggestion, a character based off this animal, the pangolin; Imagine one of these, obviously more humanoid, lumbering at you. It's like a giant cloak of blades! My favourite animal by far. What nonhumanoid characters would you like to see?
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