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  1. Yeah I think the reality kind of hit them. I think a lot of them were really upset the game didn't do good because they spent like 4 years building themselves up as the go to Crowfall Youtubers and then the game blooped
  2. Agreed, I think that if they repurposed CF into a more instanced, game where you mainly queued in and out of fights and such it could be fun to get on and play for an hour or so. The main problem is the game markets itself as a open world sandbox hardcore pvp game, and doesn't really succeed at any of those. Barely open world, barely a sandbox, and barely a hardcore pvp game.
  3. Ironically all the Crowfall Youtubers they paid off to make 'Crowfall Vs New World' videos have all switched to making New World content 😅
  4. The game lore is so generic and boring. Just like 'Some old, very old, old ancient god once loved the earth and the earth had a child whose nephew was the first elken light mother named Zehhuuuaaazubub. And he was the first Druid!'
  5. surprised they didn't ask him what his favorite flavor of ice cream was
  6. I imagine they'll keep re-releasing the game a few times on different market places as "Crowfall Unchained" or something and finally release it as F2P with tons of buyable stuff to milk some more money out of the game before giving up tbh. But with the release of games like New World and Mortal Online 2 idk how much longer the playerbase is gonna last, might not last til they're able to do that. If you want to play a real hardcore sandbox mmo and not whatever Crowfall is you can try Mortal Online 2 for free this week
  7. rocks and wild animals dont really have genders. I guess maybe elken without antlers would be the female version, maybe minotaurs without horns, although the real answer is they didn't want to make extra models having a hamster with breasts would be kind of silly, glad they didnt tbh, animal races with breasts are always really dumb
  8. I still think that if they just copied Game Of Thrones completely the game would've been much better. Make different regions like in GoT where a guild can rule over as 'king' and then have the best of all guilds rule over all the kingdoms. Give the guilds some benefits for owning a zone, have different biomes (desert, winter, etc). Would have at least made the game feel more alive and make players more interested in who ruled what
  9. THIS IS NOT A HARDCORE FULL LOOT PVP GAME. I don't get why people still say this. There is no full loot pvp in this game. The pvp is not hardcore at all. A hardcore full loot pvp game is more like Darkfall or Mortal Online
  10. i'd be pretty surprised if there wasns't a chrome add-on that automatically made pages 'Dark mode'
  11. Idk honestly it seems they kind of botched the whole sandbox, social, open world aspect to the game so if they just added lots of different games modes and instances it would probably be better than nothing. I really can't see the game becoming an open world sandbox PvP game like it promised at this point
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