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  1. To be honest Zybek is pretty biased. I mean he makes money off of referrals, probably quite a lot tbh. Of course he is going to want the game to be successful so he gets paid more. He is right about mmo youtubers being negative though lol
  2. The "reviewer" didn't even play the released version of the game, just reacted to lazy peons review. Not really a review. P.S the brainlets banner is pretty funny mccavity, though you're like the opposite of blackfeather. Yin and yang. One is a die hard fanboy who will defend the game no matter what, and another is the an absolute hater
  3. Idk the rendering is far enough that you can spot players, but not far enough that you can see like 100 players coming towards you before it's too late
  4. Usually at the start of the campaign it's appears even and competitive until one clan gets like every fort and earns 1000x more points than everyone else lol
  5. I'm not sure about a MOBA, but I do feel like if they just made all the game modes essentially battlegrounds or arena, or some sort of system like Vigor has it would be a better route. Just the way the game is right now there's really nothing open world or sandbox or hardcore pvp about it. Open world - not really, quite small, quite bland. Sandbox, idk what's sandbox about it besides being relatively left to make up content and goals on your own. Hardcore PvP, I mean it's a PvP game, but since there's no full loot PvP I wouldn't really call it hardcore
  6. The mad lad doubling down, using being a girl as a pejorative too
  7. @Mccavity > Amazon is too stronk, no point resisting > China is too good, we should submit > Guess I'll never be a millionaire, no point working > Guess women will never like me. No point trying > Guess I'm going to die eventually, might as well drink soda every day *You probably*
  8. I wouldn't play New World even if it was the best game ever just because it's made by Amazon. Do we really need more Amazon in our lives?
  9. There really is no way to sneak around in this game without stealth since you have a giant red text and banner above your head. As for being observant, players seem to load in like 20 feet from you and there are no sound queues from far away so
  10. It's so bizarre that the game is the opposite for me. I can't go out for more than 2 minutes without getting attacked. If you go to war tribes in dregs you'll literally get attacked every few minutes. Agree games seriously needs an AH, but they say they won't because of design choices, but I also don't think they could make a functional AH given how items work in this game
  11. This might be just the confessor, but basically every spell is the same. All instant cast, while moving. Shoot a fireball, shoot six fire balls, do instant damage, etc. Basically they all just do damage, and there's no reason you shouldn't be casting all of them all the times you can. By adding moves that are more situational, like while casting you can't move for 6 seconds, but do more damage, or you make a line of fire ahead of you, or you shoot a flame cone infront of you it would be more interesting and more fun. It would make you have to think about what to use and when instead of just going through the numbers
  12. I also want this, it makes it way harder to zerg in games that have friendly fire
  13. My main problem with Albion was that the by making all the important battles 5v5, it basically made everyone else a cog in the machine that grinded silver and armor for their guilds team. I played it at launch for a few months. It was pretty fun for a while, but you can only do so many hellgates, and grind so many dungeons before it becomes boring Another problem I have with AO was the buy gold option. Which - I get it, but I don't want to grind silver or make a shop or etc when I know in my heart that I can easily go to the shop and buy 10 hours worth of gold for $10. It's just like - yeah why not buy the gold at that point. It really makes no sense to be "working" for like 50 cents an hour, especially in a full-loot PvP game where you risk losing your gear I liked the combat though- for the limited moves they had they made it feel tactical. You had to time what and when to cast a spell. One of my problems with how CF plays is it feels like you should always be using all your spells all the time, and they aren't that different. Like instantly cast a fire ball that does 600dmg or cast 6 fire balls that do 100dmg each or cast a flame spell that does 600dmg over 10 seconds, and it basically feels like you're just going through the numbers and pressing buttons in a specific order every time. It's one of the downsides to having no casting times. It's almost like they made combat so smoothed and so polished that it became boring
  14. I tried to do crafting alone, but without the resources from the motherloads (requires 2) and the fact that most resource gathering is effected heavily by your race and stats, and that there's no AH and noone is willing to sell the actually good ingredients, it makes it extremely hard to play as a solo crafter that just wants to make and sell armor. Sure when there is a will there is a way, and you can roll three characters with different stats and races to get the resources you need, and find someone else or a vendor who sells motherload material, but they make it a struggle to say the least
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